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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tamil Maruthuvam for sinus Home Remedy Mooligai Siddha Treatment

Tamil Maruthuvam for Sinus 
The effective medicine for Sinus problems are discovered in Tamil Maruthuvam for sinus and siddha maruthuvam for sinus.

Use Ginger for sinus infection: Take 1tsp ginger juice add 1tsp of honey and a pinch of salt mix and drink daily to get rid of sinus and cold. You can also use dry Ginger for sinus problem. You can also use cayenne pepper for sinus.

Pepper for sinus infection: You can also use black pepper for sinus problem. Take 5ogm of pepper, coriander seeds 100gm, dry ginger 100gm and cardamom 10gm. Grind these ingredients and prepare powder. Add 1/2tsp daily in milk and continue for a month.   

Home remedy for sinus headache: The best home remedy for sinus infection is available in siddha treatment for sinus.
Pepper – 2tsp
Cumin seeds – 2tsp
Betel leaves - 2
Palm Sugar -2tsp
Dry grapes - 10
Dry ginger powder – 2tsp
Dry fry cumin seeds (Jeera ) and milagu Pepper. Add 2cups of water and put all the ingredients except palm sugar. Boil this until the water reduces into half the amount. Remove from heat and add palm sugar. Drink this by adding milk.  


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