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Friday, December 30, 2011

Tamil Siddha Maruthuva Kurippugal Tips

Siddha Maruthuvam Tips Tamil
Tamil siddha maruthuvaM tips kurippugal gives the details about Siddha medicines in tamil maruthuvam treatment. The growth of herbal plants and the mooligai plants are abundant in Tamilnadu. People in ancient days are very much aware about medicinal properties and uses of these herbs. The medicinal uses of many herbal plants are identified in Tamil Siddha maruthuvam and nattu maruthuvam and some are not yet identified but each plant has some unique medicinal value.

Tamil Siddha Maruthuva Kurippugal
Siddha Medicine for Hair loss Karisalankanni False Daisy 
Make a paste of Karisalankanni in English False Daisy by adding the milk of goad. Mix well and apply the paste for your hair weekly twise before taking bath. This will reduce hair growth and this is the best Siddha Medicine for Hair growth.  

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Ulcer in Mouth
Dry mint leaves and coriander leaves in sun light. Make a fine powder by adding big salt. Apply this powder for your mouth to cure mouth ulcer. This will also reduce the gum bleeding and make your teeth to sparkle.  

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Acne
Take 2tsp of turmeric powder and plug the fresh, tender leaves of neem plant. Grind the ingredients finely. Then add 2tsp of sandal and apply for acne, pimples and acne scars. This will cure all the skin problems.

 Tamil Siddha Medicine for worms
Mix Kakatan root powder and vaivedankap podi. Make small pellets and have twice a day. The worms will come out with excretory material.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Skin Disease 
Take Kuppaimeni (Indian Acalypha) leaves, neem leaves, turmeric powder and aloe vera juice mix together and apply for skin disease. It will be get cured for the regular application of 15 days.

Siddha Medicine for Constipation
Take 2 bananas and mix with 1tsp of honey make a paste and have twice a day. Then drink half lit or more water in the empty stomach. You will get rid of constipation problem.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Jaundice
keelanelli in English  Bhui amla make powder of keelanelli root and have before food for 30 days to get rid of Jaundice.  Take juice from vilvam plant leaf add 1tsp pepper powder for a glass of juice to get cure from Jaundice.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Dandruff
Take hibiscus leaves, flower and bark grind nicely. Apply for your hair scalp twice a week to get rid of dandruff problem.
Follow Tamil Siddha Maruthuva Kurippugal tips regularly to get complete permanent cure.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sanjeevi Mooligai Siddha Maruthuvam in Tamil Nadu

Sanjeevi Mooligai in Siddha Maruthuvam 
Mooligai maruthuvam in Tamil nadu is a very popular disease treatment method with out any side effects. Sanjeevi Mooligai is a type of Nalam tharum mooligai kayakalpa medicine used to treat many incurable diseases. It stands first in the list of mooligai Ulagam. Sanjeevi Mooligai Siddha Maruthuvam gives treatment to all types of demonological, bone and muscular diseases.  It gives strength to the brain nerves and protects the brain from danger. It prevents unnecessary tension and stress, improves blood circulation and digestion.

Sanjeevi Mooligai Tips
It is denoted in Mooligai books that Sanjeevi Mooligai has great powder to absorb more carbon dioxide and release the life gas oxygen. When in contact with the miraculous mooligai leaves all the poisonous germs are killed immediately. If you smell the pleasant odor of Sanjeevi, the cold and cough never attack you.  It is one of the best Siddha Maruthuvamto treat the life threatening diseases like pneumonia, malaria, dengue and typhoid.

The best mooligai vaithiyam in Tamil nadu for cold is herbal medicine.  The leaf juice of Sanjeevi Mooligai is taken for a week to treat of cold and congestion which usually affects the kids Kuzhanthaigal. Generally to increase your immune resistances soak a bunch Sanjeevi Mooligai in 200ml water for eight hours and drink 50 ml every day morning and evening. It will also change your skin tone and remove the skin wrinkles.  In olden days people used the ground paste of Sanjeevi tree root and drumstick tree roots to get natural fairness.

This plant is uses one of the best medicine for chest pain. A bunch of leaves and 4 tsp honey was boiled by adding 500ml of water. It was boiled until reaches the half of the total amount. This medicine was 4tsp to cure chest pain naturally.  Mooligai Agarathi states that the paste made by the combination of Sanjeevi Mooligai and pepper is the best medicine for viral fever.

Mooligai maruthuvam books in Tamil language stats that, sanjeevi mooligai was also used to treat poisonous snake bites and chicken pox. The leaf juice is good for eyes.  The dried leaves powder is taken with milk for throat infection, sinus and for continuous sneezing. The powder made by using dried amla seed, neem flower, jamun fruit seeds and a bunch of  Sanjeevi Mooligai are the best medicine for diabetic mellitus ( Blood sugar) problem.
Sanjeevi Mooligai is popularly called mooligai marmam due to its great and unknown medicinal properties.     

Monday, December 19, 2011

Paati Vaithiyam in Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam

This is the information on Paati Vaithiyam in Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam
Paati vaithiyam for cold: Mix thumbai poo in 100ml of milk, boil for five minutes and drink every day to get rid of cold. Take 25gm thumbai poo mix with sesame oil, boil for 5 minutes and apply for your hair to get rid of headache.

2.   Paati vaithiyam for pregnancy: Kashayam is prepared in paati vaithiyam for pregnancy. Prepare drumstick leaves juice to cure leg and feet swelling during pregnancy. Take Murungai keerai and boil with water for 15 minutes. Drink Kashayam soap every day during pregnancy.

3.   Paati vaithiyam for weight loss: The best Paati vaithiyam for weight loss treatment is drinking kollu horse gram juice.  Soak 50gm Kollu in the previous day night and boil next day by adding little water. Drink the Horse gram juice in empty stomach for 3 months to loose weight.

4.    Paati vaithiyam for hair loss: The best Paati vaithiyam for hair loss treatment is application of fenugreek seeds. Grind fenugreek seeds with hibiscus leaves and make a past. Apply this before taking your hair wash. Follow y paati vaithiyam for hair tips regularly to  stop hair fall and promote hair growth.     

5.   Paati vaithiyam for asthma: Take a bunch of Tulsi leaves boil by adding water. Extract the juice,  add 2 pinch of pepper, 1 tsp of honey and drink before going to bed. This will relieve your asthma trouble permanently.

6.   Paati vaithiyam for babies: Vasambu is a medicinal herb which protects babies. Vasambu paati vaithiyam for babies in tamil Nadu is still in practice. Small squire pieces of Vasambu tied in a thread should be put around the babies wrist to cure stomach infections.

7.   Paati vaithiyam for dry cough: Take 2tsp of dry ginger powder and 2tsp of pepper powder mix with 1tps of honey. Make small pellets and have three times a day after your food. This will cure cold and dry cough problem.

8.   Paati vaithiyam for gas Problem: Take 1 tsp of omum carom seeds and 2 garlic boil for about 10 minutes in sim flame. Drink the juice to get rid of Stomach gas. You can also boil garlic in fresh milk and drink if you have gas problem. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines

This is Tamil maruthuvam tips mentioned in tamil nattu vaithaiyam books. Follow and get the benefits.Tamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines can definitely help you to stay away from cold and cough.

Tamil Medicines for Cold and cough
Siddha maruthuvam in tamil nadu is famous for cold and cough treatment. Boil one litre of water and dry ginger powder (Sukku) and do vaporization. You should inhale the vapors through nose and mouth. Continue this for a week to get complete remedy for cold. 

You use eucalyptus leaves or oil alternatively for Sukku. Cover you body with a blanket to avoid the wastage of the vapor. Follow this Tamil maruthuvam in tamil Style to get rid of cold and cough with out taking allopathic medicines.

Take one class of warm water and add 5 drops of lemon juice and honey. Drink this mixture when you are in empty stomach.

siddha maruthuvam tamil vaithiyam for cold is take one glass of fresh milk add a pinch of pepper powder, turmeric powder and dry ginger powder. Boil in low flame until the milk reduces in to half the amount. Drink this every morning and night before bet.

Boil a cup of water, keep in low flame and add bunch of betel leaves (Tulsi) then add a pinch of pepper powder. Keep it for 10 minutes and drink the water with the ingredients.

Take one spoon of ginger juice, tulsi juice and thota bathaai leaf juice and one teaspoon of Honey. Mix well and have every morning.

As per tamil siddha maruthuvam cabbage juice can cure clod and cough. Boil cabbage leaves by adding salt. Extract the juice and add a pinch of pepper powder. Do this regularly for a week to get rid of cold.

Chest congestion is the main problem in cold. Roast the rice bran without adding oil and put in a cloth, tie it and keep in the chest for congestion relief. It is the best cold medicine maruthuvam in tamil nadu.

NoteTamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines has no side effects and the ingredients are available in your kitchen itself.