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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tamil mooligai maruthuvam herbal therapy

Tamil mooligai maruthuvam herbal therapy is a complete naturopathy treatment. It is used to cure common diseases to rare diseases. The transformed form of this therapy is called siddha medicine in Tamil. Here are some mooligai maruthuvam tips Tamil medicines.

Mudakathan keerai health benefits Cardiospermum halicababum uses
There are many mooligai maruthuvam books in Tamil which speaks about the benefits of this wonderful herbal plant. Mudakkathan keerai is widely known as Balloon Vine. The leaves, roots and seeds of the plant are used for the medicinal purposes. The common uses of this plant extracts are for stomach related problems. The plant is very beneficial for gastric problem. It works as a natural laxative too.

Cardiospermum halicababum oil for joint pain: The oil extracted from the leaves of the plant is used for arthritis and joint pain. It reduces the pain and inflammation effectively. The oil is equally beneficial for ear pain.
The root decoction of the plant is advised for the patients of hemorrhoids.
The paste of the leaves of Mudakathan keerai is applied on the lower abdomen of the delivered lady to remove the waste material stored in the uterus during pregnancy.

The problem of stomach pain and chronic constipation can be cured easily with the plant extracts of mudakathan keerai. It is also very useful for the serious problems like Hydrocele. The paste of the leaves of the plant is applied on the scrotum portion to reduce the pain.

This herbal remedy is the best mooligai maruthuvam for hair. The leaves of the plant are used for treating the problem of dandruff and itchy scalp. The leaves extracts of the plant are mixed with gingely oil to treat the problem. It also supports the healthy hair growth.

Thuthi medicinal value Country Mallow herb uses
Thuthi leaves are used for its medicinal properties. The seeds, roots, stem, fruits, flowers and the leaves of the plant are used in Siddha medicinal therapy.
The patients suffering from piles are advised to consume the leaves extracts of thuthi plant for the relief from the condition.
Dried flower of avarampoo and thuthi are uses as mooligai maruthuvam for diabetes.
The flower extracts of the plant are used for the problem of infertility. This remedy is helpful to increase semen and sperm count in men.
The plant extracts are used for common fever for quick relief. The problems related to urinary tract or the urinary infection can be cured with the help of thuthi plant extracts.
The plant is considered as natural laxative and thus suggested for the patients of constipation.

Karpooravalli benefits in Tamil Ajwain Leaves remedy
The plant extracts of karpooravalli are mainly used for the treatment of common cold and cough.
The other related problems like nasal blocking and sore and itchy throat can also be treated with the help of karpooravalli plant extracts.
The respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis can be treated effectively with the help of karpooravalli plant extracts.
The plant extracts are also beneficial for stomach related problems like stomach pain and indigestion.
The leaves of the plant are used for keeping away the mosquito effectively.

Kandankathiri medicinal uses or 
Solanum xanthocarpum medicinal uses
Siddha herbal therapy uses Kandakathiri for many medicinal purposes. The juice of the kandankathiri is mixed with honey and consumed to treat urinary infection and Irritation.
The leaves extracts of the plant are used with coconut oil to treat the problem of bad odor of sweating.
The leaves extracts are useful for the problems like headache and arthritis. It is also useful for the condition of rheumatism.
The flowers of the plant are used to remove mucus for the chest effectively.
This is used as the nest mooligai maruthuvam for skin. The early stage or leprosy can be treated with the fruit of kandankathiri.
The respiratory problems like cough and asthma can be cured completely with the plant extracts of kandankathiri.

Keezhanelli benefits in Tamil maruthuvam
Phyllanthus niruri herb
This medicinal herb is used from ancient time to cure various health conditions. The herb is loaded with anti inflammatory and anti viral properties.  The herb is mainly used for the treatment of Jaundice.
Along with Hepatitis A and B, it can also prevent Hepatitis C.
The plant extracts are used for the treatment of many skin problems like scabies, psoriasis etc. it is beneficial for bronchitis, anemia and urinary infections.
Siddha medicinal therapy uses keezar nelli for the problem of dysentery.
It is considered as the best herbal remedy for kidney stone.

Other diseases like bronchitis, anemia, asthma, hiccups, malaria etc can also be treated with the plant extracts.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Medicinal properties of kadukkai siddha treatment

This is the topic of Medicinal properties of kadukkai siddha treatment. Terminalia chebula or Haritaki is called kadukkai in Tamil. This is a deciduous tree found in India and Nepal in large quantity. The fruits, roots and bark of the plant are used for medicinal uses. The fruit of this tree is yellowish green in color and it carries only one seed. The medicinal properties of the plant are used in the treatment of many health ailments. Following are some of the medicinal uses of Terminalia Chebula plant:

The fruits of the terminalia are used for reduction of pain and swelling.  The paste of the fruit is applied on the affected area. It can reduce the swelling effectively and cures the wounds and ulcers rapidly.
The anti inflammatory and astringent properties of hatikari helps in problem like spermatorrhea treatment and vaginal disgorge.

Kadukkai weight loss treatment
The combination of haritaki powder and honey is helpful for treating obesity and weight loss problems. The herb is also beneficial in memory enhancement.

Kadukkai constipation remedy: Those who are suffering from constipation can take advantage of the Haritaki plant as it works as a natural laxative. For the problem of conjunctivitis, the paste of the fruit of haritaki can be beneficial.

Kadukkai for ulcerIt can give soothing effect on the eyelids. The decoction made with haritaki bark extracts is used for gargling for the treating the problems like mouth ulcers and throat irritation. Other oral problems like bleeding gums, slack gums and ulcers can also be solved with the help of haritaki decoction.

Kadukkai for stomach: Haritaki is one of the major ingredients in Triphala churnam which is used for stomach problems and oral problems treatment. It is one of the very good treatment for bleeding gums and pyorrhea.
The consumption of haritaki plant extract can regularize digestion and improves the appetite also.

Kadukkai legiyam uses : Haritaki is considered as natural energy booster. The consumption of haritaki powder along with pure ghee gives strength to the body. Internal problems like tumors, piles, enlargement of liver spleen and intestinal worms can be cured with the help of haritaki plant extracts. For treating gouts, haritaki powder is mixed with jiggery this is called Kadukkai legiyam.

Kadukkai and acidity: Take 1/2tsp of Kadukkai podi in clod milk.
Kadukkai for acne : Make a paste of Kadukkai powder and turmeric powder. Apply on the acne and acne scars.
kadukkai for cough: Kadukkai choornam is very effective on cold and cough home remedy treatment.
kadukkai for face: Apply kadukkai paste prepared by using equal quantity of kadukkai and green gram gives glowing skin.  
Kadukkai powder for anemia: The patients of anemia are treated with the regular consumption of haritaki powder with ghee and honey.
Kadukkai for asthma: For the treatment of asthma and hiccups the terminalia chebula powder is mixed with dry ginger powder and consumed with hot water.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kudampuli health benefits medicinal uses

Kudampuli health benefits medicinal uses. Garcinia Cambogia is not a very famous fruit. In southern part of India the fruit is known as Kudampuli. kudampuli and kollu are the two major ingredients which are related to weight loss.  The dry form of the fruit is used in Kerala recipes for its taste and aroma. Kudampuli fish curry is very special. The fruit originates from Indonesia and rich with various medicinal properties. Here are some kudampuli benefits for your knowledge. It is advised to take very little kudampuli during pregnancy. No notable side effects caused by using this regularly.

Kudampuli nutrition: Rich in Vitamin C
The yellow green fruit looks like pumpkin and is known with some other names like Malabar tamarind or Gummi Gutta etc. The medicinal properties of the fruit have made it important in the Ayurvedic medicinal therapy. Because of the anti colic properties you can take kudampuli for cholesterol, rheumatism, bilious affectation and even piles treatment. You can get kudampuli in Indian stores or by online easily and the price is also very reasonable.

Kudampuli for weight loss: The major use of this fruit is for weight reduction. The mainly the fruit works on the digestion procedure. Kudampuli drink or juice is available in ayurveda. The consumption of the fruit helps to shed the extra weight within few months. The consumption of Kudampuli water helps you to suppress unwanted hunger. Excessive food intake can cause extra weight gain, which is prevented by this amazing fruit. The consumption of the fruit makes you feel full for a longer period. It also uses the saturated fats in the body and turns it into energy. Apart from this the amazing fruit of Garcinia Cambogia also boosts the metabolism of the body naturally.

Garcinia cambogia for diabetics: The patients of diabetes are also advised to consume the garcinia cambogia fruit. The fruit is remarkably effective in controlling blood sugar level. As the fruit helps to reduce the hunger, the body consumes the fewer amounts of carbohydrates and supports the balance of blood sugar level. Also the fruit is beneficial in preventing the Enzyme citrate lyase in the body to convert the carbohydrates in fats and sugar.

Garcinia cambogia indigestion : Many types of health problems can occur because of poor digestive system. The garcinia cambogia fruit works mainly on the bowel movements. It regulates the movement of bowel and thus cures the problems like indigestion, acidity and gastric. It is proved that the fruit is very beneficial for the avoidance of ulcer formation and growth.

Does garcinia cambogia help arthritis? The patients of Arthritis and Uterine diseases are treated with the decoction of the fruit of garcinia cambogia.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tamil maruthuva kurippugal mooligai maruthuvam tips

This is Tamil maruthuva kurippugal mooligai maruthuvam tips traditional medicine. Paati maruthuvam is used from ancient period for various health ailments. Many health problems can be treated without any side effects with the help of grandma medicines. Thus these remedies are safe from small babies to the elders.

Here are some health tips for common health problems.
Tamil maruthuvam for cough, cold and fever: Ginger is loaded with medicinal properties. Use of ginger in your regular diet can make you safe from viral fever.
 Consume fresh ginger juice along with honey to treat viral fever effectively. Same like ginger, garlic is also rich in medicinal properties. Soup made with onion and garlic is very useful in the treatment of viral fever and cold.

Get habitual with adding a pinch of black pepper powder in your tea or on your hot soup. Consumption of black pepper powder can be useful in curing infections like cough, cold and fever. It is also helpful in losing weight.

Tamil maruthuvam asthma: Beneficial natural remedy for asthma  is tulsi leaves. Extracts of tulsi leaves with honey and ginger juice can not only reduce the infection and also helpful in cough and cold.

Tamil maruthuvam for cold: If you are suffering from respiratory problems then daily consume the tea made with licorice roots extracts.

Thondai vali maruthuvam throat infection: For itchy throat and other throat infections, the easiest and the best remedy is gargling with warm salt water. You can also add apple cider vinegar and honey in the warm water for gargling.

Chewing a piece of garlic or consuming the juice of garlic can be useful in the treatment of throat pain.

Tamil maruthuvam for allergy: For any type of allergies, turmeric is best suggested remedy. Mix a pinch of turmeric, few drops of fresh lemon juice and honey in the tulsi leaves extracts. Consume the mixture to fight against allergies and infections.

Tamil maruthuvam pal vali:  The painful mouth ulcers and toothpain can be treated with the help of dry ginger paste. To get rid of stomach ulcers consume olive oil daily.

Tamil maruthuvam tips for ear pain: Tulsi leaves extracts are very beneficial in the problem of ear pain. Put few drops of tulsi leaves to get rid of ear pain instantly. Mango leaves extracts are also equally beneficial in problem of ear pain.

Tamil maruthuvam for hair : This is Tamil maruthuvam thalai mudi, If you are suffering for hair fall and hair thinning then apply fresh aloe Vera juice on the scalp. It supports the healthy hair growth also. Along with aloe Vera, amla juice is also equally beneficial for hair growth. Apply coconut milk on the hair to give them extra shine and bounce.

Tamil maruthuvam for diabetes: Diabetes  can be cured by chewing few seeds of methi. Taking 2 leaves of insulin plant reduce the blood cholesterol.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Amukkara kizhangu uses natural healing remedies in herbal therapy

This is amukkara kizhangu uses natural healing remedies in herbal therapy. Amukkara kilangu is called ashwagandha Withania Somnifera in English. It is used in ayurvedic and siddha medicine preparation. This miraculous plant has excellent herbal healing properties. The root of the plant is added with chinese herbs to cure many diseases.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes uses these herbs for healing hyperglycemia condition. Instead of taking herbal supplements ashwagandha tea is best to take in the morning and evening get the amukkara benefits in easy and natural way.

Amukkara kizhangu or ashwagandha health benefits 
What is ayurvedic medicine? 
It is one of the oldest system of medication which mostly deals with herbology with out causing any side effects. 

Ashwagandha thyroid  treatment maintain hormone level. In take of amukkara kizhangu powder daily can reduce cortisol and balance the thyroid hormone levels in the blood.

Ayurvedic therapies use amukkara choornam to cure infertility problems in male and female.

Amukkara tablets are the best medicine for insomnia problem, where as allopathy medicine cause serious side effects but this is one of the best natural healthy herbs.

People with anemia can take amukkara syrup increase the iron level in the blood.

Take amukkara kilangu with honey in empty stomach for weight loss but you should take root powder for weight gain.

It is proved that this medicine cure HIV infection by improving the immune system.

The  ground paste of this stem is used to cure skin infections.
amukkara kilangu root powder is used to treat Osteoarthritis disease.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil infertility treatments

This is the info of siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil infertility treatments. Infertility in women is one of the fast increasing conditions in younger generation. The reason for female infertility is poor health condition, heredity, stress, tension, diseases etc. To get solution for this problem, people approach infertility specialist in famous infertility clinics.  Fertility procedures includes normal health checkup for male and female, fertility tests for women. The most common fertility treatment is ivf treatment but ivf success rates are high below 38 years and low after 38 years.  The drawback of this treatment is ivf treatment cost and treatment complications. Infertility treatment cost is very high so the treatment is not affordable for meddle class people. Here are the natural fertility procedures which can be followed easily.  

Siddha medicine for infertility in Tamil using banyan root powder: Take banyan root dry in completely and grind it nicely into a fine powder.  Take 15gm of this powder and make a pill by adding honey or drink with milk after each month periods until you get conceived.

Jamun fruit and leaves in infertility treatment: Naaval pazham in pregnancy treatment is completely natural without any side effects. Take the jamun leaves juice or eat the leaves with honey.

Siddha medicine to cure infertility Ashoka tree: The bark of ashoka tree is having high medicinal value in treating female infertility problems. The bark powder is taken for 40 days with honey to get pregnant.

Siddha medicine for male infertility: Herbal medicines are very effective in treating infertility. Chinese medicine for infertility uses more than 100 herbs combination but in our traditional system siddha medicines called
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Guduchi (Tinosporia cordifolia) and Triphala are very effective to cure male infertility symptoms.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for weight loss mooligai medicine

This is Tamil maruthuvam for weight loss mooligai medicine .Weight gain is the major problem of all age group people even children. Natural remedies are available to cure this problem. Remedies like mooligai maruthuvam for weight loss and paarambariya maruthuvam for weight loss are very effective in burning extra calories and weight reduction.

Tamilmaruthuvam for weight loss: This is patti vaithiyam for weight loss. Take 1tsp of amla juice(nellikai juice in tamil) and add three drops of ginger juice. Take this in empty stomach for about one month to reduce excess fat storage in your body.

Mooligai maruthuvam for weight loss: Kadukkai powder, Thantrikai powder and nellikai powder called triphala churna. Take a pinch of each powder and take in empty stomach by adding honey as per your taste.

Paarambariya maruthuvam for weight loss: Arugampul juice benefits for weight loss are more. Take this regularly in empty stomach to reduce your tummy.

Iyarkai maruthuvam for weight loss: Pineapple juice weight loss is very effective in ayurveda maruthuvam. Add a pinch of omam powder and drink it for 10 days to get flat stomach.  

Siddha maruthuvamfor weight loss: Kollu podi for weight loss is now becoming very popular in fast weight loss program. Take kollu juice or kollu podi regularly for 40 days to reduce your weight.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Paarambariya maruthuvam for irregular periods Tamil medicine

This is the information of Tamil Paarambariya maruthuvam for irregular periods. It is seen many times that the ladies face problem of irregular periods. Along with the irregularity, the excessive menstrual flow or menstrual cramps can also be troublesome during these days. Tamil medicine for irregular periods is very effective with out causing any side effects. Tamil language medicines are used from earlier age by siddhas. 

Treatment for irregular periods in Tamil using Aloe Vera:
This medicinal herb is useful in many health ailments. The plant extracts are useful in managing hormonal balance and thus solve the problem. It is advised to consume aloe Vera juice along with the honey daily morning on empty stomach to get positive results. The remedy should be continued for few months to treat the problem completely.

Tips for irregular periods in Tamil medicine using Papaya:
From many years green papaya is used to treat irregular periods. The medicinal properties in green papaya help to regularize the moment of muscle fibers in the uterus which leads to regularize menstrual flow. Green papaya juice or consume green papaya to treat the condition effectively. The ladies who are suffering from irregular periods during their menopause problem can also try this remedy.

Home remedies for irregular periods in Tamil medicine using Ginger:
how to cure irregular periods problem in Tamil vaithiyam using ginger? It is most commonly used and considered as best remedy for any problem regarding menstrual periods. Those who are suffering from menstrual cramps or excessive flow during the periods can take advantage of this remedy. Make a ginger juice by adding water and a pinch or sugar. Boil the mixture and consume it thrice a day to treat the irregularity in menstrual cycle within few months

Turmeric Tamil medicine for  irregular periods  :

How to solve irregular periods problem in Tamil medicine using kitchen ingredient? The regular consumption of turmeric can produce the body heat and regulates the hormonal production in the body. It not only regulates the menstrual periods but also helps to reduce the cramps and pain during these days

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Avarampoo health benefits Tamil medicinal uses

This is avarampoo health benefits Tamil medicinal uses. Herbs and other natural remedies are always proved helpful in the treatment of many diseases. Along with the many others Avaram poo or widely known as Cassia Auriculate (English name / botanical name) is considered as very good remedy for many health ailments. This herb is easily found in many parts of Asia and especially in India. The golden yellow flowers of this plant are used for beauty as well as health treatments, avarampoo recipes in tamil nadu is used to treat various health problems.  The other parts of this plant are also beneficial in treatment of health and beauty problems. Here are the avarampoo medicinal uses in health and beauty aspects.

Avarampoo for diabetes: The flowers of this cassia auriculate plant have cooling and dehydrating effects. So diabetics are advised to use this plant extracts instead of tea and coffee. avarampoo drink is prepared by using dried avarampoo flower and leaves.  avarampoo juice is also effective for diabetic people. The properties of this plant help to reduce the sugar level in the blood effectively.

Avarampoo Drink: These amazing flowers leave amazing effects on bowel movements and works as the very effective, natural laxative; hence avarampoo nattu maruthuvam is so popular in villagers. The plant extract cleanses urinary system. After drying the flowers in the sunlight, you can make a powder of the flowers and store it in airtight container. Add this powder in lukewarm water along with honey to make an herbal tea. This tea is a good source of antioxidant that is good for health.

Avarampoo beauty benefits: The plant and flower extracts are used beauty treatments also. People use avarampoo flower for face.  if you wish to get fair complexion then mix the flower powder with Bengal gram and green gram flour. Add little water or rose water to make a paste. Use this paste while taking bath. The regular usage will give you fairer complexion easily. Flower powder is also available in the market.

Avarampoo  for hair: avarampoo powder (podi) and aloe vera  gel  is mixed with fenugreek seed powder and applied on the scalp to treat dandruff.

Other medicinal benefits of Avarampoo: The flowers of this plant avoid the dehydration of the body. During summer season these flowers help to keep our body cool and prevent dehydration due to excess heat.

The drink made with palm sugar, cardamom seeds and dry avaram poo powder along with milk or water is very beneficial for diabetic people (diabetics can use honey instead of palm sugar). It can reduce extreme thirst and urinary problems also.

Apart from all these things, avaram flower and leaves are also beneficial for the treatments of eye infections, inflammation in joints and muscles, constipation, jaundice and liver disorders.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for skin infections and allergies

This is Tamil maruthuvam for skin infections and allergies. Honey contains anti bacterial properties which can be helpful to solve many types of skin infections and allergies. It can also treat mouth sores and boils too. Apply organic honey on the affected area twice or thrice a day.Very few people know that the curd can cure various types of skin infections effectively.

Tamil medicine for skin diseases
Take 1 tsp of honey and mix cinnamon powder in it, mix well to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on rashes or pimples to get great effect within few hours. You can leave this paste on the skin for overnight and in the morning wash it with cold water.

One of the best tamil medicine for skin problem is lemon juice.Lemon juice is the very good remedy for many types if skin infections. Mix groundnut oil in lemon juice and apply it on pimples to reduce inflammation and reddishness. It can be beneficial for acne and blackheads too. It can also treat skin allergies easily.

Tamil skin care tips always suggest turmeric powder. Paste made with turmeric powder and rose water can reduce the infections quickly. You can also try paste made with turmeric powder and coconut oil to treat pimples, heat boils and rashes.

Take few fresh neem leaves and make a fine paste of it. Apply this medicated paste on skin disease like eczema and ringworm. Repeat the remedy twice a day and continue it for few days to get rid of the problem.

Minor burns can be treated with the help of freshly cut potato. Anti bacterial properties of potato can cure the infection effectively. Turmeric paste can work amazingly to reduce the pain and burning sensation of psoriasis.

Many skin problems like dandruff, pimples and acne, psoriasis, burning sensation, and rashes can be cured by applying fresh aloe Vera juice on the affected area. Itching caused by chicken pox can be irritating. The condition can go worst if we scratch it. The itching can be reduced with the help of neem leaves. Apply leaves paste or juice on the skin to get relief.

Many skin infections can occur during rainy season because of wetness. It can be cured by applying fresh coriander juice on the affected area.  Juice made with fresh mint leaves can work amazingly on skin diseases like rashes, allergies, itching and also for insect bites.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tamil vaithiyam for babies / Children home remedies treatment

Nattu vaithiyam for babies
Paati vaithiyam for babies and Kai vaithiyam for babies is a small home remedy methods prepared by using kitchen ingredients. Here are some natural remedies or Nattu vaithiyam for your newborn and babies to comfort them from many health problems.

1. Nattu vaithiyam or Children home remedies treatment for babies always speaks the importance of mother’s milk up to two years. Mother’s milk is essential for infants and babies to fight against many diseases. It can increase their resistance power and helps them to grow healthy.

2. Paati vaithiyam for cold and cough for babies: If the baby is suffering from stuffy nose and cough then the easiest way to solve the problem is to keep some raw onion slices in the baby’s room.  Boil a handful of tulsi leaves in drinking water and feed the warm water to your baby to get rid of cough and cold.

3. Paati vaithiyam for babies fever:  If the baby is suffering from fever then don’t wrap the baby in too many cloths, instead mix fresh lemon juice in warm water and dip a soft cotton cloth in it, wipe baby’s body with that cloth to bring down the temperature.

4.  Paati vaithiyam for infants insect bite and allergy: To reduce the itching and reddishness of insect bite, make a paste of baking soda along with water and apply it on affected area. It can reduce swelling too.

5. Paati vaithiyam for headache: If the baby is crying due to headache then tie up some ice in a piece of cloth and give gentle cold compress to the baby for few minutes.

6. Babies vomiting: The mixture of ginger juice and honey can reduce the problem of vomiting and nausea in babies.  In summer season for any skin problems in baby, apply cucumber juice or cucumber slices on the affected area.

7. Babies stomach pain:  Apply paste of asafoetida and water on baby’s stomach to prevent stomach pain quickly.  Coconut oil is considered as best to massage baby’s hair and body.

8. Babies diarrhea:  If the baby is suffering from dysentery then mix some dry ginger powder with honey and give it to baby thrice a day. You can also give pomegranate juice to control loose motions. Feed water frequently to avoid dehydration.

9. Paati vaithiyam for cough in babies: The mixture of honey and lemon can prevent cough in babies. You can also mix honey and lemon in warm water and feed the baby many times a day with spoon.

10.  Babies gas remedies: Boil jeera, black salt and ajwain in a glass of drinking water. Cool and filter the water. Feed it to your to get relief from stomach pain and gases.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Siddha medicine for premature ejaculation

This is siddha medicine for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is one of the male disorders which can be found in many people. It is a physical condition which can disturb your life completely. It is a condition when a man is not able to satisfy his partner as he ejaculates early before his or his partner’s wish during the process of intercourse. According to the research the problem has many reasons and with some therapies the problem can be solved as well. India siddha medicine and ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation are completely natural.

Siddha medicinal therapy believes that the premature ejaculation can be a result of following reasons:

1. Masturbation habits

2. Excessive tensions or stress.

3. Chemical imbalance in brain.

4. Genital disease of the female partner

5. Lack of emotional attachment and love with female partner.

The chemical imbalance in the brain prevents man to hold his erection for more time and leads to premature ejaculation to feel comfortable. Other than these physical reasons there are some organic causes which can lead to premature ejaculation

1. Diabetic people find it difficult to get proper erection and lead to premature ejaculation

2. Excess alcohol can lead to dissatisfaction

3. Malnutrition condition

4. Cardiac disease.

5. Obesity

6. Disease related to prostate

7. Disease related to brain.

8. Problem related to urinary bladder or neck

Siddha treatment for premature ejaculation
Siddha therapists analyze the history of the patient and try to find out the reason behind the problem. The counseling and psychological therapy is given for reduction of stress and tensions. Patients are advised to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy diet and as a part of the treatment. Patients should leave the habits like alcoholism and smoking. Some exercises are suggested for healthy blood flow and mental health.  Siddha therapists work upon the tridoshas and try to remove the toxins from the body. Specific yoga therapies are suggested to relieve the stress and tensions. If the patient is suffering from diabetes of blood pressure then siddha experts work on those problems first. Some herbs are used in siddha therapy to treat male infertility and premature ejaculation problems. Siddha medicinal therapy tries to make the patient’s life style healthy by building their self confidence. Siddha medicinal therapy shows slow results but the therapy is without any side effects and the results are long lasting.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tamil Siddha medicine for gray hair problem

This is to share Tamil maruthuvam mooligai siddha vaithiyam, Tamil medicine for gray hair problem. Siddha medicinal therapy is an ancient medicinal therapy useful for many health problems. Siddha medicines, Tamil medicine for gray hair are without any side effects and they are useful for people all ages.

It is seen that the growth of white hair is faster than normal hair. The normal age for hair graying is between 45 to 50 years. But in some cases gray hair problem can be seen in younger age. This is considered as premature hair problem. Along with the hairy graying, the hair becomes dry and rough.
Siddha medicinal therapy believes that the hair graying in right age is a natural process. But premature hair graying problem occurs due to less production of melanocytes in hair root cells. Siddha therapy and ayurveda say that it happens due to Pitta Dosha in the body.

The therapy suggests some remedies to overcome the problem without any type of side effect:

Tamil tips for gray hair problem
1. Very effective gray hair treatment in Tamil is mustard oil. Heat mustard oil along with henna leaves mixed in it. Cool and store this useful oil in a container. Use this oil regularly to treat the problem.
2. Home remedies for gray in Tamil maruthuvam suggest seasameoil.  Sesame oil is useful for hair growth and it also prevents the problem of premature hair graying. Daily massage sesame oil on scalp for few months gives better result.
3. Squeeze out fresh lemon juice and mix dry amla powder in it. Apply this mixture on your scalp to treat the problem of premature hair graying.
4. Well known gray hair treatment in siddha is hibiscuss leaves. Grind fresh Hibiscus leaves and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on scalp and massage gently, then after 45 minutes wash it off with cold water. You can use mild shampoo also. This therapy is useful for hair growth and premature hair graying.
5. Heat coconut oil along with Alma powder mixed in it. Apply and gently massage this oil on scalp properly. Vitamin C present in Amla works as natural hair tonic useful to control hair graying.
6. Apply aloe vera gel on scalp and allow it to dry for half an hour. Wash your scalp with cold water it solves the problem of hair graying and roughness of hair.

7. Boil coconut oil along with curry leaves. After cooling apply this oil on scalp and massage with finger tips. This remedy is useful for hair graying and hair growth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keelanelli medicinal benefits Tamil maruthuvam

This is Keelanelli medicinal benefits Tamil maruthuvam. The keelanelli herb medicine was used in ancient period for the treatment of various health problems like kidney stones, viral infections, disorders of liver and kidney, infections due to bacteria etc. now in ayurvedic and herbal medicinal therapies Phyllanthus niruri is used for its medicinal benefits. This herbal plant cultivation can be done using its seeds. Here are some of the keelanelli health benefits Phyllanthus niruri.

Keelanelli jaundice: One of the main uses of keelanelli leaves and root or ver is jaundice cure. The root and leaf juice is taken in empty stomach for some days to get cure jaundice completely.

Keelanelli for kidney stones: studies have proved that the Phyllanthus niruri is useful for the treatment of kidney stones. It is considered as the stonebreakers as it helps to prevent and dilute the nephrolithiasis or kidney stones. It is seen that the formation of kidney stone in any stage can be cured with the medication of Phyllanthus niruri herb powder. Ancient and recent medicinal therapies believe on this herb to cure kidney stones completely.

Keelanelli for hair growth: Keelanelli oil mixed with karisalankanni oil prevent hair fall and induces the hair growth.  

Keelanelli for liver: Phyllanthus niruri  is the herb which can prevent the damage of liver effectively. The protein extracted from the plant can cure and bring the liver in the normal condition. The protein extracts of Phyllanthus niruri helps to protect liver tissues and it also helps to stimulate the functioning of the liver which can help it to get cured.

Keelanelli for tumors: Chemotherapy is used for treating the cancer patients. The therapy includes drugs and certain chemicals which can help preventing or delaying the growth of cancer cells in the body. Recently it is proved that Phyllanthus niruri also carries the benefits of chemotherapy. The extracts of the herb helps to reduce tumor growth by reducing its size and the trouble caused by it. It is thus proved that it carries anti tumor activity and it is an effective chemo-preventive agent.

Keelanelli for HIV: Phyllanthus niruri contains the properties which can work as anti-hepatitis B. This magical plant also shows the significant benefits of working as anti – HIV. Phyllanthus niruri is loaded the alkaloid extracts which show positive results in the HIV infected cell. The treatment with the herb shows the remarkable reduction in the infection of cells. This extracts also help to prevent the damage of cells caused by HIV.

Keelanelli and diabetes cure: This medicinal herb shows amazing effects on diabetes also. The aerial extracts of the herb can decrease the blood glucose level in the blood and it also reduces the glucose absorption and glucose storage by the body effectively. Because of these properties this herb is known as anti-diabetic agent.