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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Siddha Medicine in Bangalore - Details of Siddha Doctor and Pharmacy

Siddha medicine in Bangalore

This is Siddha Medicine in Bangalore - Details of Siddha Doctor and Pharmacy.  Siddha medicinal treatment is referred as one of the oldest treatment therapy in India. This treatment is mainly dependent upon herbs and roots of some particular plants. Many poisonous plants are also used to treat some types of diseases. It is considered as a branch of ayurveda and developed by the brilliants of early age. This medicinal therapy was invented in southern India, National institute of siddha is good and Sri Sairam Siddha Medical College is one of the best siddha medical college in  Tamil Nadu. This page will help you to find best siddha doctor in Bangalore.

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It is believed that this therapy is invented by 18 Siddhas from south. They are known as Siddhars and people highly believe that these siddhars carry supernatural powers. Infant siddha program Bangalore is conducted often.

Siddha system believes that there are five elements in the nature: Earth, water, fire, air and ether. In human body; earth element rules over bones, flesh, nerves, skin and hair. Water element rules over blood, semen and sweat. The fire element controls hunger, thirst and sleep. The element of air looks over expansion, movement etc. And the ether element rules over stomach, heart neck and head. Siddha medicines are based upon this rules and works of elements. There are many siddha medicine shops in Bangalore. You can get the medicines in Bangalore siddha pharmacy.

Siddha medicines can fight against any disease without any side effects. Basically this theory is classified into 3 categories: - Herbal Therapy, Metal and Mineral Therapy and Animal and other spices therapy. Even in today’s modern era, siddha medicines are proving their excellence in treating many health problems. These treatments not only cure but also prevent the future problems of mind and body. In some types of siddha treatments the practitioners use even gold and silver to give extra health benefits and to cure many types of diseases.
Basically the three methods of Siddha therapy are:
1. Divine Method (Devamaruthuvam)
2. Rational Method (Manidamaruthuvam)
3. Surgical Method (Asuramaruthuvam)
And the medicines are also classified into internal medicines and external medicines. The most powerful theory in Siddha medicines is ‘Muppu’ in which Universal salt is prepared which can increase the effectiveness of medicines 100 times. Basically siddha medical theory promotes the methods of Yoga, Pranayam, Kayakalpam, Varamam, Rasavatham, Herbal massage theory etc. These therapies not only heal body but also deal with soul. The 8 main analytic methods adopted by Siddha therapists are as follows:

1. Naadi or Pulse diagnosis
2. Sparisam or touch theory
3. Niram that is the colour of the skin
4. Naa that is tongue examination
5. Malam that is faeces of the patient
6. Vizhi that is eye testing of the patient
7. Mozhi that is speech examination and
8. Moothiram that is urine test of the patient.

In Bangalore also many hospitals have adopted this Siddha therapy for treatment of various diseases like:
Best siddha hospital in Bangalore
• Rheumatologic Diseases.
• Respiratory problems
• Dermatological diseases
• Gynaecological diseases
• Viral disease
• Gastro intestinal disease
• Kidney diseases
• Urological diseases. and many more.

1. Leaf Cure: It is the centre which is providing you traditional medicinal theory to treat the patients. This clinic is the follower of Ayurvedic and Siddha medicinal treatment. The centre is located at the 194/ B, 4th cross, 12th A main, 4th Block Koramangala Bangalore -560034.
2. Siddha Clinic : The clinic is situated at Archana Complex basement, opposite to Reddy Building, J C Road, Bangalore-2.
3. Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Hospital is a very famous hospital of Siddha theory. It has various branches at Chennai and Kerala. The Bangalore branch is located at ARS Mansion, Micro Factory road, opposite to government high school, Audugodi, Bangalore 30.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Chicken Pox Siddha ammai noi maruthuvam

Tamil medicine for chicken pox
This is Tamil Medicine for Chicken pox Siddha ammai noi maruthuvam.
Chickenpox is a very contagious infectious disease which spreads easily. In this infection patient develops rashes all over the body within very less time. Ancient people practiced chicken pox treatment at home in tamil medicine. Let’s look for some natural remedies to reduce the inflammation of chickenpox.
Tamil word for chicken pox meaning: ciṉṉammai
Here is chicken pox detail in Tamil maruthuvam
1. Rashes, high fever and blisters are the symptoms of chickenpox. During chickenpox infection patient gets skin irritation and itching. To get relief mix 1 tsp of baking soda in water and wipe the patient with the mixture. This will give a calming effect quickly.
2. Apply honey on the rashes and it will help to clear the scars of the infection.
3. Vitamin E oil is available in market. Apply this oil on the infected area. It not only helps to cure the disease but also helps to reduce the marks effectively.
4. Neem leaves carry anti viral properties. It is the effective tamil treatment for chicken pox, the leaves are majorly used in the treatment of chickenpox in Tamilnadu. These leaves are also beneficial in quickly drying the outbreak of chickenpox and relieve itching. Crush some fresh neem leaves and apply this paste on the affected area. You can even add some leaves in bathing water and after some time bath with this water.
5. Carrot and coriander leaves soup is very helpful in the treatment of chickenpox. This treatment cools down the body temperature. Regular consumption of this soup can support early recovery in the infection. Finely chop carrot and coriander and boil them with water. After cooling down filter and drink this mixture.
6. Mix brown vinegar in bathing water daily. This treatment is helps to reduce the itching and skin inflammation. Also it reduces the scars of chicken pox quickly.
7. Calamine lotion gives cooling effect on the itchy area. It not only reduces the irritation but also cures the infectivity.
8. To reduce the irritation oatmeal works efficiently. Make a powder of oatmeal and mix it in water. Keep the water for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes transfer this mixture in cloth bag and tie a knot tightly. Now dip this bag in bathing water until the water turns dense in colour. Use this water for bathing. This treatment is extremely effective in reducing itching.
9. Herbal tea contains beneficial herbs like basil, marigold, lemon leaves, chamomile etc. These herbs can prove useful in treatment of chickenpox. You can add cinnamon and lemon for extra effectiveness. Sip a cup of tea three to four times a day.
10. You can apply sandalwood oil on the affected area to reduce the different symptoms of chicken pox. Regular use this oil on the rashes till they are completely healed. 
11. Ginger is also proved as a natural remedy to cure chickenpox. It also gives you much relief from itching and irritation.
12. Add few crystals of Potassium permanganate in bathing water. You can take bath with this water regularly to reduce the infection. It prevents the itching and helps to cure the condition quickly.
13. Apply the juice of fresh mint leaves on affected area for cooling effect.
14. Apply the juice of fresh basil leaves on the infected area. The anti-bacterial property of basil leaves help to reduce the chicken pox infection and helps early recovery. It also decreases the itching.
15. Along with these remedies it is necessary to avoid scratching the rashes. Cut your fingernails short and keep them clean. This can prevent the spreading of the infection.
16. Always wear loose clothes to keep your body away from irritation.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Siddha Medicine for Bronchitis Tamil Maruthuvam

Siddha Medicine for Bronchitis  
This is about siddha medicine for bronchitis. Sometimes it just starts with normal cough and cold and turns into bronchitis within few days. Following are some of the easy and natural remedies which can be done at home to cure bronchitis.
1.   In the illness of bronchitis, the patient can feel chest pain and heaviness in chest. Using hot water bag can be helpful to cure this condition. You can use heating pad instead. You can also try for hot water bath. These methods can relieve the pain and the heaviness in chest.
2.   Turmeric for Bronchitis:  Turmeric works effectively on bronchitis. The anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric can help to remove mucus formed in the chest and gives you relief quickly. You can add boil a cupful of milk along with 1 tsp turmeric powder mixed in it.
3.   Ghee for Bronchitis: Best Ayurvedic medicine bronchitis Add 1 tsp of pure ghee and sip it 3 times a day to get relief from cough and chest pain in bronchitis.
4.   Mix salt in warm water and gargle with it 3 times a day.  It remove the mucus stuck on the throat passage and gives relief.
5.   Onion for Bronchitis: Onion is very helpful in curing bronchitis. Cover a piece of onion with honey overnight. Morning remove the piece of onion and consume the honey thrice a day 1 tsp each time. This onion extract remedy removes the cough and mucus from respiratory passage. You can even chew a raw or cooked onion to get rid of mucus saturated in the chest. Onion works as the best expectorant.
6.   Lemon juice for Bronchitis: Add lemon juice in warm water and gargle with it. This remedy can give good effect on your throat and also helps to reduce irritation.
7.   Lemon Tea for for Bronchitis: Lemon tea can also prove beneficial in reducing the accumulation of mucus and gives relief in bronchitis.
8.   Bay leaf for Bronchitis: One of the best siddha medicine for bronchitis is using bay leaf. Bay leaf, whether fresh or dried, works best as expectorant. It is better to use this herb in tea and sip the hot cup of tea twice a day.
9.   You can even steep some bay leaves in hot water and arrange a layer in your chest. Cover it with a cloth. This remedy can be useful to treat bronchitis.
10.                Ginger for Bronchitis:  Mix piece of ginger, two clove pods and cinnamon powder in water and take a boil. Sip this water twice a day to get relaxation.
11.                Eucalyptus oil for Bronchitis: Eucalyptus oil is referred as one of the best treatments to cure bronchitis in Siddha medicine. . Add few drops of the oil in hot water and inhale the steam to alleviate the chest clogging. You can even rub eucalyptus oil on the chest and throat to get quick relief from inflammation and pain. The Cineole present in Eucalyptus oil can be useful in treatment of cold and flu.
12.                Olive leaf for Bronchitis: Leaf of olive tree is another natural remedy to fight against bronchitis. The leaves extracts are effective in preventing the attack of viral infections. It is known as the natural antibiotic which is used in treating bronchitis and many other respiratory problems.
13.                Garlic for Bronchitis: Garlic carries anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which are helpful in curing bronchitis. Mix cmashed garlic in honey and consume this mixture. Try to swallow it instead of chewing. Using this remedy twice a day can be very effective in this condition.
14.                Honey for Bronchitis: Honey is supposed to be the best medicine to cure the condition of bronchitis in Siddha treatment. Adding cinnamon powder to raw honey will be additional benefit for bronchitis and other types of allergies.
15.                Herbal cure for Bronchitis : Thyme is used in herbal treatment for bronchitis. Sip a hot cup of thyme tea thrice a day to reduce cough and cold. It opens the congestion in chest efficiently.