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Monday, July 28, 2014

Athimadhuram medicinal properties and Benefits Tamil medicine

Athimadhuram Health Benefits
This is the information on Tamil Athimadhuram medicinal properties and benefits. Athimadhuram or generally known as Liquorice or Mulethi, is rich with many health benefits. Athimadhuram ayurvedic medicines are very useful in disease curing. There is no significant athimadhuram side effects found in patients. Athimadhuram plant root has many medicinal uses.

Ayurveda uses roots of athimadhuram plant for treatment of various stomach
problems like indigestion, acidity and stomach pain etc.

The tea prepared with athimadhuram is very beneficial in curing chronic cough.

The sweet taste of the herb, athimadhuram is liked by children and thus it is useful in treating cough and cold for children. Less than 5 gm of liquorice roots can be used in preparation of one cup of tea.

The anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of athimadhuram herb are best in treatment of pain and cramps in menstrual period.

Roots of liquorice work as mild laxative and thus it is useful in the condition of constipation. Consume liquorice tea daily for 4 days and get rid of the problem of constipation.

Anti inflammatory properties of liquorice are useful in reducing arthritis pain effectively. Those who are suffering from arthritis can consume liquorice tea for some days.

Patients of blurred or less vision are advised to use athimadhuram as a treatment for their problem. Athimadhuram tea is very effective in treating asthma and other respiratory problems effectively. Sore throat or throat irritation can be easily relieved with the consumption of athimadhuram.

Liquorice roots contain Glycyrrhizin acid which reduces the depression and nervousness or anxiety successfully. Consume liquorice tea two times a day to keep away the depression.
Liquorice root is useful in regulating body metabolism rate and lowering bad cholesterol from body as it improves bile acid flow in body.

Antioxidant and phytoestrogenic property of the herb helps as a remedy to deal with the symptoms of menopause.

Fever and related headache can be treated with the help of powder or tea of liquorice.  Chew or suck the root of athimadhuram to get rid of bad breath instantly.

Generally menopause causes hormonal imbalance and estrogens like properties of this herb can solve this problem efficiently.

The herb is rich with antioxidants which can improve our immunity power to fight against muscle and joint pain.

Athimadhuram for beauty treatment
 Apply athimadhuram powder for skin to fight against the skin problems like psoriasis, itchy skin, eczema, rashes and even dermatitis. You can also use liquorice cream available in the market.

Use athimadhuram powder for face to reduce the oil secretion. You can also use athimadhuram powder for hair to induce the growth the new hair. You can add the powder of curry tree leaves with athimadhuram for dandruff problem.  

It is also used with other herbs for grey hair problem. athimadhuram face pack is available in ayurvedic commercial products.

Studies have proved that athimadhuram root is used in reducing blood glucose level in diabetes and it also helps to reduce the weight.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Siddha Maruthuvam Tips in Tamil Language Medicines

Headache: Nochi leaves are useful for headache. Take few drops of nochi oil and gently massage on forehead. Nochi oil application can give relief from throbbing  headache.

Cold: Karuntulsi juice is considered as best home remedy for cold and cough.  Mix tulsi juice in honey and consume to get rid of cold. Drink this mixture three times a day for quick relief.

Oral health: Crush dry ginger into powder and add a pinch of salt in it. Apply this mixture on gums and teeth to get relief from tooth and gum pain.

Leg pain and sprain: Heat tamarind and salt. Apply this solution of sprained area when it is warm. You will find much relief from the pain.

Stomach pain: Add dry ginger, sugar and ghee in warm water. Consume this mixture to reduce the stomach pain due to indigestion or any type of stomach infection. You can try the remedy of Omum water to get instant relief from stomach pain.

Pimples: Mix tulsi leaves juice along with aloe vera juice and apply this face pack on pimple affected area for 15 days before going to bed. This remedy can reduce pimples effectively.

Gastric: Soak cumin seeds and raisins in warm water and leave it for overnight. Drink this water in the morning before eating anything.

Constipation: Add 1 tsp of castor oil in warm water. Add pinch of dry ginger powder in it. Drink this water on empty stomach. Eat fibre items like whole grains, fruits and vegetables to reduce the problem of constipation.

Nausea: Mix few drops of onion juice and ginger juice and consume it to reduce nausea and vomit sensation.

Loss of appetite: If you are not feeling hungry or nausea about food then try the simple remedy of mixing 1 tsp ginger juice, 1 tsp onion juice and 1 tsp mint juice together. Consume this mixture twice a day. Continue this remedy for a week to get cured.

Viral infection and cold in children: Heat little amount of neem oil and apply it on neck, chest and back of child. This simple remedy can reduce the infection of cold and cough.

Wounds: Add turmeric powder in neem juice and apply this paste on wound. Apply aloe vera pulp on fire burn to get quick relief.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vallarai Keerai Medicinal uses Tamil Maruthuvam

This is about vallarai keerai medicinal uses Tamil Maruthuvam. 
vallarai Tamil  name for the mooligai Brahmi. From the ancient period vallarai or Brahmi is used in the traditional Indian medicine that is Ayurveda. vallarai keerai benefits  are more and it is identified in Tamil maruthuvan to cure many types of health treatments like to regulate blood circulation, regulate the smooth functioning of liver, lungs and kidney. In many cases brahmi is also used in curing skin problems like Eczema, abscess and ulceration etc.
How to grow vallarai keerai at home: Get some vallarai keerai seeds and put you garden. This can be easily grown, normal medium temperature and water is enough for its growth. The very common dish prepared by using this leaves are vallarai chutney. vallarai dosa or dosai   

vallarai keerai benefits in tamil
vallarai is considered as a natural brain tonic. The brahmi plant contains a rich amount of Nitric Acid which is useful in leaving very positive effects on brain activity. Those who cannot focus on a particular thing, vallarai can prove helpful for their mental clarity and focus.

Vallarai for memory: In ayurveda, brahmi is referred as memory enhancer. 
vallarai lehyam benefits : It is advised for kids who are dull in their studies and have problem to memorize anything. Brahmi improves the capacity of learning and support the memory power very effectively.

While treating the patients of Alzheimer’s patients, vallarai is used as a major treating agent. The treatment of brahmi shows very positive results in the patients. vallarai keerai helps to increase the ability of the brain to understand or remember anything and it also prevents the reduction of brain neurons. It is advised to take vallarai juice recipe daily.

Anti-oxidant properties of brahmi preserve the DNA cleavage in the body. The patients who are suffering from anxiety are treated with brahmi as it is helpful in controlling the mind and reducing the anxiety.

vallarai is considered as a common tonic to fight against stress and tensions. The hyper activity disorders are also cured with the help of brahmi plant.

Those who are facing the problem of joint pain or inflammation can consume vallarai as a very good remedy on the problem. The patients of mental illness or epilepsy are cured with the help of this magical plant. vallarai hair oil reduce the hair fall and improve the hair growth.

Sexual problems in men and women can completely cured with the help of brahmi treatment. Women who are suffering from postnatal depression, vallarai  keerai is the best solution to cure them. Insomnia and other types of depressions also can be cured with the use of brahmi.

Use vallarai leaves in tea and it can prove beneficial in treating asthma and other respiratory problems. It is useful in common cold and coughs also. Stomach problems like indigestion, diarrhoea or upset stomach can be cured with the treatment of brahmi.  vallarai keerai powder for hair is very beneficial in hair, it also induce the nail growth also