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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil infertility treatments

This is the info of siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil infertility treatments. Infertility in women is one of the fast increasing conditions in younger generation. The reason for female infertility is poor health condition, heredity, stress, tension, diseases etc. To get solution for this problem, people approach infertility specialist in famous infertility clinics.  Fertility procedures includes normal health checkup for male and female, fertility tests for women. The most common fertility treatment is ivf treatment but ivf success rates are high below 38 years and low after 38 years.  The drawback of this treatment is ivf treatment cost and treatment complications. Infertility treatment cost is very high so the treatment is not affordable for meddle class people. Here are the natural fertility procedures which can be followed easily.  

Siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil using banyan root powder: Take banyan root dry in completely and grind it nicely into a fine powder.  Take 15gm of this powder and make a pill by adding honey or drink with milk after each month periods until you get conceived.

Jamun fruit and leaves in infertility treatment: Naaval pazham in pregnancy treatment is completely natural without any side effects. Take the jamun leaves juice or eat the leaves with honey.

Siddha medicine to cure infertility Ashoka tree: The bark of ashoka tree is having high medicinal value in treating female infertility problems. The bark powder is taken for 40 days with honey to get pregnant.

Siddha medicine for male infertility: Herbal medicines are very effective in treating infertility. Chinese medicine for infertility uses more than 100 herbs combination but in our traditional system siddha medicines called
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Guduchi (Tinosporia cordifolia) and Triphala are very effective to cure male infertility symptoms.

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