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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tamil Medicine for body Heat Reduce Naturally

Tamil Medicine for body Heat 
Body heat can be caused due to various reasons. Normally a human body temperature is more or less around 98.3 degrees F. Our body maintains this temperature by its own with the body functions like metabolism which creates heat and sweating which reduces body temperature. Following are some of the natural remedies to reduce body heat. You should always think about that How to decrease body heat in Tamil language Treatment especially in summer season. Body heat problem in Tamil medicine is possible only through eating natural food items without side effects.
Body heat in Tamil Name: Udal ushnam

Sweating is the natural way to reduce the body heat and the best remedy to reduce body heat is consuming a lot of water. Doctors advise to drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water per day.
Hot and Spicy food increases our body heat, so avoid consuming it to reduce body heat. Instead add more leafy vegetables in your diet. Eat lots of fruits to maintain body temperature. Alcohol also helps to increase body heat, so better to avoid it.

Tips to Reduce Body Heat in Tamil Medicine
Tamil Medicine to Reduce body Heat 
Nuts and vinegar increase body heat, so do not consume it if you are suffering from heat problem.
Take a bath with cold water to minimize body temperature immediately. Whenever it is not possible to take a bath just soak your feet in cold water reduce body heat.
Consumption of fresh pomegranate juice reduces body temperature effectively. Consume more ice-apple (nungu or tender palm fruit) which is available in summer season.

How to Reduce Body Heat in Tamil Treatment
Drink chilled milk along with a table spoon of money mixed with it.
The old and the very good remedy to reduce body heat is to apply sandalwood powder+ cold milk  paste on forehead, chest and feet.
Fenugreek seeds work effectively to lessen body heat, so during summer season regularly consume 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds.

How to Reduce Body Heat Naturally using Tamil Treatment
Consumption of Buttermilk decreases body temperature instantly.
Tender coconut helps to balance the body heat effectively. So it is advised to drink coconut water during hot season.
Fruits like sweet lemon, oranges contain Vitamin C, consumption of Vitamin C reduces body heat and cools the body.
Watermelon consists 95% water, thus helps to reduce body temperature within few minutes.
Ayurveda suggests cardamom to control body heat. Use cardamom in your daily diet.
Drink fruit juices twice a day to balance body temperature and compensate the water loss in summer.
Mix 1 tsp of almond powder and a 1/4tsp of turmeric in chilled milk and consume it before going to bed; it will help to keep you cool.

How to decrease body heat in Tamil Home medicine
Boil Cumin seeds in water and drink this water after cooling to maintain body temperature.
Twice a week massage your body with olive oil to lessen body temperature.
Organic tea and mint tea also works effectively to reduce body heat.
Eat cucumber daily in hot summer season to reduce the body temperature.
Banana proves effective to reduce body heat.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry juice mixed with honey works effectively on reducing body heat. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Pimples / Tamil Paati Maruthuvam for Pimples

Tamil Medicine for Pimples
This is the information of tamil medicine for pimples and tamil Paati maruthuvam for pimples. Pimples and acne are the major problem nowadays for youngsters. people those who are using make up more can get this often. You might have seen Tamil actress with pimples because of their make up. This is due to modern food habit and endocrine changes.   These below given are how to clear pimples in tamil maruthuvam tips helps to you to get rid of pimples easily. 

Tamil tips pimples removal with Neem: Take fresh neem laves, add 1/2tsp kasthuri manjal, grind nicely like paste and apply on pimple. Leave it for two to three hours and wash your face with warm water. Practice this regularly for a month for complete solution. 

How to Remove the Pimples Naturally in Tamil Maruthuvam: Take one or 2 small onion, add little turmeric and grind nicely like a paste and apply on pimples. This is pimples on face treatment at home in tamil natural treatment.

Tamil treatment Pimples Cure: You might have heard about Lemon juice for pimples. Application of lemon juice  is an excellent tamil treatment for pimples. Gently massage the pimples area with lime juice and wash after half an hour with warm water.

Paati vaithiyam for pimples in Tamil: Tomato juice and turmeric powder are the treatments of paati vaithiyam for pimples in Tamil maruthuvam. Gently massage your pimples skin with mashed tomato, then wash with warm water. Add 2tsp of pure turmeric without any chemicals and mix with neem oil. Apply the pate then after and leave it for overnight.

Face Pimples solution in Tamil medicine: Banana skin treatment is one of the best skin infection cure method. Grind the banana skin adding curd and apply for your face. Leave it for one hour and wash your face with warm water. This is not only medicine for pimples and acne problems but also for all skin problems and blackheads.   

How to Avoid Pimples in Tamil Cure:
  • Clean and hygiene is the only method to avoid pimples.
  •  Eat nutritive food with more fruits and vegetables.
  • Leave the habit of always touching your pimples with fingers.
  • Avoid deep fried food. Drink more water and wash your face twice or thrice a day.
  • Wash all your make up before going to bed.

Tamil beauty tips for Pimples: Aloe vera gel is the best remedy for pimples in Tamil beauty tips. Apply the get natural or commercial on pimples leave it for 1 hour and wash in cold water. Do this regularly for a month. Best time to put 1 hour before going to bed.

Pimples Treatment at Home in Tamil: Fast and one night cure Pimples Treatment at Home in Tamil is using tooth paste (nor gel paste) wash your face, apply face moisturizer and then apply the past only on the pimple area.  
It is advised to do only one pimple first, see the reaction and go for the remaining.

Pimples Care Tips in Tamil precautionary methods:
Avoid fat rich diet, eat fruits and vegetable rich diet, add spinach daily once in your diet, do not spread the infection with your hands and fingers.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss: Ramdev baba Asanas Tips

Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
This is tamil yoga for weight loss and yoga tips for weight loss in tamil asanas. Yoga is one of the primeval exercises followed in our country. It is a form of exercise which is helpful in keeping the body and mind healthy and relaxed. Yoga is very effective choice to lose weight. Losing weight with yoga is a slow process but the result is irreversible. You might have been see Ramdev baba yoga for weight loss in tamil you tube video.

Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss in Tamil

1.   Shalbasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 lie on stomach. Keep your hands below your thighs. Portion above the neck chin should touch the floor. Slowly lift your left leg straight and then try this with right leg. When you are comfortable with this then try to left your both legs.

2.   Dhanurasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 lie down by touching stomach on the ground. Hans position will be besides your chest. Then slowly lift your legs from the thighs and slowly touch the legs with hands. Remain like this for few seconds initially.

3.   Grinding pose or chakki chalan Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 To shed the fats on stomach this asana is most effective. All you need to do is sit in a relaxing position and stretch your legs straight. Don’t bend the legs from knees.  Touch both legs. Now join your hands and move them over your legs in spherical movement. This asana provides stretch to your legs, hands and stomach. Repeat the action initially 5-5 times clockwise and counter clock wise.

4.   Setu bandhan Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss: lie down touching your back on the ground. Firm your feet on the floor and bend your knees. Very slowly lift your body upwards. Release slowly. Repeat it 5 times initially. It is a best exercise to shape thighs and hips.

5.   Pavanmuktasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 Lie down on ground by touching your back down. Then bend your legs in knees and lift them. Slowly press your one leg on your stomach and gradually try to touch your chin with knee. Lift your head little bit to touch the chin to the knee. Release. Try this with another leg slowly. When you are comfortable slowly try to lift both legs. This asana is done to burn fat on stomach.

6.   Bhujangasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 This is a pose like a snake. Lie on the ground by touching stomach on floor. Touch your forehead on ground and place your palms near your shoulders. Stretch your legs and touch the tip of your feet on the floor. Now take the balance and stretch your arms upwards. Your chest should rise upwards. Your position should look like a snake.

7.   Padahastasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 Stand straight. Your feet should touch each other. Now bend slowly and try to touch your feet with fingers. Slowly go back in original position. Repeat. This asana helps to reduce thigh and belly fats.

8.   Side bend asana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 stand straight. Keep your hands straight. Now turn your body towards right side without stretching it too much. Come back to original position. Try the same on left side. Repeat to shed the fats on your sides.

These are only some of the easy poses of yoga to reduce weight permanently. Along with these asanas, Pranayama – the breathing exercise is very beneficial. Pranayama is useful in increasing metabolism and burning calories quickly. It also increases blood circulations. Yoga for weight loss in tamil free download is available in online make use and get the benefits.
Diet is also necessary with yoga practice. Regular yoga or exercise should be practiced on bare stomach. Yoga and breathing practice not only reduces weight but also keeps you mind fresh and energetic.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage Health Tips

Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage Health Tips
This is Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage health tips. Siddha medicine therapy is the oldest therapy in India. Ancient Siddha ayurveda tamil books are very useful to know about this completely which are written in Tamil language.  This therapy is hugely used in Tamil nadu. Siddha medicine is believed as a branch of ayurveda. Siddha medicines are chiefly prepared using the herbs and roots of plants. Many venomous plants are also used to treat some types of diseases. It is called vaidyam or maruthuvam by local people.
Siddha medical therapy is classified in 3 major parts:
1.   Herbal therapy
2.   Metal and mineral therapy.
3.   Animal and other spices therapy
Herbal therapy is the root therapy used in all the other therapies. In many diseases Siddha medicines can be useful without causing side effects.

Siddha Medicines for Cancer Tamil
The cancer is supposed to be a deadly disease. The main aim of Siddha medicines is to build the immunity and reduce the side effects of the disease. It contains metals and combination like ferrous sulphate, sulphate, sulphur, mica, mercury, tin etc. The majorly used ingredient is salt collected from beach in Tamilnadu. Siddha medicines are also used in treating Brain tumour, poly cysts in uterus, thyroid cancer, tongue cancer, blood, breast, and lung cancer. The therapy contains oil application on body, medicines that is applying paste outside and oral medicines. This medication depends upon the symptoms of patients.

Siddha Medicines for Hair Fall
Tamil siddha beauty tips are more effective. According to Siddha medicines the main cause of hair fall is ‘Pitta dosha’, incorrect diet and indigestion, which affects absorption of necessary nutrients and blood supply to the scalp. But siddha medicines are very much beneficial in this problem. It treats the root cause of the hair fall with some internal medications like Triphala karpam, Nellikai Lehyam, Aya Chendooram, Triphala karpa tablets, sathavari Lehyam and some external therapies like Neeli bringathi, kumara kunthal ennai are mostly advised. Along with this tamil siddha herbs are alao help in hair growth. Herbal shampoos like Amla-Shikekai-dry neem leaves paste, paste of boiled urad dal and methi seeds, paste of hibiscus flower and leaves are proved useful.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Diabetes
 In siddha medical therapy diabetes is known as Mathumekam or Pramagham, in which the level of insulin in body reduces. Along with the proper diet and regular exercise, siddha medicines are proven very helpful in treating this health condition. The medicines used by siddha therapy Seenthi Kudineer, Seenthi Choornam, Nyavalkottai choornam, Silasathu Parpam, Triphala choornam. Use of Amla, garlic, methi, turmeric is also included in treatment.

Siddha Medicines for Constipation
Siddha therapy focuses on purgation medicines like Agasthiyar, kuzhambu, lavan gurathi ennai, siddhathi ennai are useful in improving digestion and reducing indigestion. Eladi choornam, Trikadugu Choornam, Inji vadagam, Thalisathi choornam asta choornam etc. are some of the famous siddha digestives.
This and many more diseases like Tamil siddha medicine for premature ejaculation are also in practice. There are many tamil websites for siddha to get information about the diseases and can be cured quickly with siddha medical therapy.

Arugampul Maruthuvam Benefits and Advantages

Arugampul maruthuvam benefits
This is the information about Arugampul maruthuvam benefits and arugampul medicinal uses.  Cynodon dectylon is a botanical name of Bermuda grass tamil name Arugampul. This grass is available in large quantity in India. This grass carries a plenty of therapeutic properties, clinical values and health benefits. It is rich in minerals and protein. Arugampul ayurveda treatment is very popular in Tamil nadu. The experiments are going on to treat arugampul for cancer disease.

Bermuda grass extract is a wonderful detoxifier. It removes harmful toxins from the body. It is a best remedy for relieving acidity. In ayurveda, powdered arugampul with honey is given to reduce body weight.
The main significant property of Bermuda grass is that it is Alkaline. It helps to maintain alkalinity of blood. Arugampul capsules are available in ayurveda treatment.

Arugampul diabetes Treatment: Recent studies have proved that Bermuda grass extract carries considerable hypo-glycomic and anti-diabetic effects. Thus it is very helpful in treating diabetes and fights against the complication of diabetes.
The Bermuda grass is majorly known as immunity builder. It is supportive in maintaining good health and preventing infections. No arugampul side effects found but some times this my cause allergic reaction.

Arugampul for Hair Growth: Take 1tsp of henna powder, arugampul powder and menthe powder and hibiscus powder. Add in coconut oil and let in the heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Filter it and use as hair oil.
The Bermuda juice is useful in digestive problems and it also treats stomach disorders. It is a known remedy for curing constipation.
Bermuda grass contains more than 60% chlorophyll which is favourable for increasing red blood cells in the body.  In recent years arugampul juice for thyroid is preferred by many patients.
Extracts of Bermuda grass cures weakness and general exhaustion. It helps to keep the body strong and active so It is best to take arugampul juice during pregnancy time
Bermuda juice is highly advised for the patients of Insomnia.

Arugampul and weigh loss Medicine: Nowadays the grass is used in making weight reduction pills, weight loss powder and weight loss juices.

Bermuda grass is best remedy in oral problems. It helps to stop bleeding gums, makes the teeth strong and removes the bad breathe.
The paste of Bermuda grass is beneficial in curing foot cracks.
Bermuda grass is best beneficial for new-mothers as it improve breast milk production.

It is very useful in treating cold and cough. This grass is used in treating asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis. The regular consumption of Bermuda grass juice clears congested lungs. Arugampul powder benefits in Tamil maruthuvam is well-known for the these diseases.

Regular consumption of Bermuda grass juice helps to reduce obesity without any side effect. It is very beneficial for women as the extract of this grass helps to solve many menstrual problems. It also reduces headache and nausea during these days.
Bermuda grass juice is useful in improving sexual energy.

Arugampul Juice Preparation: Arugampul juice benefits for weight loss is known by ancient siddha medicine. Take handful of Bermuda grass. Cut off the roots. Clean the grass into small pieces and grind the grass in mixer by adding little water. This extract can be consumed either with water or with tender coconut water. It is advised to consume this juice in the morning before taking any food. It is necessary that one should not eat or drink anything for at least 1 hour after having the juice.

Arugampul Home Remedies
1.   Juice of Bermuda grass should be consumed in the morning on empty stomach to remove toxins from the body.
2.   Paste of Bermuda grass along with turmeric powder is the best medicine for treating skin infections like eczema and scabies.
3.   Cut the grass and boil it in water along with white pepper. This warm mixture is very useful in curing urinary tract infection and anal itch.
4.   Bermuda grass paste and curd is useful mixture for treating piles and white discharge in women.
5.   Bermuda grass juice and honey is the wonderful therapy for curing diabetes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Murungai Keerai Medicinal Uses and Values

Murungai Keerai Medicinal Uses and Values
This is murungai keerai medicinal uses benefits and Values. Drumsticks leaves are called murungai keerai in Tamil. The leaves are used in many types of tasty recipes like murungai keerai poriyal, murungai keerai kootu and the very murungai keerai soup, but apart from this drumstick leaves are beneficial for many health problems

Murungai keerai nutrition facts
According to Ayurveda, drumstick leaves carry medicinal properties which can cure more than 250 types of diseases. It has nutrients and antioxidants which are useful in being healthy.
 Drumstick leaves have vitamin A and vitamin C. They also carry plenty of Amino acid and calcium.

Murungai keerai health benefits
The medicinal properties of these leaves are useful to get rid of  bones, skin and heart related problems.
Drumstick leaves juice is useful in avoiding constipation.
Drumstick leaves soup is consumed to get relief in asthma and many other respiratory problems.
Drumsticks are rich in calcium. Consumption of these leaves can be helpful for stronger bones and stronger teeth.
Potassium is useful in brain development. Drumstick leaves contain plenty of potassium, even more than potato. Thus they are useful in brain development and nerves building.
Drumstick leaves are very much useful in building up body cells and make the body fit and healthy.

Murungai keerai for hair Growth
Juice of drumstick leaves are useful in reducing body heat and thus used in treating heat related problems like hair loss, tiredness and eye sores.
Take Drumstick leaves along with pure ghee to stimulate the blood circulation in the body to induce the re growth of hair follicles.
Drumstick leaves for pimples:  Drumstick leaves juice mixed with lemon juice is the very good remedy for controlling pimples.

Murungai keerai and pregnancy Benefits
Consumption of drumstick leaves are advised for conceived ladies who are suffering from calcium deficiency and insufficient iron in the blood.
These leaves improve defense mechanism in body and thus fight against many type of infections.
Applying boiled drumstick leaves paste on joint pain, nerves or muscles pain, headache gives soothing effect immediately.
The antimicrobial properties of drumstick leaves cure throat, chest and many types of skin infections.
The people who are facing the problem of sexual weakness, the drumstick and drumstick leaves are highly advised as a treatment.

Drumstick leaves for anemia: Drumstick leaves and lemon juice is a miracle mixture for treating many diseases like deficiency, anaemia, cough, asthma, nerves weakness and even for smoothness of skin.
If you are getting swelling on hands or legs frequently, then drumstick leaves juice will be very much beneficial.

Drumstick leaves and honey: If you have the extract of drumstick leaves along with honey and tender coconut is useful to regain the strength and reduce the weakness.
The kids who are facing eye nerves weakness, drumstick leaves juice and honey mixture is advised to take at night before going to bed.

Drumstick leaves for hypertension: Take Drumstick leaves recipe weekly three times are helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

Drumstick leaves juice benefits: Drumstick leaves juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice along with a pinch of rock salt is best remedy for treating excretory infections.

Tamil Acupuncture Treatment for Diabetes

Tamil Acupuncture Treatment for Diabetes
This is the details of Tamil acupuncture treatment for Diabetes, the other famous treatment in this subject is clinical acupuncture points for weight loss in tamil maruthuvam.
Tamil nadu acupuncture association
Maravaneri main Road,
Near Vasu Book Store,
Salem - 636007.
Acupuncture meaning in Tamil: Kuthuoosi medicine or Treatment
Acupuncture treatment for diabetes:
Acupuncture pulse diagnosis in Tamil diabetes treatment is popular in Tamil treatment. Type-2 diabetes has become a common disease all over the world. It is a metabolic disorder in which insufficient is produced by body or body cells stop responding to insulin. The main symptoms of type-2 diabetes are:
Feeling  Thirst always
Frequent urine
Sudden loss of weight

Tamil Acupuncture Points and Treatment
The history for this treatment was started in China. Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy for many types of diseases. Acupuncture is proved beneficial in controlling type 2, that is not related to insulin secretion. This treatment mainly deals with increasing insulin production in body and thus regulating blood sugar level. It recovers the blood lipid report. This treatment also regulates blood circulation and restrained stress reaction. Acupuncturists deal with nearly 20 body points which are beneficial in reducing blood sugar. You might have heard about Tamil acupuncture points in our body.

According to Chinese therapy the points which can be helpful in reducing diabetes are quchi, sanyinjiao, zusanli and yishu. The studies have proved that a Point in the back, called ‘yishu’ is very beneficial to control the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Along with these main points yuj, guanyuan and baihui are additional helping points. But use of these points is different from person to person and the treatment is dependent on the symptoms and medical history of the patient.

Acupuncture can be securely and efficiently combined with western medicines and other treatments such as herbal medicines, exercise and relaxation. TCM or Traditional Medication first followed by Chinese people combines acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapy to treat diabetes patients. This treatment is also effective is restoring all the disparities in body. Baihu Jia is one of the herbs used in herbal  for treatment of diabetes. Ginseng is also one of the effective herbs which is used in many herbal medicines beneficial in reducing blood glucose level.

In the treatment of acupuncture, the therapist arranges sessions and in a single session many acupuncture points can be treated. But overall the acupuncture therapy for diabetes is a long term treatment, as this therapy mainly deals with the symptoms. Generally one or two sessions per week are conducted and these sessions continue till there is a significant reduction in blood sugar level. The treatment focuses upon the body condition and symptoms in a person.

The main three symptoms of diabetes help the therapist to find out the most affected area of a patient. If the patient is feeling extreme thirst then the upper body area is believed to be affected. If the patient is feeling excess hunger or sudden loss in weight then the middle area is assumed to be affected and if the patient is showing the symptom of excessive urination then the therapist believe that his lower body area is highly involved in the disease. The treatment is accordingly decided.

If the diabetic history of a person is too old then the acupuncture therapy takes more time and sessions. This treatment is more effective in young patients or the patients who have developed diabetes in recent few years.
Free Tamil acupuncture books and ebooks are available online you can download it from tamil language and make use to learn but leaning with trained professionals.

The acupuncture treatment in diabetes is useful in several ways like:
It controls the main symptom of diabetes that is overeating or urge of overeating. It controls the appetite.
It also deals in controlling extreme thirst.
It regulates the blood circulation and builds up the resistance.
It helps to increase the production of blood cells.
The acupuncture treatment also helps in curing the long-standing, non-curative skin injuries and ulcers. 

List of acupuncture doctors in tamil nadu is also available in online find the good one as per your choice. There are some acupuncture side effects in tamil nadu people those who are using blood thinner medication.

Acupuncture Tamil website: darulsafa 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Nellikai medicinal Uses Nellikai Benefits in Tamil Maruthuvam

This is the information of Nellikai medicinal Uses Nellikai benefits in Tamil maruthuvam siddha and ayurveda.

Nellikai Medicinal Values
Amla or Indian Gooseberry is generally known as the ‘Wonder fruit’ because of the medicinal properties and benefits it carries. Many of us are not aware of nellikai nutrition facts and its health benefits. Nellikai is good for health and is useful to treat various types of health problems, skin treatments and hair problems also.

 It can be consumed in various forms like pickles, chutney and juice or even raw. People usually have with salt and chilli powder but nellikai in salt water soaked gives a nice taste. Dried amlas can be powdered and used in many types of treatments. By knowing the advantages each and every houses of Tamil nadu villages have nellikai tree.
Kattu nellikai english name : Amla
nellikai botanical name: Emblica Officianalies

Here are the information about nellikai maruthuvam in tamil medicine.
Nellikai medicinal uses and nellikai benefits Tamil Medicines
Eating nellikai during pregnancy gives vitamin c. The fruit contains high amount of vitamin C. So consumption of amla provides high level of vitamin C to body.
Nellikai is known as natural laxative. It is rich in fibre. Regular consumption of raw amla relieves the problem of constipation.

Nellikai and honey: To treat chronic cough and cold, mix 1 tsp amla powder with 1 tsp honey and consume this mixture three times a day.

You might have been heard abut nellikai juice benefits in tamil siddha medicine. Mix amla juice in water and gargle with this water to get rid of mouth ulcers and ever bad breathe.

If you are suffering form joint pain of knee pain then is the best treatment for this. The anti-inflammatory property of not only reduces the pain but also helps to lessen the swelling. It is advised for the patients to consume raw amla or amla juice daily.

Ayurveda suggest Nellikai for the treatment of sleeplessness or insomniac condition. Nellikai oil massage is good for body pain.

If you are suffering form joint pain of knee pain then amla is the best treatment for this. The anti-inflammatory property of amla not only reduces the pain but also helps to lessen the swelling. It is advised for the patients to consume raw nelikai or amla juice daily.

As it is rich in vitamin C, amla is always suggested in the treatment of eyes. Regular consumption of amla or amla products are suggested by the eye specialists. It not only improves the vision but also reduces itching, redness and other eye problems in eyes.

Amla cures indigestion. Amla is a natural blood purifier. It washes off harmful toxins from the body. The troubles related to liver and bladder is also cured with the consumption of amla.

Amla is beneficial in treatment of respiratory problems like Asthma.
Studies have proved that amla is beneficial in treatment for cancer patients.
Those who want to shed their weight, amla can be useful for them. Amla increases protein metabolism in body and thus helps to reduce weight. 
Amla is rich in vitamin C and thus work as immunity builder.

Nellikai and diabetes: Nellikai is very useful ayurvedic diabetic treatment. Amla, the wonder fruit contains high level of chromium which is useful in reducing blood glucose level and thus helps to control diabetes.

Amla helps to reduce bad cholesterol from the body and increases the level of good cholesterol. Thus reduces the possibility of heart attack.

The anti- bacterial properties of amla help to cure various kinds of infections.
Wrinkles on the face, fine lines are the signs of pre mature aging. Amla helps to reduce this signs and makes you look younger. Amla powder face pack eradicates the dead skin cells and nourishes skin. 

Amla powder also reduces dirt and oiliness from the skin and thus stops the growth of pimples.

nellikai hair oil is beneficial for hair growth and stops hair fall. You can use nellikai powder for hair to reduce the dandruff. Amla is the best remedy in dandruff and lice problem.

Gentle massage with amla oil increases blood circulation on scalp and makes the hair soft and shiny, reduces dandruff and lice and also gives a bounce to hair.

Know about nellikai advantages and include the recipe in your diet at any from weekly three or four times a day.
Very eager to Prepare nellikai recipes and nellikai dishes click the link.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kothamalli Medicinal Uses Coriander properties

Kothamalli medicine Home Remedies
This is the information of Kothamalli medicinal Uses Coriander properties and values. Coriander leaves and seed are used in the treatment of various types of health problems.

Coriander for indigestion: The aroma of coriander leaves is useful in stimulating appetite and regulates the digestive function. This helps to digest the food properly.
The disease causing bacteria present in food can be prevented with the help of coriander leaves. The leaves carries anti - bacterial properties which fight against his infection. Coriander is a magical herb for alcoholic people. It repairs the futile lever due to excess intake of alcohol.

Coriander immune system Enhancer: Coriander leaves contain nutrient properties like magnesium, dietary fibre and potassium in plenty. Consumption of coriander leaves helps to the body resistance body. Coriander leaves helps to purify the blood. Coriander leaves purifies the toxic things from the body. It is the rich source of vitamin K, which is needed for bone mass structure by supporting osteoporotic movement in bones.
Coriander for diabetes: Coriander leaves controls insulin production in body and lowers sugar level. Thus it is used in diabetes treatment to prevent diabetes.

Coriander headache Paste: If you are suffering from headache then paste of coriander leaves can help you surely. Apply the paste of coriander leaves on forehead and get quick relief.
Painful mouth ulcers can be cured by applying coriander paste thoroughly in mouth. Anti- inflammatory properties of coriander leaves lessens the inflammation and heat in the body.

Kothamalli for kidney and urinary problems
Coriander leaves have the powder in curing urinary problems. The refreshing aroma of coriander leaves cures and nausea and vomiting sensation quickly.

Coriander lower cholesterol: The medicinal property of coriander leaves relieve the intestine gases. Coriander leaves purifies blood by reducing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol from it. Thus it is good for heart.

Coriander for acne: Use paste of coriander leaves and sandal paste on pimples, acne or blackheads to get rid of them easily. It works as a great skin cleanser. Fresh kothamalli leaves are useful in healing skin allergies, rashes, itching, swellings etc. Applying coriander paste can give quick relief.

Contagious diseases like small packs can be effectively treated with coriander leaves. Coriander juice along with banana seeds should be consumed for two weeks to get soothing effect.

Coriander seeds for irregular periods: The females who are suffering from irregular periods problem, coriander seeds can help them to regulate menstrual cycle.

Coriander alzheimer's Treatment: It is best treatment for patients of Alzheimer disease. It controls neuronal damage in the brain. Conjunctivitis of other eye infections can be cured by putting coriander juice in both eyes.