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Monday, March 28, 2016

Drumstick leaves medicinal uses / Murungai keerai health benefits in Tamil

Herbal Medicine health benefits and remedy 

Drumstick leaves medicinal uses in Tamil therapy. Drumsticks are used in many recipes. It is mostly used southern part of India, called Murungai keerai which is used to make various types of Sambar recipes. Along with the drumsticks, the leaves of the plant are also famous for its different taste. The leaves of this tree are used for many types of health problems. The leaves of the tree are loaded with medicinal properties. Here are some of the health benefits of drumstick leaves.

The ayurvedic studies have proved that drumstick leaves are rich in medicinal properties that can treat more than 250 types of diseases. The nutrients and antioxidants present in drumstick leaves are beneficial for our health.

Drumstick leaves in disease treatment

The leaves of drumstick tree are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also the leaves are rich in Amino Acid and Calcium. These properties of the leaves are beneficial in many types of problems related to bones. The consumption of leaves provide strength to bones and muscles. It can also treat various types of skin problems and even heart diseases.

The regular consumption of drumstick leaves can regularize the digestion and bowel movement. The juice extracts of the leaves can prevent the constipation problem permanently.

Mixture of drumstick leaves juice along with lemon juice is a very good treatment of pimples prevention.

The calcium rich drumstick leaves are beneficial in oral health. It makes our teeth stronger and treats other problems.

 The potassium in drumstick leaves is essential for brain development. Drumstick leaves contain very good amount of potassium. It not only supports the brain development but also helps the nerves building.

The consumption of drumsticks is beneficial in building up body cells and helps to keep the body strong and fit.

The paste of boiled drumstick leaves can reduce the throbbing headache. Antibacterial properties of drumstick leaves are useful in the treatment of throat infection and chest congestion.

The body swelling, especially on hands and legs can be cured with the help of drumstick leaves extracts.

Drumstick leaves for hair fall : Excessive body heat can create problems like hair fall, fatigue and eye problems. The extracts of drumstick leaves can reduce body heat and treat the related problems easily.
Drumstick leaves extracts are beneficial in controlling high blood pressure.

Anemia treatment: If drumstick leaves are consumed along with pure ghee, it is very beneficial for improvement of iron in the blood.

Asthma remedy: The patients of asthma are advised to eat drumsticks leaves as the leaves extract can treat asthma and other respiratory problems effectively.

Improves calcium: Pregnant ladies are suggested to eat drumstick leaves because as it can provide sufficient amount of calcium to them.
Improve resistance:  The regular consumption of drumstick leaves can improve body immune system and keeps the infections away.

Joint pain: The patients of joint pain can take advantage of drumstick leaves. Make a paste of boiled drumstick leaves and apply it on painful joints. It is also beneficial for nerves inflammation and muscles pain.

Other herbal remedies

Drumstick leaves extract along with fresh lemon juice is guaranteed remedy for the problems like anemia and nerves weakness.

The drumstick leaves extracts along with honey and coconut water is very useful remedy for strong body. The weak people and the patients are advised to consume this mixture to get strength and reduce weakness.

Weakness of eye nerves can be cured by consuming the mixture of drumstick leaves extracts and honey. Consume the mixture at night before going to bed.

Those who are suffering from urinary tract infections can take advantage of drumstick leaves extracts. Mix drumstick leaves juice along with cucumber juice and carrot juice. Add little amount of rock salt in the mixture and consume it every morning on empty stomach.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam pitham siddha medicine treatment

This is Tamil maruthuvam pitham siddha medicine treatment. The trouble of Pitta is common among many people especially during summer season. The people with pitta constitution often suffer a lot during this period. Reasons are many behind the attack of pitta and with some precautions and changes in life style can give you much relief to fight against the problem. Here are some symptoms and and tamil vaithiyma for Pitham.

Generally it is seen that the people with pitta constitution are fairly strong build and very sensitive skin type. They are seem to be fond of sweets and deserts. Due to the pitta dosham these people are always short tempered and get tensed very soon. The common problems connected with pitta dosha are hair fall or immature hair graying, stomach ulcers or heat in the stomach, frequent diarrhea and reddish and dryness in eyes.

The problem of pitta is seen on its tip during summer season as the body heat increases according to the season. It is necessary to wear a cap or a hat while going out directly in the sun. if you are facing the trouble of pitta then it is advisable to avoid taking hot showers during summer season. If you are going regularly for sauna or steam bathe then cover your head with a cool towel or a cloth. Hot and spicy food can make the situation worst so it is better to say no to these types of foods. Skipping any meal, especially lunch can give invitation to the problem of pitta. These reasons can lead to burst of pitta dosha and can result in extreme anger, anxiety or depression.

Tamil medicine for pitham
When you are suffering from pitta, you have to be very particular about your food intake. The patients of pitta have to stay away from hot and highly spiced food as it can increase the trouble. Food like red meat, fish, vinegar, cheese, alcohol and tobacco is not safe for the people who are suffering from pitta. It is advisable to consume the food items that can give cooling and calming effect to your body. The fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the condition. It is better to adapt a vegetarian diet along with dairy products. The grains are also useful to control pitta dosha efficiently. During summer season you can keep your body clean by the consumption of cool drinks etc.

Exposing directly to the sun is not advisable for the people with pitta dosha so it is better to avoid going out during hot afternoon and stay in cool place. Never skip your any meal, lunch is an important meal for you and you should never skip it. Meditation and yoga can be very beneficial for the people who are suffering from pitta dosha. Along with that listening to relaxing music can also be helpful. Massage your head regularly with coconut oil to keep it calm and cool. The herbs like aloe Vera, coconut, coriander, cumin seeds, mint, sandalwood, shatawari and sugar are very useful to reduce pitta dosha.
Some useful herbal remedies for pitta dosha:

  • Add shatavari and guduchi powder in warm water and consume it to reduce pitta effectively.
  • Massage your scalp and your feet with coconut oil or sunflower oil before going to bed.
  • Consumption of Brahmi tea twice a day can give you much relief in the pitta dosha.
  • You can also mix brahmi, jatamamsi and shatavari in water and boil it to make a beneficial herbal tea.
  • Consume fresh pudina (mint) leaves daily on empty stomach Make a paste of ginger, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Add a spoonful of honey in it. Consume this mixture daily on empty stomach to reduce pitta and regulate the process of digestion.
  • Add citron leaves in your daily diet.