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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tamil Home Medicines and Remedies Natural Disease Cure at Home

Tamil Home Medicines
Tamil medicines are available in ayurveda and siddha with out any side effects in the treatment of various diseases. I have given some Tamil Home Medicines and Tamil Home remedies treatment in the cure of different types of diseases.

Infant cough home remedies
 Nowadays infant cough is common problem due to pollution and climate. The common symptoms of infant cold and cough are loss of appetite, severe cough, chest congestion and running nose. This may be because of poor resistance and malformed immune system. This condition can be avoided by feeding enough mothers milk. Use warm water for kid’s bath and drinking. Avoid cold weather and going out in the cold environment.

The best Tamil medicine for cough is boiling three or four adhatoda leaves in 100ml of water and let it to boil for five to ten minutes. Cool the water and when it is warm give 5 to 10ml for every one hour. The best infant cough siddha medicin Thalisathi Choornam or  Talisadi Choorna. Give this with honey as per the  advice of your siddha doctor. This medicine is effective to reduce the respiratory tract infection, cold and congestion.

 Tamil Medicine for Diarrhea
 Tamil Medicines are very safe and no side effect because it is prepared from pure Tamil mooligai. The main causes of Stomach pain are infection, food poisoning, allergy, inflammation of intestine. The infants and children are commonly affected by this disease. The children feel extreme thirst during this time due to the loss of body fluids. In ancient days people give vasambu for babies to get rid of diarrhea. Take vasambu and put in direct fire and add a drops of honey in coal mix it and give twice a day. The best diarrhea siddha medicine is thiyer sundi churanam. Give tender coconut ware to kids and children. Add a pinch salt and 1tsp sugar in 100 ml of water and drink a sip on every 10 – 15 minutes.    

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Dandruff Treatment | Hair Home Remedy Solutions and Tips

Tamil Medicine for Dandruff 
In ancient days people followed many Tamil medicine for dandruff problem. The benefit of hair dandruff treatment tamil method is no side effects and it is very easy to follow.
The first thing in Dandruff solutions Tamil treatment and remedy is cleanliness. Hair wash should be taken twice a week. Dry your hair properly after wash then apply oil. Applying oil on wet hair may increase the infection.

Symptoms of Hair dandruff
  • Appearance of white flakes on your hair
  • Itching in the hair scalp
  • Continuous Hair fall

Dandruff Tips Tamil Remedy

Comb and towel from the dandruff person should not be used this also cause hair dandruff infection.

How to remove dandruff Tamil Medicines
  • Best dandruff home remedy Tamil treatment is the application of lemon solution and curd mixture before taking hair wash.
  • Take 5tsp of fenugreek seed (vendhayam) mix with lemon juice and apply half an hour before taking hair wash.
  • Apply aloe vera  pulb  half an hour before taking hair wash. The application of Neem leaf paste work better to remove dandruff very quickly.
  • Apply the paste of green gram powder and Tulsi juice mix before taking bath to reduce the itching and infection of dandruff.
  •  The best siddha medicine for dandruff is parangipattai chooranam. parangipattai chooranam works effectively to reduce dandruff problem.  
  • Do this above mentioned treatments at home for about 2 months to Avoid dandruff through Tamil maruthuvam.  
  • You will get all clear hair with out using any artificial products.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tamil Siddha Medicine Mouth Ulcer Vai Punnu

Causes of Mouth Ulcer (Vai Punnu)
Chronic mouth infection
Biting the skin of the mouth
Some heredity mouth infection
Mouth wounds due to viral and bacterial infection
Viral fever cause Vai Punnu (mouth ulcer)
Tobacco chewing  

The main symptoms of the disease are bad mouth smell, difficult to swallow and continuous saliva secretion.
Tamil Siddha Medicine Mouth Ulcer 
Masikai uses in Mouth Ulcer Treatment: One of the important masikai uses is in mouth ulcer treatment. Rub masikai (get from Nattu marunthu kadai) in a clean stone by adding few drops of water and apply on the area of mouth ulcer. Masikai herbal medicine also works quickly for mouth ulcer treatment.

Agathi keerai uses in mouth ulcer treatment: Boil the leaves of Agathi keerai and drink a cup of Agathi keerai juice daily three times a day to get rid of mouth ulcer problem.
Tamil Siddha Medicine for Mouth ulcer: Take annabethi senthuram 200mg thripalai suranam 2, mix it in 10ml of honey and have this two times a day. Drink Nannari syrup twice a say
Add tender coconut water, vendhaya keerai, pasalai keerai, agathi keerai, manathakkali keerai and  curd.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paati Vaithiyam for Headache Tamil Ayurvedic Medicines

Paati Vaithiyam for Headache 
The main reasons for headache are blood pressure, migraine, tumors, eyes, ears, thyroid problems and throat infection and tension.
People those who are suffering from any type of headache should have peaceful sleep, should not concentrate on the same work for many hours. Avoid going out on sunlight (for a whole day) and should not eat cold drinks and ice creams.
Tamil Ayurvedic Medicines for Headache
Nochi ilai or nochi leaves for Headache: put some nochi leaves in water and boil it. Take the steam of the water for 10 minutes by closing your head.
omam health benefits: Omam is used to get relieve from headache. Fry 100gm of omam and cover it in a clean cloth. Smell the odour of omam for 10 minutes. This will relieve your headache with out any side effects.
Tamil Siddha medicine for Headache:
Take little Pavazha parpam and Thrikaduga Surinam. Mix with honey and have twice a day.  
nilavembu tamil Medicine for Headache: Take 100ml nilavembu drink and mix with a glass of warm water and drink twice a day.  

Conjunctivitis Treatment at Home

Symptoms of conjunctivitis
  • Watery eyes
  •  Red painful eyes
  • Itching eyes
  • White or yellow fluid from eyes
  • Difficult to open the eyes in bright light

Conjunctivitis treatment at home
If you are having any of these symptoms you are affected by some bacterial or viral eye infection. The first Conjunctivitis treatment at home is cleanliness and washing the eyes properly. Wash your eyes frequently with boiled and cooled water. Should not wash both the eyes at the same time, wash it individually to avoid the spread of the infection from one eye to another.

Take rest and sleep for time. Give rest to your eyes. You can put some drops of breast milk three times a day. Put two or three drops of clean amanakku oil (castor oil) on your eyes.  Put triphala churna on boiled water, cool it and wash your eyes. You can do same by using pachai karpooram also. You can also use aloe vera mixed water for washing your eyes this reduces the infection.

Use turmeric and potato hot compress to reduce the Conjunctivitis at home.
Dip cotton in warm honey and milk and clean your eyes frequently. If you have swollen eyes use ice packs to reduce the swelling.

Palakarai Parpam is available in siddha medicine, take 200 to 300ml and pour in  50ml of water and drink thrice a day. Put 2 to 3 drops of Padiga paneer on your eyes.

If the symptoms are in advanced stage consult yourdoctor and use a good conjunctivitis treatment eye drops.  The above methods should not be followed in the case of conjunctivitis treatment for babies.