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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Karisalankanni leaves uses in Tamil maruthuvam

This is to share Karisalankanni leaves uses in Tamil maruthuvam. 
Medicinal herbs are very beneficial for human health. It has been proved that the usage of herbs internally and externally can solve many health problems easily and without any side effects. Karisalankanni or Bhirngaraj is one of such herbs which are known for its medicinal values. The karisalankanni leaves are known as the best herbal body cleanser which can wash out harmful substances from our body and cleanses our body naturally. Therefore this powerful herb is known as ‘Kayakalpa’ herb and preferred by the people around the earth. Eating karisalankanni keerai regularly improves liver health. Leaves thailam called hair oil reduces hair fall and gray hair problem. In ayurvda it id available in the form of capsules and dried leaves powder.

There are several varieties of karisalankanni plant. The flowers of the plant vary in colors like yellow, white, blue and red. Among these plants with yellow flowersare supposed to be very beneficial and loaded with medicinal values. Here are some of the tips and karisalankanni medicinal uses. It is Tamil spinach variety,hence no side effect found when using.  

Karisalankanni keerai uses
It is confirmed that the herb extracts work amazingly on liver health. Because of this property, the herb is also known as ‘Hepato Protective medicine’ It not only makes the liver stronger but also regularizes the liver functioning effectively. It also reduces the inflammation remarkably.

Asthe herb extracts Karisalankanni juice support liver health, it is useful in the treatment of jaundice. In the treatment the Karisalankanni leaves extracts are used along with the Phyllanthus Niruri plant extracts. It improves eye sight.

The patients who are facing the problem of fatty liver can get treatment of karisalankanni leaves extracts.

karisalankanni paste reduces the dandruff dandruff problem.

The regular intake of the herb extracts can improve the appetite effectively and it can also treat the internal as well as external hemorrhoids or piles.

Along with the other health benefits the karisalankanni leaves are beneficial to cure many menstrual related problems. It can regularize delayed periods and prevent excessive bleeding.

The leaves of Bhringaraj or Karisalankanni plant are very famous for its benefits for hair growth. The leaves extracts are used in various ayurvedic and herbal shampoos and oils. You can also make mudi valara karisalankanni homemade oil for healthy hair growth by boiling powder of karisalankanni leaves in coconut oil. The regular use of karsalankanni leaves can not only prevent the hair fall but also can make a shine and bounce to your hair.
The other uses of the herb are in the treatment of skin infections, cough and cold and to reduce weight.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nenju sali maruthuvam / Cold chest congestion remedy

This is nenju sali maruthuvam home remedies.  Chest congestion is the common respiratory problem that can cause inflammation in chest and breathing problem. The root cause behind the chest congestion is the formation of bacteria and virus on mucus membrane. Viral infection or other health problems like Bronchitis, lungs cancer, Asthma, Tuberculosis, sinusitis, pneumonia can also cause chest congestion. Some simple home remedies can give soothing effect in the problem of cold chest congestion.

The common home remedy for cold chest congestion is salt water gargle. Gargling can remove mucus from the respiratory tract effectively. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric in hot water. Gargle with it twice or thrice a day to get soothing relief.

Nenju sali medicine: The anti inflammatory properties of honey works very effectively on cold chest congestion. Take a piece of onion and dip it in honey. Leave it overnight. Next day consume the onion slices along with the honey 3 to 4 times in a day. Using onion in regular food recipe is also advisable. Heat a Betel leaf in low flame and let the heat to reduce. Then put the warm leaf on the babies chest to get rid of nenju sali for babies.
Lemon as nenju sali marunthu : Lemons are useful to fight against bacterial infection in the respiratory system. Add shredded lemon peel in hot water and leave it for five minutes. Filter the water and consume it or use it for gargling.

nenju sali poga use bay leaf, bay leaf is used in treating many health problems. It is also a useful remedy for chest congestion. Make herbal tea using bay leaves by adding fresh bay leaves in boiling water. Steep for few minutes and sip it warm for relaxing effect.

nenju sali vaithiyam using ginger: Ginger is very effective remedy for many respiratory problems. Add crushed ginger and a pinch of black pepper powder in hot water. Leave for five minutes and then filter the mixture. Add spoonful of honey in the water and consume it twice a day to treat chest congestion. This remedy is useful to remove the mucus from the chest effectively. Chewing ginger slices can also give quick relief from the problem. 

Tamil maruthuvam varattu irumal nattu marunthu

This is Tamil maruthuvam irumal nattu marunthu or varattu irumal home remedies in tamil.  Dry cough home remedy tips and medicines. Dry cough is commonly caused because of viral infection of the throat and nose. The general symptoms are itching in throat and continuous coughing. Some simple home remedies can be helpful to overcome the irritation easily.
varattu irumal vaithiyam : Gargling with hot salt water is the best and the easiest remedy for dry cough and sore throat. You can also add a pinch of turmeric for the quick results
Irumal neenga use honey: Honey is the well known remedy for dry cough and other respiratory problems. The analgesic properties of honey not only reduce the irritation but also soothe the throat effectively. the anti oxidant and anti microbial properties of honey helps to cure the problem of sore throat and dry cough.
varattu irumal treatment using turmeric: The Curcumin present in turmeric works as an effective anti- viral and anti-bacterial agent to cure the infection causing dry cough. Mix turmeric powder in the hot water along with a spoonful of honey and sip the mixture many times a day to get relief. You can also add turmeric in warm milk and consume it for better results.
Best patti vaithiyam for dry cough in tamil : Ginger is the main ingredient in many cough and cold medicines and syrups. It can effectively reduce the itchiness and irritation in the throat. Use of ginger is suggested in other respiratory problems too. Add crushed ginger in the water and boil it for few minutes. After cooling to the room temperature, consume it thrice a day for relief. You can also chew ginger slices to reduce irritation quickly.
varattu irumal medicine : From ancient time garlic is used as an effective home remedy for dry cough. The anti bacterial properties of garlic also help to fight against any infection effectively. Add crushed garlic in the water and boil it. After cooling add a spoonful of honey in the mixture and consume it thrice a day for better relief.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tamil siddha maruthuva kurippugal health tips

This is the details on health tips, Tamil siddha maruthuva kurippugal.
We face lots of health problems in our day to day life. Every time it is not possible to visit doctor and take medicines. Also the medicines can leave some side effects. There are few useful ingredients available in our home and kitchen. These basic items can be useful to cure many health problems easily without leading to any side effect. Here we will try to understand few of the homemade medicines that can be useful for everyone.

Tamil maruthuva kurippugal

  • Minor burns are common for ladies. Apply honey on the burnt area and it will save you from infection and it will also help the regeneration of the damaged skin.
  • Applying honey is one of the best Tamil maruthuvam tips to reduce the inflammation instantly. Honey can also be used for treating many types of skin infections.
  • For minor cuts and wounds turmeric is the best home medicine. The anti bacterial and antiseptic properties of turmeric can heal the wound quickly. Turmeric is also effective for minor burns.
  • Turmeric is equally beneficial for treating common cold and cough.
  • If you are suffering from stomach problems or digestion related problems then ginger is the best and easiest remedy for you. It can be also used for the problems like morning sickness and nausea.
  • The problem of acne and pimple is seen for youngsters. Applying the paste of turmeric is the very good and quick remedy. It makes the skin softer and brighter too.
  • Joint pain and the diseases like arthritis can be cured with the help of turmeric. Internal and external use of turmeric can give relaxing effect for the problem.
  • It is proved that the antioxidant property of turmeric is beneficial to treat various types of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and lung cancer.
  • The ladies who are suffering from menstrual cramps or irregular menstrual period can be cured with the help of ginger extracts.
  • Many respiratory problems are also cured with the help of ginger. The problem of indigestion and nausea can be cured with the help of cinnamon too.
  • It can also treat diarrhea and menstrual cramps. The studies have proved that consumption of cinnamon can be helpful to cure Type 2 Diabetes as it can control blood sugar level effectively and stimulates the insulin production in the body.
  • Cinnamon can also keep us safe from heart diseases as it can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. It is also useful for those who wish to reduce weight.
  • For cold, cough and sinus problem, garlic is the best natural medicine. It can also cure the respiratory problems like Asthma.
  • The skin infections and insect bites can be cured with the help of garlic extracts. It can also reduce the tooth pain and ear pain.
  • Garlic can also reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and keeps us away from the risk of heart attack.
  • Lemon is useful for many stomach related problems like indigestion, constipation, stomach infection etc.
  • The anti-inflammatory quality of lemon is beneficial for treating arthritis and rheumatism effectively.
  • Lemon can help you to reduce weight and control blood pressure. It is also beneficial for treating kidney stones.
  • Cardiovascular diseases and many types of cancer can be cured with the help of lemon.
  • Lemon can be useful for your hair and skin health.
  • Onion is beneficial for treating fever conditions like pneumonia, hay fever etc. it is also effective in treating asthma.
  • The patients of Type 2 diabetes should consume onion daily as the chromium present in onion can reduce the blood sugar level as well as the cholesterol.
  • Oral problems like mouth ulcers and bad breath can be treated with the help of cardamom. It is also used to treat indigestion and stomach infections.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Neem leaves uses in Tamil medicine and treatment

This is Neem leaves uses in Tamil medicine and treatment. Neem is a medicinal herb (mooligai) is known for their medicinal properties. The leaves of this plant are useful in many health problems. The leaves extracts are used externally as well as internally to fight against many diseases. Here we will try to understand some of the medicinal benefits of neem leaves.

Veppilai maruthuvam in tamil

  • Primarily neem leaves are mainly useful (payangal) for skin related problems. The skin diseases like eczema, scabies can be cured with the paste made with neem leaves. You can also add neem leaves in your bathing water to feel fresh and cure skin infections.
  • Neem leaves can also keep away the sweating stink effectively. The skin diseases like chickenpox or small pox can be treated with the help of neem leaves. The itching and irritation caused by the chickenpox can be reduced by applying neem leaves paste or neem leaves juice on it.
  • If you are trying to reduce weight and you are not able to control your hunger then neem leaves can be very beneficial for you. Consume neem leaves paste with brown rice and your excessive hunger will be suppressed effectively.
  • Also the consumption of neem leaves juice can control your excessive thirst during summer season
  • Make a paste of neem leaves along with turmeric. Use this paste on skin infections, rashes, redness, and itching and other skin problems. The paste can be used on swollen area also
  • The studies are conducted to prove the neem leaves benefits to cure the deadly disease of AIDS.
  • Neem a leaf extracts has the property to birth control. It can be useful for both men and women if you want to keep distance for the next pregnancy. This remedy is cheap and safe of all.
  • Neem leaves have shown amazing effect on cancer treatment too. The neem leaves extracts are useful to cure cancer tumor and other types of cancer effectively.
  • From ancient time neem twigs are used to clean teeth. Neem leaves and twigs are loaded with antiseptic properties useful for oral health. Neem tooth powder is available in the market which is preferred by many people to clean the teeth. Neem leaves extracts are beneficial for healthy gums. It can cure bleeding gums and control the bad breath.
  • Neem leaves are very advantageous for diabetes patients. The disease can harm the blood vessels and kidney of the patients. The neem a leaf extracts can prevent this internal damage effectively. consumption of neem leaves juice every morning on empty stomach is a trusted remedy to control diabetes.
  • The juice can improve the insulin production in the body and reduce the blood glucose level effectively. Within few months the blood sugar level decreases with this remedy.
  • Along with the diabetes control the neem leaves extracts can also control the cholesterol level in the blood. It can cure the problem of high blood pressure and thus prevents the risk of heart attack. The juice extracts can control the blood clotting too.
  • Diseases like malaria can be controlled effectively with the help of neem leaves extracts. It can control the infection of malaria. It also helps to develop the immunity system.
  • If you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety then neem leaves juice can be a very good solution to get rid of the problem
  • The digestion related problems can be solved with the help of neem leaves extracts. It can also cure the problem of gastric effectively.
  • The people who are suffering from joint pains can take advantage of neem leaves. The anti inflammatory properties of neem leaves can decrease the inflammation effectively. Them neem leaves paste is used to treat arthritis
  • The regular consumption of neem leaves juice can fight against the skin problem like vitiligo, in which the patches occur on the skin or discoloring or skin begins.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mookirattai keerai benefits Punarnava medicinal herb

This is Mookirattai keerai benefits.  Punarnava herb is mainly used to revitalize liver and to detoxify it. Generally when we get any kind of infection, our liver gets badly affected. To keep our liver healthy and active it is advisable to use punarnave herb from the initial stage only. It not only rejuvenates liver but also maintains our stamina and strength. The uses are more, many diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, anorexia and iron deficiency anemia are connected with liver health, which can be cured with the use of punarnava herb.

For the patients of diabetes, punarnava medicinal herb is extremely beneficial. The leaves extracts of punarnava can reduce the glucose level in blood and it also helps to improve the plasma insulin level efficiently.

Same like liver, punarnava herb is useful for kidney patients. The consumption of the herb can flush out the harmful and excessive body fluids. This amazing herb can also prevent the development of urinary stones. Experts advise to use this medicinal herb for the period of 3 to 4 weeks for better kidney execution.

Punarnava medicinal herb is also used for cancer treatment. It is proved that the herb contains anti cancer properties. The consumption of the herb is proved to be very useful in cancer treatment. The hepatoprotective, cardiokine, anti cancer and anti oxidant properties of the herb are beneficial in cancer treatment.
Cervical cancer is commonly found in women, Boeravinones compounds are extracted from the roots of punarnava herb which is used in the treatment of cervical cancer and breast cancer.

This medicinal herb is considered as a natural blood purifier. It can effectively balance the production of gastric juices in the body. Joint pain, muscle pain and fluid retention in body can be treated with the help of punarnava herb. It can also reduce the swelling and pain effectively.

The  consumption of the herb can reduce tiredness and fatigue quickly. Digestion related problems can also be solved with the help of punarnava medicinal herb. It can also cure intestinal spasm effectively.

The herb is suggested for the patients of asthma too. It is proved that the herb extracts can confiscate the mucus membrane and phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Apply the paste of roots of punarnava on various types of skin infections and skin diseases. Studies have proved that the herb extracts can provide strength to the muscles and nerves. Thus the herb is beneficial for paralysis patients as it can treat the weakness of nerves effectively.

The regular consumption of punarnava herb can be helpful to reduce weight within few months.

To fight against night blindness mix herb extracts in cow milk and consume it before going to bed in the night.

Even though the herb is very beneficial for many health ailments, it is not advisable for the children below 12 years of their age and for the pregnant or lactating women.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam for pcos Poly cystic ovary syndrome

This is Tamil maruthuvam for pcos remedy. Poly cystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a common problem seen in many ladies. The problem deals with hormonal imbalance in the body. This is the condition when androgen that is male hormones increases in the body. The studies have proved that this condition can occur due to excessive production of insulin in the body which can promote ovaries to increase the production of male hormones in the body. siddha maruthuvam for pcos in tamil treatment is very effective to cure this stage.

The common results of PCOS are irregular menstrual cycle, cysts in the ovaries and difficulty to get pregnant. The common symptoms of the disease are irregular menstrual periods, hair growth on body and face, sudden weight gain, oily skin, hair fall or hair thinning etc. There are some simple remedies that can control the condition and reduce the side effects effectively. Here are some of the best pcos treatment in Tamil to treat polycystic ovary syndrome efficiently.

 Cinnamon for pcos

 The studies have proved that cinnamon can deal with menstruation related problems effectively. It can reduce the insulin imbalance in women and thus can treat the condition effectively. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water and drink it daily for positive results. You can also take advantage of cinnamon extracts capsules with proper guidance of your physician. Add cinnamon in your regular recipes or sprinkle cinnamon powder on sandwiches, oatmeal, curd etc. you can also sip a cup of herbal tea by adding cinnamon powder in it. Consumption of cinnamon can also reduce your blood sugar level effectively.

Flax seed for pcos

 Tamil vaithiyam for pcos, flax seeds can also fight against the problem of PCOS as it can reduce the androgen level and increasing hormones in the body. Flax seeds are rich in fiber. And they efficiently reduce the glucose metabolism as well as cholesterol level in the body. The flax seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can give soothing effects on inflammations. Flax seeds are equally beneficial in reducing blood pressure and risk of heart diseases. Mix powdered flaxseeds in the glass of water and drink it regularly for few months to get satisfactory results. You can also add powdered flaxseeds in your daily recipes like soups and salads.

Apple cider vinegar for pcos
 The use of apple cider vinegar can prove beneficial in controlling PCOS. Apple cider vinegar can reduce the blood sugar levels and prevents the insulin production in the body. The consumption of apple cider vinegar also helps you to reduce weight efficiently. Mix 2 tsp Of apple cider vinegar in water and consume it daily in the morning on empty stomach. Continue this therapy for few months for better results. You can also add apple cider vinegar in fresh fruit juices.

Fenugreek seeds for pcos
 The fenugreek seeds improve the metabolism rate of the body and develop insulin production. The consumption of fenugreek seeds can cure the problem of hormonal imbalance and thus it is beneficial in the condition of PCOS. Fenugreek seeds are also helpful in controlling blood pressure and reducing cholesterol level and supports rapid weight loss. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and morning consume 1 tbsp of seeds along with honey on empty stomach. Also you need to consume 1 tbsp seeds with honey before lunch and 1 tbsp before dinner. The regular usage of this remedy will show positive results within few weeks. Add fenugreek seeds and leaves in regular recipes.

Fish oil benefits for pcos

 It is proved that the fish oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This property of fish oil can decrease the androgen level in the body and boosts the insulin compassion. Omega 3 fatty acids can naturally cure the symptoms of PCOS by balancing hormonal level. Fish oil can also reduce inflammation and helps to reduce weight quickly. The fish oil supplement capsules are available in the market you can take them according to the advice of your physician.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Drumstick leaves medicinal uses / Murungai keerai health benefits in Tamil

Herbal Medicine health benefits and remedy 

Drumstick leaves medicinal uses in Tamil therapy. Drumsticks are used in many recipes. It is mostly used southern part of India, called Murungai keerai which is used to make various types of Sambar recipes. Along with the drumsticks, the leaves of the plant are also famous for its different taste. The leaves of this tree are used for many types of health problems. The leaves of the tree are loaded with medicinal properties. Here are some of the health benefits of drumstick leaves.

The ayurvedic studies have proved that drumstick leaves are rich in medicinal properties that can treat more than 250 types of diseases. The nutrients and antioxidants present in drumstick leaves are beneficial for our health.

Drumstick leaves in disease treatment

The leaves of drumstick tree are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also the leaves are rich in Amino Acid and Calcium. These properties of the leaves are beneficial in many types of problems related to bones. The consumption of leaves provide strength to bones and muscles. It can also treat various types of skin problems and even heart diseases.

The regular consumption of drumstick leaves can regularize the digestion and bowel movement. The juice extracts of the leaves can prevent the constipation problem permanently.

Mixture of drumstick leaves juice along with lemon juice is a very good treatment of pimples prevention.

The calcium rich drumstick leaves are beneficial in oral health. It makes our teeth stronger and treats other problems.

 The potassium in drumstick leaves is essential for brain development. Drumstick leaves contain very good amount of potassium. It not only supports the brain development but also helps the nerves building.

The consumption of drumsticks is beneficial in building up body cells and helps to keep the body strong and fit.

The paste of boiled drumstick leaves can reduce the throbbing headache. Antibacterial properties of drumstick leaves are useful in the treatment of throat infection and chest congestion.

The body swelling, especially on hands and legs can be cured with the help of drumstick leaves extracts.

Drumstick leaves for hair fall : Excessive body heat can create problems like hair fall, fatigue and eye problems. The extracts of drumstick leaves can reduce body heat and treat the related problems easily.
Drumstick leaves extracts are beneficial in controlling high blood pressure.

Anemia treatment: If drumstick leaves are consumed along with pure ghee, it is very beneficial for improvement of iron in the blood.

Asthma remedy: The patients of asthma are advised to eat drumsticks leaves as the leaves extract can treat asthma and other respiratory problems effectively.

Improves calcium: Pregnant ladies are suggested to eat drumstick leaves because as it can provide sufficient amount of calcium to them.
Improve resistance:  The regular consumption of drumstick leaves can improve body immune system and keeps the infections away.

Joint pain: The patients of joint pain can take advantage of drumstick leaves. Make a paste of boiled drumstick leaves and apply it on painful joints. It is also beneficial for nerves inflammation and muscles pain.

Other herbal remedies

Drumstick leaves extract along with fresh lemon juice is guaranteed remedy for the problems like anemia and nerves weakness.

The drumstick leaves extracts along with honey and coconut water is very useful remedy for strong body. The weak people and the patients are advised to consume this mixture to get strength and reduce weakness.

Weakness of eye nerves can be cured by consuming the mixture of drumstick leaves extracts and honey. Consume the mixture at night before going to bed.

Those who are suffering from urinary tract infections can take advantage of drumstick leaves extracts. Mix drumstick leaves juice along with cucumber juice and carrot juice. Add little amount of rock salt in the mixture and consume it every morning on empty stomach.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam pitham siddha medicine treatment

This is Tamil maruthuvam pitham siddha medicine treatment. The trouble of Pitta is common among many people especially during summer season. The people with pitta constitution often suffer a lot during this period. Reasons are many behind the attack of pitta and with some precautions and changes in life style can give you much relief to fight against the problem. Here are some symptoms and and tamil vaithiyma for Pitham.

Generally it is seen that the people with pitta constitution are fairly strong build and very sensitive skin type. They are seem to be fond of sweets and deserts. Due to the pitta dosham these people are always short tempered and get tensed very soon. The common problems connected with pitta dosha are hair fall or immature hair graying, stomach ulcers or heat in the stomach, frequent diarrhea and reddish and dryness in eyes.

The problem of pitta is seen on its tip during summer season as the body heat increases according to the season. It is necessary to wear a cap or a hat while going out directly in the sun. if you are facing the trouble of pitta then it is advisable to avoid taking hot showers during summer season. If you are going regularly for sauna or steam bathe then cover your head with a cool towel or a cloth. Hot and spicy food can make the situation worst so it is better to say no to these types of foods. Skipping any meal, especially lunch can give invitation to the problem of pitta. These reasons can lead to burst of pitta dosha and can result in extreme anger, anxiety or depression.

Tamil medicine for pitham
When you are suffering from pitta, you have to be very particular about your food intake. The patients of pitta have to stay away from hot and highly spiced food as it can increase the trouble. Food like red meat, fish, vinegar, cheese, alcohol and tobacco is not safe for the people who are suffering from pitta. It is advisable to consume the food items that can give cooling and calming effect to your body. The fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the condition. It is better to adapt a vegetarian diet along with dairy products. The grains are also useful to control pitta dosha efficiently. During summer season you can keep your body clean by the consumption of cool drinks etc.

Exposing directly to the sun is not advisable for the people with pitta dosha so it is better to avoid going out during hot afternoon and stay in cool place. Never skip your any meal, lunch is an important meal for you and you should never skip it. Meditation and yoga can be very beneficial for the people who are suffering from pitta dosha. Along with that listening to relaxing music can also be helpful. Massage your head regularly with coconut oil to keep it calm and cool. The herbs like aloe Vera, coconut, coriander, cumin seeds, mint, sandalwood, shatawari and sugar are very useful to reduce pitta dosha.
Some useful herbal remedies for pitta dosha:

  • Add shatavari and guduchi powder in warm water and consume it to reduce pitta effectively.
  • Massage your scalp and your feet with coconut oil or sunflower oil before going to bed.
  • Consumption of Brahmi tea twice a day can give you much relief in the pitta dosha.
  • You can also mix brahmi, jatamamsi and shatavari in water and boil it to make a beneficial herbal tea.
  • Consume fresh pudina (mint) leaves daily on empty stomach Make a paste of ginger, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Add a spoonful of honey in it. Consume this mixture daily on empty stomach to reduce pitta and regulate the process of digestion.
  • Add citron leaves in your daily diet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tamil mooligai medicine maruthuvam

This is Tamil mooligai medicine maruthuvam. Mooligai maruthuvam for cold: If you are suffering from common cold and cough then garlic is the best remedy for instant relief. Consume hot garlic soup by adding a pinch of black pepper powder in it twice a day. This remedy will give you soothing effect on cold, best treatment for sore throat.

Along with the garlic soup, onion juice is also equally beneficial in fighting against cold and cough.

To improve your body resistance, consume a glass of lemon juice daily. Lemon juice will make you feel fresh and energetic.

To reduce weight or to keep your body fit and healthy, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day. Water helps to clean off harmful substances from the body.
Mooligai maruthuvam for cough: When you are suffering from dry cough and itching in throat, the easy and most useful remedy is to chew the leaves of basil plant. 

The medicinal properties of basil help you to get instant relief. The basil leaves juice along with ginger juice is also very beneficial remedy for sore throat and cold.

To get instant relief from coughing, drink hot water with a pinch of salt in it. You can also add lemon juice and honey in hot water and sip it to get relief from sore throat.

If you are suffering from fever then add a pinch of saffron in your tea, it can give you quick relief from the fever.

Mooligai medicine for heartburn: Baking soda is considered as one of the best remedies for heartburn. Mix a tsp of baking soda in water and drink it. It can reduce the acidity quickly as it works as a natural antacid.

Another natural remedy for heart burn is consuming bananas. It can also give you faster relief in heart burn. Apart from it you can consume a piece of freshly cut ginger to get instant relief from heart burn.

If you are facing the problem of bad breath then the best remedy is yogurt. Yogurt can remove the bad breath and make your mouth feel fresh.

To get relief from hiccups, put a spoonful of sugar in your mouth.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam tips for pregnancy siddha medicine

This is Tamil maruthuvam tips for pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most important time in the life of every woman. A woman has to take care of herself as well as the new life in her womb. Some simple precautions and healthy habits can lead you to healthy and safe pregnancy. Here are some necessary Tamil maruthuvam pregnant care tips.

The first and the most important thing is that you have to keep yourself away from any type of addiction. The habits like smoking or alcohol is not good for you as well as for your baby.

It is necessary that you have to be active during your pregnancy period. Earlier it was advised for the ladies to take complete rest but it can lead to weight gain. Tamil pregnancy food like pregnancy legiyam improves digestion and appetite.

Tamil pregnancy details always suggest weight in control. Some light exercises with doctor’s advice are beneficial. It can also boost your mood and give you sound sleep. Morning walk, yoga and meditation are very good for both mental and physical health.

Along with other exercise, kegel exercise is also equally important. It is beneficial for the regular functioning for bladder, uterus and bowels. Kegel exercise is advised for easy normal delivery. Take through knowledge about this exercise from your medical practitioner.

Keep yourself away from any kind of risk. Your all time regular works like cleaning house or bathing pets are better not to be done in pregnancy period. Also it is advisable not to carry any heavy things during these days. As the months will pass, avoid use of chemicals as they can be harmful for baby. Spending more time in front of gas can also be dangerous for baby. Avoid standing for more time as it can give pressure on your legs and back.

It is advisable to eat more during pregnancy but it is better to keep watch on your weight. You should avoid being under weight and also over weight. Ladies are advised to consume folic acid during pregnancy. It is beneficial for the proper development for the baby. you can also eat the food that contains folic acid like oranges and cereals.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits like apples and bananas can make you feel energetic all the time. If you are craving for something that means your body needs something. Try to pamper yourself by fulfilling your cravings!