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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tamil Maruthuvam Paarambariya Maruthuvam

Tamil Maruthuvam Paarambariya Maruthuvam

Tamil maruthuvam is also called Paarambariya Maruthuvam. The meaning of the word is Tamil ancient medicine. There are no side effects when taking these medicines. Tamil maruthuvam pregnant medicines and children medicines are very popular for its unique nature. There are different varieties of Tamil maruthuvam books are available still which are written by siddhas (Siddharkal ). tamil antharangam maruthuvam is also available in siddha's medicine.

Tamil ayurveda maruthuvam and Siddha maruthuvam are the two types in ancient medicines. Tamil chitha maruthuvam and ayurveda medicines are educated through a definite form and education structure like allopathy medicines.

Tamil Eliya Maruthuvam for Cold cough and running nose: Tamil medicine for running nose, clod and cough is take 1/2tsp of ginger juice with equal amount of honey. Mix well and give this twice or thrice a day.
In the same proportion you can give tulsi juice and honey mix.   

Tamil eyarkai maruthuvam for Allergy: Tamil medicine for skin allergy: Take required amount of turmeric powder. Extract juice from onion, mix the juice with turmeric powder and apply on the allergic area.  All types of natural medicines & tamil maruthuvam tips download is available online.

Small onion uses sambar onion Values benefits medicinal uses and Properties

This is the information of Small onion uses sambar onion Values benefits medicinal uses and Properties
Small onion uses
Onions are not only important cooking ingredients; they are great medicines for many diseases. There are tow types of onion available in India. One is big in size and the other one is called small onion or sambar onion which has excellent medicinal values. Egypt is called the country of Onion because the people of Egypt used onions more in their cooking.
Raw onion benefits: In old age and even our villagers eat raw onion in the form of raw onion chutney or with curd or ragi kanji. Raw onion is rich in C vitamin.
Onion for weight loss: Onion can reduce the excess fat accumulated in our body. Fat people can take onion soup for weight loss daily one time(100ml). The alternative for soup is onion juice for weight loss, here you can add little honey for taste. Onion juice fat loss effect can be known by siddha and ayurveda medicines.   

Onion for high blood pressure : Boiled onion and Garlic (each 3) can reduce BP. onion for high blood pressure medicine can be take in the form of onion and Garlic juice or soup.

Onion for blood sugar onion for diabetes: The mineral chromium can improve the production of insulation. Onion is the riches source of chromium.

Onion Juice for cancer: onion is rich in sulphur. Sulphur has the ability to prevent our body from Cancer.  
Onion for cough and Cold: Onion juice with honey is given for cough and cold both for children and adult.

Onion for insect bites: one of the best emergency medicines for insect bites is onion. Crush onion and apply one the bite of bees, wasps etc.

Onion for Jaundice: Pathiya sappadu for jaundice patients in nattu maruthuvam is curd rice with small onion with out salt or oil.

Onion for kidney stone: In siddha medicine onion is given to treat kidney stome problem.

Onion for piles: More fibre vegetables mixed with equal quantity of fried onion can be taken as piles diet.
Onion for toothache: Chewing onion Onion for toothache relief is the best home made remedy.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manathakkali medicinal uses Keerai Leaves Health Benefits

Manathakkali Uses
Manathakkali medicinal uses Keerai Leaves health Benefits are well known by Indian ayurveda thus the plant is used to treat various types of diseases. Medicinal plant manathakkali is easily available in the village side and it can be easily grown in the pot. The whole plant is medicinally medicinally important. The uses of manathakkali leaves are well known for all types of stomach infections. 
Manathakkali keerai botanical name: Solanum nigrum.

Manathakkali Keerai Medicinal Uses
The leaves give strength to muscles and improve the vision.
It is the best medicine for headache and skin infections.
One of the best manathakkali uses is to reduce the urinary infections.
Manathakkali keerai is the best medicine for constipation.

Medicinal uses of Manathakkali juice
manathakkali keerai leaves juice is used as a medicine for liver and pancreas infections.
The juice can be taken for piles problem and neerkovai problem.
The juice is the best medicine for all types of skin infections and allergies.
 Manathakkali leaves paste is used to treat joint pain problems.
Manathakkali leaves paste is also used to treat pimples and acne.
Application of the juice for whole body and leaving for 2 to 3 hours can reduce the body pain.
Taking the recipes of manathakkali keerai during pregnancy improves digestion and reduces the vomiting sensation. Manathakkali keerai nutrition values, presence of vitamins and minerals improves the health status during pregnancy time. People at village side use manathakkali keerai for ulcer problem. This can be prepared as a delicious recipe like other keerai varieties.

Availability of Manathakkali Keerai
In India, it is easily available in the market and you can also get from street spinach venders.  
People always search Manathakkali keerai in usa and other foreign countries for its medicinal properties. In USA my friend found this spinach in Triangle Indian market and Vedic garden.
How to Prepare Manathakkali keerai as a Recipe
Manathakkali keerai recipes
1. manathakkali keerai poriyal
2. anathakkali vathal kuzhambu
3.   manathakkali sambar
4.   manathakkali keerai adai
5.   manathakkali keerai chutney
6.   manathakkali keerai kootu
7.   manathakkali keerai
8.   manathakkali keerai masiyal
9.   manathakkali keerai rasam soup
10   manathakkali keerai thuvaiyal or thogayal
11. manathakkali keerai rice sadam
12. manathakkali keerai thanni saaru

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Cancer Blood Breast Prostate Cancer Treatment

Siddha Medicine for Cancer
This is the information to share about siddha medicine for cancer. Cancer is a disease caused by many internal and external factors. The main cause of cancer is heredity and the other external factors like smoking, drinking alcohol,  toxic chemical inhaling, medicines etc. The cure or treatment for cancer is available in siddha treatment. Hundreds of cancer patients with breast cancer, blood cancer, tongue, skin, liver, lung, prostate, and stomach cancer visit the hospital of siddha medicine for cancer in Chennai to get complete cure from this disease.
Address of siddha cancer hospital arumbakkam
 489, Poonamallee High Road, 
Arumbakkam, Chennai- 600106,
Tamil Nadu, India
Landmark:  Near Panjali Amman Kovil
Ph: 044- 24753521
Siddha  medicine for cancer in Tamil Treatment

Agathiyar Mooligai Maruthuva Maiyam Cancer Treatment in Chennai Saligramam is giving Tamil Agathiyar Mooligai treatment for cancer.

Address: No. 10, K.K. Salai Kaveri Rangam Nagar,
Saligramam, Chennai Tamil nadu- 600093

Siddha medicine for breast cancer
The siddha medicine which works for breast cancer is
.Amukkura choornam  should be taken with 1gm daily with honey
chandamarutha chendooram  take 50mg daily two times with honey
Tamirakattu chendooram take 25mg daily two times with honey
Important Note: consult your allopathic doctor and discuss weather siddha can suit for your body condition or not.
 Siddha medicine for blood cancer
Siddha treatment for blood cancer is under research in National Institute of Siddha. The combined work of siddha medicine and chemotherapy can give positive result in bloods cancer treatment.
Siddha medicine for tongue cancer
The research shows that siddha medicine for oral cancer is not effective than the English medicines.
Siddha medicine for liver cancer
The prescriped medicines are
 Karicalai karpam, Aya chendooram,  Ammukkura choornam and Chandmarutha chendooram are the medicines given for liver cancer.
siddha medicine for lung cancer
Chinese herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum gives cure, Ashwagandha  and Shatavari are also used in lung cancer treatment.
siddha medicine for prostate cancer

The medicines and siddha treatment for prostate cancer is under research but Ayurvedic medicines are available to cure this problem.

Siddha medicine for stomach cancer
The siddha cancer hospital erumbur is giving treatment for stomach and other type cancers.  
Siddha cancer hospital vandavasi
Judge Garden, Erumbur Kilkovalaivedu Via,
Vandavasi, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil nadu  604408
Phone: (04183) 246221 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Siddha Vaidyam Medicines for Diabetes Infertility and Weight loss

Siddha vaidyam medicines for Diabetes infertility and weight loss
Siddha vaidyam medicines is one of the old type of treatment, in which the medicine prepared by using pancha bhoota the five units of elements. Water, earth, sky, fire and gas are called five elements. In siddha, guru marunthu is prepared by using the five main ingredients and very little amount of guru marunthu is mixed with all medicines to improve its working condition.
Siddha Vaidyam for Diabetes : The best medicine for diabetes is food control. Stop drinking tea or coffee take ragi kanji or kambu kanji. Take one or two idlis for morning tiffin. Get navadhanyam from nearest shop and soak for 48 hours. It will get germinated then eat raw of make powder use for Kanji.
Add samba godhumai upma or kanji in your daily diet best for night dinner. Eat fibre rich vegetables like banana stem, beans, and spinach.   
Siddha vaidyam for hair growth: Siddha medicinal oil is prepared which reduce the hair fall induce hair growth.
Siddha vaidyam for infertility: Natural honey or kollimalai honey is the natural inducer of pregnancy which is used in the preparation siddha infertility medicines.  
siddha vaidyam for pimples: Mix olive oil and pure sandal and prepare paste. Apply this paste before going to bed. Take abunch of mint leaves, grind nicely and apply for the pimples. Leave it for overnight.
Siddha vaidyam for psoriasis: siddha medicine for kalanjaga padai are Nanguneri oil and neem oil.
Siddha vaidyam for piles: Siddha medicine called karunai kizlangu legiyam with selected food works better.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tamil Medicine Tips Home Made Tamil Treatments

Tamil Medicine Tips 
This is an article to share the information of Tamil medicine tips and home made Tamil treatments. Tamil Siddha vaidyam and  Tamil Ayurvedic medicines are the two major divisions in natural medicine treatment. There are many Tamil medicine books describing the ancient Tamil medicines.
Here are some treatment methods for diseases like abortion, acne, after delivary, blood cholesterol, premature ejaculation, fertility problems and fungal infection. In early age learning Tamil medicine in Tamil language was practiced by siddhas but they teach this medicine only for their generation but now there are many colleges to teach Tamil siddha and ayurvedic medicines.    
Tamil medicine for acne: Take a hand full of each leaves (neem leaves, mint leaves and tulsi leaves) add tsp of turmeric powder and prepare a paste by grinding nicely. Apply the paste for acne and pimple scare daily three times. (Leave it as such for maximum hours). Application of five days can reduce your problem.  
Tamil Medicine for Cholesterol: Prepare the juice of kadukkai, and nellikai (goose berry), drink 2tsp daily.
Eat raw Carrot mixed with honey daily two to three with more fibre food like oats.
Tamil Medicine for Fungal Infection: Rub your fungal infected area with onion juice three hours once (never scarp with nails)
Applying garlic juice is also a good remedy for skin fungal infection.
Tamil Medicine for Abortion: Well known Tamil medicine for abortion is papaya fruit.
Tamil Medicine for Fertility: Rose gulkand is given for ladies to get pregnant and also for the good health of pregnant women.
Pumpkin seeds induce the sperm production in male.
Iluppai flower can be boiled with milk and taken daily by adding sugar. This will reduce the infertility problem male.
One of the best banyan tree fruit uses is infertility medicine. Dry the fruits and prepare powder. Take 1tsp daily with milk to cure female fertility.  
Tamil medicine after delivery: Prasava legiyam to be given after delivery.
Tamil medicine for premature ejaculation: one of the best working medicines for premature ejaculation is having Ashwagandha Churna 5gm (available in ayurvedic  shopes) daily with milk can prevent this problem.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indian Mooligai Ayurveda Agathiyar Mooligai Marmam Tips

Indian Mooligai Mooligai Marmam Tips
This is the information of Indian mooligai  ayurveda agathiyar mooligai marmam Tips. Mooligi are called medicinal plants which are the best remedy for many diseases. Mooligai treatment is most commonly used in India especially Tamil nadu to get rid of many health illness problems. Vilvam leaves, neem leaves and Tulsi leaves are popularly called nalam tharum mooligai in herbal medicine treatment. Mooligai vaithiyam is followed in different names like,
ayurveda mooligai treatment,
agathiyar mooligai,
ariya mooligai treatment,
siddha mooligai treatment etc,
Mooligai agarathi – it is a book consist all the information about mooligai medicinal plants, local name, availability, location, picture, medicinal value and its benefits for disease curing.    
In mooligai maruthuvam, the mooligai uses were identified by the saints called Siddha and later the medicinal value information was spread as like mecinal home remedy or natural treatment tips to normal people crowd but many years the information and the name of the mooligai in disease cure was kept secrete by the saints.
Mooligai Bath: mooligai bath or herbal was used in siddha medicine to cure physical disorders and mental imbalance. This type of treatment is still used in Kerala state of India.    
Mooligai oil and Rasamani: mooligai oil is prepared from mooligai plants
to cure the problems like, excess body heat, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, white hair, massage and relaxation etc.
natchathira mooligai and mooligai rasamani was found by siddha but the location, benefits and identity was still maintained as secrete. otrai mooligai is very special in cancer cure but there is no complete details about the plant.
Nowadays mooligai export is done from India to many foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada etc., 
To know about mooligai samayal recipes Click Here

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mooligai Samayal Recipes Tamil nadu Uses and Treatments

Mooligai Samayal recipes in Tamil nadu Uses and Treatment Methods
This is the information of mooligai samayal recipes tamil nadu Uses and Treatments. Mooligai are medicinally valuable plants which are used to treat many diseases in cost less method by spending very less amount of money.
 Mooligai samayal recipes Tamil Nadu Medicine
mooligai samayal recipes which are still used to treat many diseases in Tamil nadu village side are prepared in the form of
·         mooligai kuzhambu – karpooravalli kuzhambu
·         mooligai rasam - thuthuvalai rasam
·         mooligai juice - arugampul juice
·         mooligai kulambu – manathakkali kulambu (wonder berry)
·         mooligai tea - Mint tea, Tulsi Tea

Mooligai kuzhambu for cold and Indigestion problem
Ingredients Required
omavalli leaves or karpooravalli – 3
betal leaves – 1
tulsi leaves – 1/2cup
Coriander and mint leaves – 1/2cup
Garlic – 10 cloves
Onion – 2
Tomato – 2
Fenugreek seeds powder – 1tsp
Mustard – 1tsp
Chilli powder – 2tsp
Tamarind juice- 3tsp
Curry leaves – little
Oil and salt as per taste

 How to prepare mooligai kuzhambu mooligai samayal recipe

Take all moligai leaves and heat for five minutes in a Tava,
Grind the leaves separately and keep it aside,
Take a pan, add oli and Sauté mustard, curry leaves,
Then add the garlic, onion, chopped tomatoes,
 Add the chilli powder, tamarind juice and salt,
Let it to cook for 10 minutes and finally add the ground mooligai paste,
Leave for 2 boils and switch off the stove, delicious mooligai kulambu recipe is ready to taste

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods 
This is the post about Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods and Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu. Irregular Periods is the common problem for ladies. Normal mentural cycle is about 28 to 33 days. Causes of irregular Mathavidai  are taking medications, thyroid problem, stress, tension, depression, hormonal imbalance, nutrition imbalance etc. irregular periods is common for ladies those who delivered a child.

Tamil Medicine for Irregular periods: Eat 5 to 10 dates daily. If you are having irregular periods due to iron deficiency, this works better.
Take some white or sesame seeds, and make powder of pure Jaggery. Mix sesame seeds with jiggery and eat daily 2 spoons after 20 days of your previous period.

Irregular periods tamil Maruthuvam: Eat 1tsp of soaked fenugreek seed and ½ tsp of jeera daily in empty stomach.
The most important thing to do for getting regular mentural cycle is regular exercise and balance good. Yoga exercises (Pranayama) works better for getting regular periods without pain.

Best siddha medicine for irregular periods is herba tea. Herbal tea is prepared by using five medicinal herbs which gives regular mentual cycle.
Eating bitter gourd weekly thrice or four times in the form of curry or juice makes your menstrual cycle regular without any problem.  it is the best Irregular periods treatment in tamil with out using any medicines.

Eating healthy diet, making mind peaceful and sound sleep for 6 to 9 hrs makes your hormone imbalance level normal.

Aanmai kuraivu Maruthuvam: The best medicine suggested for anmai kuraivu is eating one pomegranate fruit daily. This will improve the nervous system.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems 
This is the information of Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review details. Siddha medicine is an ancient treatment followed still by many people. Siddha Tamil treatment works better for hair related problems like hair fall, hair loss, white hair, gray hair and hair regrowth.

 In recent years siddha hair loss treatment is becoming popular in India and also foreign countries like USA. The availability of commercial siddha herbal hair oil in usa give relief for all hair problems of the people those who are settled there for the purpose of Job.   

siddha medicine for white hair Herbal Oil preparation:
Ingredients: sesame oil 250ml,
Hibiscus leaves 10
Hibiscus flower – 5
Amla – 3
Henna leaves paste or powder – 100gm
Dry the above given ingredients except oil and make powder. Add the ingredient powder with the sesame oil and boil for 10 minutes in low flame.  Apply this siddha herbal hair oil for your hair regularly (daily before bed time and leave at least 12 hrs.). Regular application for about one month can change the colour of your white hair and delays the further appearance of white hair.  

Hair Oil Cost and Review
Commercial siddha hair oil price starts from hundred rupees for 100ml.  Siddha hair oil cost varies from vast range depending upon the company and its quality.  
Siddha herbal hair oil Bangalore Shops:

V.R.Herbal Hair Oils
7th Main, 7th Cross, Near Om Shakthi Temple,
Garvebhavi Palya, Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560068 Ph: 7353595947

Kukkuburra Enterprise
No. 1087,23rd Cross, Layout,
Dr. Shvaram Karanth Nagar, Jakkur,
Bangalore - 560065
Ph -  9953358105

Note: Siddha hair oil review is available online. Read the reviews of different products and buy the best one for your hundred percent positive result.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Hair Growth Hair loss Vaithiyam Maruthuvam for Regrowth

 Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth
This is the information of Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth Hair loss vaithiyam maruthuvam for regrowth. Hair fall, hair loss and white hair are the most common problems for young people.  One of the best siddha maruthuvam for hair growth is the application of siddha hair oil regularly for about six month.

Siddha Vaithiyam for Hair Growth: Take ten to twelve lotus leaves, heat it in low fire and extract the juice.  Take half liter of gingelly oil add the lotus leaves extract and let to boil in medium flame. After two to three minutes of boiling the extract mixes with the oil and floats as a layer at the top.  

Siddha medicine for hair regrowth: Take 100ml of aloe vera juice (use commercially available one freshly prepared at home) 3tsp of fenugreek seed powder. Mix the fenugreek feed powder with aloevera juice.Now take half lit of coconut oil boil for two to three minutes by adding fenugreek powder+ aloe vera. Apply this regularly for fast hair re growth.  

Siddha healthy hair Remedy: If you are very busy and no time for home preparation, don’t worry, purely prepared hair oils siddha medicine for hair growth is available in the market find the best one with Siddha doctors advice.
Siddha Hair wash Powder: Siddha Hair wash Powder works better for hair loss problem. Take 100gm of soap nut(shikakai), 10g of hibiscus leaves and 100gm fenugreek seeds. Dry these ingredients in direct sunlight and dry fry for a minute then make powder. Apply this for your hair wash weekly twice. This is one of the easily prepared and very effective methods for Siddha medicine hair loss problem.

Siddha treatment for hair growth: Take 50gm of dry Curry leaves powder (home preparation) add with one lit of coconut oil. Let it to boil for five minute, cool it and use this as hair oil regularly. Do scalp massage at week ends.  Scalp massage with warm curry leaves oil is the best siddha treatment for hair growth.

Siddha medicine hair loss Treatment: Hair loss can not be treated only with external application.Things to do to avoid hair loss are
1.   Healthy diet with more vitamins, minerals and iron.
2.   Hair should be maintained cleanly without dandruff and head lice
3.   Application of natural products for hair oil and hair wash.   

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment
Headache Tamil meaning: Thalaivali. This is the post about Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment. Now Headache is becoming the most common problem for all age frup people.
The most common types of headache are migraine headache, cluster headache and sinus-headache. The headache treatments are available in siddha mooligai maruthivam for this problem and it is very natural with out any side effects.

Tamil medicine for Headache: Dry some lemon peel, powder it and apply on the forehead area.do massage by using warm coconut oil. One of the best headache treatment in tamil maruthuvam is preparing the paste of 4 or 5 cloves and apply on your forehead area. Migraine is called otrai thalaivali headache in Tamil. It is a very painful problem.
Siddha Medicine for Headache: The best siddha medicine for sinus-headache is having ginger tea regularly.  

Ginger tea preparation: Take a cup of milk or water, prepare one tsp of ginger paste. Add tea powder and ginger paste in the boiling milk. Let it to boil for 2-3minutes and filter it.

Siddha medicine for migraine: Thulsi tea gives better relief for  migraine headache. Thulsi tea preparation is same like that of ginger tea. Add 10 – 12 Tulsi leaves instead of ginger.  One sides headache is called Cluster headache in Tamil treatment. It is characterized by the regular timing appearance. Medicines are available in Tamil siddha medicine for Cluster headache.

Causes of Migraine   headache: Changes in type of food and timings, eating fast food cause headache so eat healthy and balanced food with more fruits and vegetables.

Absence of sufficient sleep can also cause head in the morning times so be punctual in your sleeping time. Regular exercise improves the brain secretion this will improve the functioning of your brain. Avoid smoking and drinks, avoid tension, stress and depression. Taking self medication also causes headache.    

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid Siddha Vaithiyam Treatment

Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid 
This post is the information about Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid Siddha Vaithiyam Treatment. Thyroid disease is now becoming common for all age people. There are two types of thyroid diseases one is hypothyroidism and the other is hyperthyroidism. Name of the disease thyroid in Tamil language is also called thyroid because it is the name of an endocrine gland which is located in the neck region.

Thyroid symptoms in Tamil language people
Most common the symptoms are same for all types of people. The most common symptom is body weight change. Increased or decreased body weight.   Thyroid Symptoms In Women Tamil is increased body weight. The hormone produced by thyroid gland is thyroxin. The abnormal secretion of this hormone causes some changes in out body.     
Thyroid diet in Tamil : give preference to vitamin rich diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in minerals and iodine. Stop eating fast food and saturated food items.

Thyroid tips in Tamil :The very useful Tip for thyroid people is regular exercise which can improve your oxygen intake and removes toxins.
Thyroid treatment in Tamil: Take a glass containing 150ml of water. Soak 2tsp of coriander seeds and 1tsp cumin seeds for about 10hrs. Then boil it till it become half of the initial amount and drink in the empty stomach.  Many Siddha maruthuvam thyroid medicine include this ingredients.

Siddha treatment thyroid: Different types of Siddha treatments are available. Hormone replacement (levothyroxine) is one of the method followed in vaithiyam.  
paati vaithiyam for thyroid: Eat powdered flax seed which is rich in omega 3 fatty acid to improve the normal function of the thyroid gland. Eat iodine rich fish, egg, meat and radish.