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Monday, December 29, 2014

Siddha medicine for obesity Tamil treatment

Obesity Siddha medicine 
This is the information on siddha medicine life saving treatments. Best siddha medicine for obesity Tamil works better to reduce your LDL cholesterol. Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines for obesity are causing no side effects. The mind ingredients used in medicine preparation are herbs.

Siddha herbs for obesity: Spermacoce hispida, mint leaves and green tea  
Overweight or obesity is the genuine problem in front of the world today. It is the problem which is troubling the people of all the ages. Wrong dietary habits, lazy life style and lack of exercise can be some of the reasons for obesity. Other than this hormonal imbalance or many types of health conditions can also cause sudden weight gain. Tamil ancient therapy, Siddha treatment for obesity suggests many effective solutions for weight reduction effectively.

Siddha medicine Tamil obesity therapy calls the obesity problem as “Adi Stula Rogam”. The Siddha therapy tries to find out the reason behind obese condition and then suggests the medicines accordingly. Siddha therapy believes that the human body is made up of 7 Dhatus. Kolluppu is one of these dhatus which can affect other dhatus negatively if its level is increased beyond a limit. The result of these adverse effects is obesity.

Tribala Choornam is suggested widely for reducing obesity in siddha medicinal therapy. It contains powder of three medicinal fruits like Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica and Emblica. These powders are mixed in same quantity along with powder of Tribulus terrestris fruit, crataeva nurvala bark and zingiber officinale roots. This entire mixture is stored in air tight container and obese people are advised to mix 2 tsp powder in lukewarm water and consume it twice a day for better results. Honey is also added along with the powder.

Siddha medicinal therapy suggests other medicines like Ponkoranti, Kollu, Pazham Puzhi and Avarai roots which are very beneficial for reducing weight effectively and quickly. If the obesity is due to diabetes, then Salacia Roots are suggested as a treatment. These roots are soaked in water for overnight and mornings after filtering the extracts of the roots are consumed. This remedy is very effective if followed regularly. It can reduce the blood glucose level as well as obesity within few months.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Siddha medicine for weight loss in Tamil obesity Treatment

This is the details on Siddha medicine for weight loss in Tamil.  Obesity is one of the greatest problems in front of everyone on this earth. Day by day the number of obese people is increasing rapidly. The problem of obesity is found in youngsters and children too. The root cause of obesity can be wrong diet and unhealthy life style. The obese condition is the problem where out body stores unwanted fats and leads to many types of side effects. weight loss treatment in siddha medicine therapy gives the perfect solution for the problem of obesity.  There are many siddha home remedies for weight loss suggested by siddhar by using natural kitchen ingredients.  

In Tamil Siddha medicinal therapy, the condition of obesity is called as “Adi Stula Rogam”. There are some specific medicines available in siddha therapy to solve the problem. Siddha therapy believes that obesity is the result of wrong food habits and lack of exercise. Some other causes of obesity can be hereditary factors or hormonal imbalance also. In some cases it can be caused by metabolic disarray also.  One of the best siddha medicine for weight reduction is garlic and flax seeds(ali vidai in Tamil).

In siddha therapy it is believed that our body is made up of 7 Dhatus and Kolluppu is one of them. When the level of Kolluppu increases above certain level, it affects other dhatus negatively and lasts into obesity. Many other health problems are related with the problem of obesity like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, infertility etc.

Siddha therapy first tries to find out the reason behind obesity and then gives solution for the same. Siddha therapist advice to control the food habits first. It is necessary to take out junk food, canned food, oily food, alcohol, cold drinks etc. from your diet when you adopt siddha therapy.

Siddha medicines offer Tribala Choornam for the patients of obesity. Powder of three fruits like Termenellya Chabula, Terminalia Bellirica and Emblica is mixed in same quantity. The powder of Tribulues terastis fruit, cratewa stem cover, zingiber roots is also mixed along. After mixing all ingredients thoroughly store it in air tight container. Obesity patients are advised to consume 2 tsp powder twice a day with lukewarm water or with honey.
Other suggested Siddha remedies for weight loss like Ponkoranti, Kollu, Pazham Puzhi and Avarai roots are helpful to reduce body fats and controls cholesterol level also. 

An ancient siddha medicine suggests Salacia Roots for treatment of diabetes and obesity. The powder of these roots is soaked in water for a night. Morning filter and consume the extracts of the roots on empty stomach. Continue this therapy for 2 months to reduce blood glucose level and obesity both. Siddha therapy also suggests consumption of onion and garlic to boost body metabolism and reduce weight effectively.

Other remedies suggested for weight loss are:
1. Mix Nathai Choori Choornam with hot water and consume daily morning on empty stomach
2. Drink hot water after every meal to prevent fat storage.
3. Consume herbal tea three to four times a day.
4. Consume aloe vera juice to reduce obesity.
5. Add black pepper powder in your daily diet to decrease body fats and reduce weight.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Siddha medicine for infertility in male and female

This is Tamil Siddha medicine for infertility in male and female treatment and cure. This condition is called malatu thanmai in tamil language.

Siddha Medicines for infertility:
Siddha medicinal therapy is an ancient remedy to treat various kinds of common and rare diseases. The siddha medicinal therapy is without any side effects and thus safe for everyone. Infertility in male or female is a physical condition in which the reproductive system of man or woman gives trouble for the process of conceiving baby. Many physical as well as mental conditions can be reason behind the problem of infertility.
There are many physical causes which can lead to infertility in men as well as women such as thyroid, cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease or diabetes. Women can have internal problems like extreme overweight or underweight body, stressful and uncertain life style, unhealthy and insufficient diet, Drugs or alcohol habits, smoking etc. Some other problems which can be found out with certain tests are Hormonal imbalance, Ovulatory scanning and HSG, laparoscopic tests etc.
Siddha therapy reaches to the root of the problem and tries to find the correct solution on that. The treatment of siddhas also depends upon many factors like the age of the couple, the health of both and the test results. Siddha practitioners call the problem of infertility as ‘Maladu’. The term Maladu deals with the problem of inability of getting pregnant.

Siddha medicine to cure infertility
According to siddha therapy following can be the reasons for infertility or Maladu problem:
Irregularity in menstrual periods
Infection of uterus
Cysts or fibroid development in uterus
Immature follicles
Chronic Cervicitis or
Distension in organs like uterus, ovaries or fallopian which are major reproductive organs.
When the reason behind infertility is revealed, siddha therapists classify the condition into different types again:
Kaka Maludu,  Kathalai Maludu, Kanmma Maludu,  Aanmai Maludu,  Penmai Maludu, Niranthara Maludu.

Siddha infertility treatment
Generally siddha therapy suggests the treatments depending upon the cause of the condition. They provide:
1. Medicines to remover internal problems
2. Treatment for the infectious organs to remove the problem
3. Removal of tridoshas from the body.
4. Special types of yoga
5. Special type of diet to remove doshas and keep the body fit and healthy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tamil Paarambariya Maruthuvam

Tamil Paarambariya Maruthuvam
This is the information on tamil paarambariya maruthuvam. Some of the Home remedies are taken from zee tamil paarambariya maruthuvam episodes to cure various diseases. Siddha medicine natural cure medicines book is available in the market. Today we depend on English medicine each and every problem but it will cause several side effects. These natural remedies are without any side effects and you can save a lot of money by following them.
Kollu or horse gram is suggested in Paarambariya maruthuvam weight loss treatment.
1. The first and the main home remedy for many diseases are drinking lots of water. Water not only prevents the dehydration of the body but also removes harmful toxins from the body effectively.

2. Those who are suffering from ear pain can get relief with the help of ajwain seeds. Mix ajwain seeds in sesame oil along with garlic. Take a boil to the oil and after cooling down use few drops in ear to reduce pain.

3. Crushed ajwain seeds mixed with jaggery powder are useful for treating cold and cough quickly.

4. Aloe vera gel mixed with coconut milk is beneficial for treating dandruff and other scalp infections.

5. Aloe vera works best as skin moisturizer. Rub freshly cut aloe vera plant directly on your face to get smooth and glowing skin.

6. Consumption of aloe vera juice can cure digestive problems and it can treat constipation also.

7. The best home remedy to treat chronic cough and cold is to mix amla powder on honey and consume it twice a day.

8. Amla contains high amount of vitamin C. Consumption of Amla and using amla oil on scalp can improve the hair growth and reduce hair fall quickly.

9. Warm oil massage with oils like coconut oil, amla oil, almond oil can improve the blood circulation in the scalp. This will improve the conditions like hair fall, hair thinning and hair greying. It supports healthy hair growth with bounce and shine.

10. Amla is useful to treat respiratory tract problems like asthma.

11. Potato is a rich source of magnesium and potassium which is essential for controlling blood pressure. Consumption of bananas also provide good amount of potassium.
12. Consume handful of black raisins before going to bed to treat constipation easily.

13. Ginger juice mixed with honey is very beneficial remedy for cough and cold.

14. Raw onion juice or potato juice is useful to treat gastric trouble.

15. Mint leaves paste or juice is useful to treat many types of skin problems like skin infections, irritation, rashes, insect bites and even acne and pimples.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Diwali Marundhu Legiyam Tamil Home Preparation

Diwali Marundhu Tamil 
This is the information on Diwali marundhu legiyam Tamil home preparation recipe. Diwali legiyam or Murundu is one of the famous recipes prepared in every house on the festival occasion for medicinal use. This recipe is not only tasty but also medically beneficial for health. It also helps to digest the other oily, heavy and spicy sweets of Deepawali. How to make diwali legiyam? Find out the easy recipe to make tasty legiyam quickly. Diwali legiyam powder ready pack is available in the market but home made preparation is always best. Diwali legiyam recipe in Tamil preparation improves the digestion process.

Diwali marundhu powder recipe ingredients
Dhania seeds 2 spoons
Ajwain seeds 2 spoons
Jeera seeds 1 1⁄2 spoons
Black pepper 1 1⁄2 spoons
Dry ginger (sukku) a small piece or dry ginger powder 1⁄4 spoons.
Jaggery powder 1⁄2 cup
Pure Ghee 3 spoons
Sesame oil 1 spoon

Diwali marundhu preparation
  • Soak coriander / dhania and jeera seeds, ajwain, and black pepper in lukewarm water for 2 hours. Take these ingredients out and grind into fine paste. You can use the same water for grinding if needed.
  • If you are using a dry ginger piece then grind it along with other ingredients. If you are using ginger powder then mix it in the ready paste.
  • When you are using 1⁄2 cup jaggery, 3⁄4 cup paste is enough for perfect recipe. Take a heavy bottom pan and make  jaggery syrup by adding water in it.
  • When the jaggery melts and gets completely dissolved in water, filter the solution to remove the dirt and particles. Again boil the solution for few minutes. Now add the ready ground paste in jaggery syrup.
  • Mix the paste properly with the jaggery and reduce the flame. Stir the mixture frequently to avoid it from sticking to bottom. You need to boil this mixture for nearly 10 to 15 minutes. Keep on adding pure ghee while stirring the mixture.
  • When the mixture turns into a consistency of Halwa, your legiyam is ready. Remove it from heat and add raisins and honey for better taste and decoration. After cooling down store this legiyam in refrigerator.
  • Honey can also add some extra sweetness if needed in your legiyam. You can dry roast the ingredients and then make a fine powder to use at legiyam powder whenever necessary. Mix this powder in jaggery syrup when it is ready and make a tasty legiyam easily.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tamil Siddha Medicine and its usage

Siddha Medicine Benefits 

This is tamil siddha medicine and its usage. Tamil siddha medicine in Tamil treatment is very effective. Siddha medicinal therapy is one of the oldest medicinal therapies in India. This therapy is mainly based on medicinal herbs and the minerals found in nature. Universal salt is a main component of many siddha medicines beneficial for many diseases.  One of the most popular tamil siddha medicine books is Pogar-7000 which suggests medicine for common diseases like cough, cold, piles, diabetes, hair growth and bloof pressure.

 There are nearly 64 varieties of medicines in siddha therapy. These all medicines are the combinations of herbs, minerals, salt and metals found in nature. The main forms of siddha medicines are Bhasma (ash made with metals and minerals) Choorna (powders of one or various components) Kashaya (decoctions or extracts) Lehya (confections), Ghrita (ghee) and Taila (various useful oils) siddha oils  are useful to use externally according to siddha therapy. Many types of skin diseases, body pain and joint pains can be cured with the help of this oil massage. Hot water bath is suggested after particular time span. If the patient is suffering from body pain, then Marma oil, made with combination of herbs is applied on the body at night. The patient is advised to take a bath in the morning to get complete relief and body relaxation.

Siddha medicine for asthma is the most effective method.  Those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems can be treated with some particular useful herbs. Some kinds of siddha medicines are prepared with the powder of gold, silver and other rare metals. In some medicines extracts of pearls and corals are used. Extracts of herbs are the most common ingredients in nearly all medicines.

To lead a healthy life during old age, thanga paspam is suggested for the people. This bhasma is made with gold powder.  If there is any swelling found on any body part, siddha therapy bandage made with cooked flour mixed with turmeric powder.  Siddha therapy suggests castor oil to cure cold. Put few drops of oil in both nostrils to cure condition.

Gingeli oil massage along with turmeric powder followed with warm water is useful for body pain. Nutmeg powder along with plantain fruits is used to treat dysentery. Leaves of drumstick tree are beneficial in treating sore throat and cough. Soak rice in water; filter that water and mix salt, turmeric and a pinch of asafoetida in it. Drink this water as a best health tonic. Siddha therapy suggests stem of banana plant to treat urinary infection or other related problems.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weight increase tips Tamil Medicine

Weight increase tips

This is weight increase tips Tamil medicine. It is considered that gaining weight is easier than losing it but it is not the fact. You need to follow certain rules if you wish to gain weight. One of the best weight gain tips for men in Tamil maruthuvam is eating non vegetarian food daily.

1. It is necessary to fix one target before starting efforts to gain weight. Once you fix a goal, accordingly you can work on it.

2. When you wish to gain weight, the most important thing is healthy diet. Eat healthy and nutritious food as your diet. Improve your food intake slowly. It may be difficult in the beginning but slowly you will be able to consume food according to your diet plan.

3. Eat the food rich with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Protein food is helpful for strength of muscles and bones and carbohydrate food is beneficial in body weight increase.

4. One of the best tips to reduce weight in tamil medicine is eating more fruits and vegetables. Along with the healthy and nutritious diet, it is necessary to drink plenty of water for healthy body.

5. Moderate exercise is necessary to gain desired weight. Stretching exercise can prove beneficial for bones and muscles. But remember that you should not stress your body more.

6. Our body needs proper rest. Minimum of 9 hours sleep is necessary if you really wish to gain weight. This can help to relaxation of muscles and you can achieve desired weight.

7. Avoid cardiac exercises like running, swimming, jogging or cycling as they are especially useful for weight reduction.

8. Take your all meals in proper time. Avoid starvation of your body any time.

9. Bananas are considered as very good food as it can provide lots of calories to body.

10. Food like cheese and butter are rich in proteins, calcium and fats. This type of food can be helpful to improve weight. Regular consumption can increase your weight in 10 days to 1 month.

11. Chicken and eggs are good sources of vitamin A, D and E. These foods are considered as high calorie food and provide good cholesterol in body.

12. Dry fruits are rich in proteins and calories; they can prove beneficial in your weight gain program.

13. Potatoes are very good source of sugar and carbohydrates. They help you gain weight.
14. Beans carry the properties like animal fats. Thus beans is the best option for those who want to gain weight with vegetarian diet.

15. Curd is considered as one of the best remedies to gain weight and keep the skin healthy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Paati Vaithiyam in Tamil Disease Treatment Cure

This is the information on Paati vaithiyam in tamil disease treatment cure.

Paati vaithiyam for cold and cough: If you are suffering from chronic cough and cold then consume fresh tulsi leaves juice along with honey.
  • Boil few tulsi leaves in water and consume warm water to reduce the attack of cold and cough.
  • Paati vaithiyam for fever: Onion is very beneficial for treating cold and cough and fever. Make a onion juice along with black pepper powder and ginger.
  • paati vaithiyam for blood pressure: Garlic is very beneficial to keep away many types of allergies. It can even control the high blood pressure effectively. This is the best patti remedy.
  • Paati vaithiyam for gas problem: Indigestion and gas problem can be cured easily by consuming mixture of ginger and lemon juice with a pinch of black salt.
  • Paati vaithiyam for throat pain: Gargling with warm salt water can prove very beneficial for the treatment of sore throat and throat irritation.
  • Another best remedy for throat infection is to add 1⁄4 tsp of black pepper and turmeric in milk and boil it. Consume this warm milk to get relief to throat.
  • paati vaithiyam for constipation: If you are suffering from constipation then eating dried black grapes with warm water can prove useful.
  • Constipation can be treated by consuming warm milk with 1 tsp pure ghee mixed in it. You can also get rid of constipation by eating a banana or papaya daily.
  • paati vaithiyam for tooth pain: To prevent tooth decay wash your mouth with homemade mouth wash prepared by boiling neem leaves, turmeric powder and cloves in water. This can also reduce the problem of bad breath effectively.
  • Paati vaithiyam for stomach worms: Children who are suffering from intestinal worms can be cured by the following treatment. Boil jeera, vidanga seeds, neem leaves and saindhav in water. Filter and give the water to your kid to get rid of worms.
  • Paati vaithiyam for stomach pain: Methi seeds are also equally effective to fight against intestinal worms. To get rid of stomach pain, add the powder of ajwain, jeera, saindhav and saunt in warm water and consume it.
  • Paati vaithiyam for mouth smell: To reduce gastric problem and acidity, consume garlic with your regular diet. To prevent bad breath, always keep a cardamom pod in your mouth. Chewing a clove can also keep your breathe fresh.
  • Paati vaithiyam for acidity: Chewing a clove is beneficial in reducing acidity also.
  • Paati vaithiyam for headache: Eucalyptus oil is very useful in treatment of cold and running nose. Add few drops of oil in boiling water and inhale the steam to get relief from headache and running nose.
  • Memory increase: For the fantastic memory power feed your child with almonds. Soak almonds in water overnight and morning remove the outer skin of almonds.
  • paati vaithiyam for back pain: Gentle massage with garlic oil and rice husk can reduce your back pain quickly.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Siddha Medicine for Diabetes Tamil Treatment

Siddha Medicine for Diabetes 
This is siddha medicine for diabetes Tamil treatment. Diabetes siddha maruthuvam is an ancient remedy method. Diabetes is a metabolic condition of a human body in which blood sugar level of a person increases due to less production of insulin in body or cells stop responding to the insulin produced. In siddha therapy diabetes is known as madhumegham and it is the combination of 3 doshas, that is Vatha, Pittha and Kapha. Following are the remedies suggested by the siddha therapy. You can find siddha medicine for diabetes in Chennai city. Many famous doctors are available in Tamil nadu.  
Siddha medicine for diabetes mellitus
1. Healthy diet: Siddha Therapy suggest a balanced diet which includes fresh vegetables, fruits, fibre rich food etc.leafy vegetables like spinach are non starchy vegetables. Your food should be included with whole grains, no-fat dairy products, protein rich food like meat and fish. Cut off the sugar completely from your diet.
 2. Regular exercise: Siddha therapy also believes upon regular fitness exercise to stimulate the production of the insulin in body.
3. Herbs used in siddha therapy: Here are some herbs which are used in Siddha therapy to treat diabetes.
 4. Home remedies suggested:
 a. Turmeric 
b. Garlic 
c. Nilavembu 
d. Venthayam 
e. Amla 
f. Bael 
g. Nyaval 
h. Amrit 
i. Sarkarral kolli

a. Vendhayam for diabetes: Take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soak them in 1 glass of clean water for overnight. Morning mash those seeds in water, filter the mixture and drink it on empty stomach. This is considered as one of the best remedies to control blood sugar level in blood within few months.

b. Nellikai for diabetes: Amla juice is very beneficial in controlling blood sugar level effectively. Amla juice is available in market. Mix nearly 20 ml of amla juice with 1 teaspoon of turmeric and consume the mixture two times a day to fight against diabetes.

c. Naval pazham and diabetes: Naval/Jamun seeds are considered to be the best for the treatment of diabetes. Make a powder of jamun seeds and consume 1 tsp of powder along with hot water daily two times.

d. According to siddha therapy garlic works effectively on diabetes. It can stimulate the insulin production in body. Eating 2-3 garlic cloves early in the morning can prove useful in diabetic condition.

e. Mixture of curry leaves and turmeric is considered as the very good remedy against diabetes.

f. Bael leaves work as very good anti-diabetic product.

g. Gymnema is especially used in the treatment of diabetes. The leaves of this plant stimulate the insulin production in body and reduce blood sugar level effectively.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kuppaimeni Leaves Medicinal Uses and Benefit

Kuppaimeni Leaves Medicinal Uses 
This is Kuppaimeni Leaves Medicinal Uses and Benefit. 
This medicinal herb kuppaimeni indian nettle is useful in treatment of many types of skin diseases like eczema, ringworm and rashes for human beings and animals.
  • The details of siddha medicine show that the leaves of this plant are useful in treating burns and itching on skin. This herb is popularly called kuppaimeni keerai in Tamil nadu. The problems like stomach pain also can be treated with help of Kuppaimeni leaves extracts. People living in cities can not get this plant so you can buy kuppaimeni powder online.  
    Kuppaimeni botanical name: Acalypha indica
Kuppaimeni Benefits
  •  Those who are suffering from intestine worms like tape worms, can consume extracts of kuppaimeni leaves for quick relief. Patients can consume 2tsp of leaves juice to fight against the condition.
  • Kuppaimeni leaves for skin : Make a paste of the leaves of Kuppaimeni and add a pinch of salt in it. Now spread this paste on rashes or ringworms affected area to get relief. 
  • Kuppaimeni for face: People with acne scars can apply kuppaimeni leaves paste.
  • Those who are suffering from heat boils can apply Kuppaimeni leaves paste mixed with lemon juice on the affected area. 
  • Children who have problem of ear ache can apply paste of Kuppaimeni leaves paste around the painful area.
  • Venomous insect bite can be cured by applying these leaves paste mixed with turmeric powder.
  • Kuppaimeni for cold: The leaves juice with cumin and pepper is the best medicine for cold. 
  • Those who have sinus problem can try for juice of Kuppaimeni leaves. Apply this juice on forehead and temples to get rid of temples.
  • If you are fond of dogs then to treat the rashes or other skin problems on its body, make a paste of this plant and mix turmeric powder in it. Apply this paste on affected area.
  • Kuppaimeni for eczema: Mix Kuppaimeni leaves extracts with coconut oil and turmeric powder. Heat the entire mixture until the water dries off from it. use this beneficial oil for many types of skin problems like skin infections etc. This oil can be used to treat wounds and cuts too.
  • Make a juice from fresh Kuppaimeni leaves and mix it with salt and oil. Apply this oil for treatment of arthritis. This oil can also be useful in treatment of scabies.
  • Make a powder from dried Kuppaimeni leaves and apply it on bed sores to give soothing relief. You can apply Kuppaimeni for hair growth with fenugreek paste.
  • Dried leaves powder of Kuppaimeni leaves and apply it on the area from where you want to remove unwanted hair. This powder will remove unwanted facial hair within some days. The regular use of this powder can make your face bright and soft.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Athimadhuram medicinal properties and Benefits Tamil medicine

Athimadhuram Health Benefits
This is the information on Tamil Athimadhuram medicinal properties and benefits. Athimadhuram or generally known as Liquorice or Mulethi, is rich with many health benefits. Athimadhuram ayurvedic medicines are very useful in disease curing. There is no significant athimadhuram side effects found in patients. Athimadhuram plant root has many medicinal uses.

Ayurveda uses roots of athimadhuram plant for treatment of various stomach
problems like indigestion, acidity and stomach pain etc.

The tea prepared with athimadhuram is very beneficial in curing chronic cough.

The sweet taste of the herb, athimadhuram is liked by children and thus it is useful in treating cough and cold for children. Less than 5 gm of liquorice roots can be used in preparation of one cup of tea.

The anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of athimadhuram herb are best in treatment of pain and cramps in menstrual period.

Roots of liquorice work as mild laxative and thus it is useful in the condition of constipation. Consume liquorice tea daily for 4 days and get rid of the problem of constipation.

Anti inflammatory properties of liquorice are useful in reducing arthritis pain effectively. Those who are suffering from arthritis can consume liquorice tea for some days.

Patients of blurred or less vision are advised to use athimadhuram as a treatment for their problem. Athimadhuram tea is very effective in treating asthma and other respiratory problems effectively. Sore throat or throat irritation can be easily relieved with the consumption of athimadhuram.

Liquorice roots contain Glycyrrhizin acid which reduces the depression and nervousness or anxiety successfully. Consume liquorice tea two times a day to keep away the depression.
Liquorice root is useful in regulating body metabolism rate and lowering bad cholesterol from body as it improves bile acid flow in body.

Antioxidant and phytoestrogenic property of the herb helps as a remedy to deal with the symptoms of menopause.

Fever and related headache can be treated with the help of powder or tea of liquorice.  Chew or suck the root of athimadhuram to get rid of bad breath instantly.

Generally menopause causes hormonal imbalance and estrogens like properties of this herb can solve this problem efficiently.

The herb is rich with antioxidants which can improve our immunity power to fight against muscle and joint pain.

Athimadhuram for beauty treatment
 Apply athimadhuram powder for skin to fight against the skin problems like psoriasis, itchy skin, eczema, rashes and even dermatitis. You can also use liquorice cream available in the market.

Use athimadhuram powder for face to reduce the oil secretion. You can also use athimadhuram powder for hair to induce the growth the new hair. You can add the powder of curry tree leaves with athimadhuram for dandruff problem.  

It is also used with other herbs for grey hair problem. athimadhuram face pack is available in ayurvedic commercial products.

Studies have proved that athimadhuram root is used in reducing blood glucose level in diabetes and it also helps to reduce the weight.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Siddha Maruthuvam Tips in Tamil Language Medicines

Headache: Nochi leaves are useful for headache. Take few drops of nochi oil and gently massage on forehead. Nochi oil application can give relief from throbbing  headache.

Cold: Karuntulsi juice is considered as best home remedy for cold and cough.  Mix tulsi juice in honey and consume to get rid of cold. Drink this mixture three times a day for quick relief.

Oral health: Crush dry ginger into powder and add a pinch of salt in it. Apply this mixture on gums and teeth to get relief from tooth and gum pain.

Leg pain and sprain: Heat tamarind and salt. Apply this solution of sprained area when it is warm. You will find much relief from the pain.

Stomach pain: Add dry ginger, sugar and ghee in warm water. Consume this mixture to reduce the stomach pain due to indigestion or any type of stomach infection. You can try the remedy of Omum water to get instant relief from stomach pain.

Pimples: Mix tulsi leaves juice along with aloe vera juice and apply this face pack on pimple affected area for 15 days before going to bed. This remedy can reduce pimples effectively.

Gastric: Soak cumin seeds and raisins in warm water and leave it for overnight. Drink this water in the morning before eating anything.

Constipation: Add 1 tsp of castor oil in warm water. Add pinch of dry ginger powder in it. Drink this water on empty stomach. Eat fibre items like whole grains, fruits and vegetables to reduce the problem of constipation.

Nausea: Mix few drops of onion juice and ginger juice and consume it to reduce nausea and vomit sensation.

Loss of appetite: If you are not feeling hungry or nausea about food then try the simple remedy of mixing 1 tsp ginger juice, 1 tsp onion juice and 1 tsp mint juice together. Consume this mixture twice a day. Continue this remedy for a week to get cured.

Viral infection and cold in children: Heat little amount of neem oil and apply it on neck, chest and back of child. This simple remedy can reduce the infection of cold and cough.

Wounds: Add turmeric powder in neem juice and apply this paste on wound. Apply aloe vera pulp on fire burn to get quick relief.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vallarai Keerai Medicinal uses Tamil Maruthuvam

This is about vallarai keerai medicinal uses Tamil Maruthuvam. 
vallarai Tamil  name for the mooligai Brahmi. From the ancient period vallarai or Brahmi is used in the traditional Indian medicine that is Ayurveda. vallarai keerai benefits  are more and it is identified in Tamil maruthuvan to cure many types of health treatments like to regulate blood circulation, regulate the smooth functioning of liver, lungs and kidney. In many cases brahmi is also used in curing skin problems like Eczema, abscess and ulceration etc.
How to grow vallarai keerai at home: Get some vallarai keerai seeds and put you garden. This can be easily grown, normal medium temperature and water is enough for its growth. The very common dish prepared by using this leaves are vallarai chutney. vallarai dosa or dosai   

vallarai keerai benefits in tamil
vallarai is considered as a natural brain tonic. The brahmi plant contains a rich amount of Nitric Acid which is useful in leaving very positive effects on brain activity. Those who cannot focus on a particular thing, vallarai can prove helpful for their mental clarity and focus.

Vallarai for memory: In ayurveda, brahmi is referred as memory enhancer. 
vallarai lehyam benefits : It is advised for kids who are dull in their studies and have problem to memorize anything. Brahmi improves the capacity of learning and support the memory power very effectively.

While treating the patients of Alzheimer’s patients, vallarai is used as a major treating agent. The treatment of brahmi shows very positive results in the patients. vallarai keerai helps to increase the ability of the brain to understand or remember anything and it also prevents the reduction of brain neurons. It is advised to take vallarai juice recipe daily.

Anti-oxidant properties of brahmi preserve the DNA cleavage in the body. The patients who are suffering from anxiety are treated with brahmi as it is helpful in controlling the mind and reducing the anxiety.

vallarai is considered as a common tonic to fight against stress and tensions. The hyper activity disorders are also cured with the help of brahmi plant.

Those who are facing the problem of joint pain or inflammation can consume vallarai as a very good remedy on the problem. The patients of mental illness or epilepsy are cured with the help of this magical plant. vallarai hair oil reduce the hair fall and improve the hair growth.

Sexual problems in men and women can completely cured with the help of brahmi treatment. Women who are suffering from postnatal depression, vallarai  keerai is the best solution to cure them. Insomnia and other types of depressions also can be cured with the use of brahmi.

Use vallarai leaves in tea and it can prove beneficial in treating asthma and other respiratory problems. It is useful in common cold and coughs also. Stomach problems like indigestion, diarrhoea or upset stomach can be cured with the treatment of brahmi.  vallarai keerai powder for hair is very beneficial in hair, it also induce the nail growth also