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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mooligai Samayal Recipes Tamil nadu Uses and Treatments

Mooligai Samayal recipes in Tamil nadu Uses and Treatment Methods
This is the information of mooligai samayal recipes tamil nadu Uses and Treatments. Mooligai are medicinally valuable plants which are used to treat many diseases in cost less method by spending very less amount of money.
 Mooligai samayal recipes Tamil Nadu Medicine
mooligai samayal recipes which are still used to treat many diseases in Tamil nadu village side are prepared in the form of
·         mooligai kuzhambu – karpooravalli kuzhambu
·         mooligai rasam - thuthuvalai rasam
·         mooligai juice - arugampul juice
·         mooligai kulambu – manathakkali kulambu (wonder berry)
·         mooligai tea - Mint tea, Tulsi Tea

Mooligai kuzhambu for cold and Indigestion problem
Ingredients Required
omavalli leaves or karpooravalli – 3
betal leaves – 1
tulsi leaves – 1/2cup
Coriander and mint leaves – 1/2cup
Garlic – 10 cloves
Onion – 2
Tomato – 2
Fenugreek seeds powder – 1tsp
Mustard – 1tsp
Chilli powder – 2tsp
Tamarind juice- 3tsp
Curry leaves – little
Oil and salt as per taste

 How to prepare mooligai kuzhambu mooligai samayal recipe

Take all moligai leaves and heat for five minutes in a Tava,
Grind the leaves separately and keep it aside,
Take a pan, add oli and Sauté mustard, curry leaves,
Then add the garlic, onion, chopped tomatoes,
 Add the chilli powder, tamarind juice and salt,
Let it to cook for 10 minutes and finally add the ground mooligai paste,
Leave for 2 boils and switch off the stove, delicious mooligai kulambu recipe is ready to taste

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods 
This is the post about Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods and Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu. Irregular Periods is the common problem for ladies. Normal mentural cycle is about 28 to 33 days. Causes of irregular Mathavidai  are taking medications, thyroid problem, stress, tension, depression, hormonal imbalance, nutrition imbalance etc. irregular periods is common for ladies those who delivered a child.

Tamil Medicine for Irregular periods: Eat 5 to 10 dates daily. If you are having irregular periods due to iron deficiency, this works better.
Take some white or sesame seeds, and make powder of pure Jaggery. Mix sesame seeds with jiggery and eat daily 2 spoons after 20 days of your previous period.

Irregular periods tamil Maruthuvam: Eat 1tsp of soaked fenugreek seed and ½ tsp of jeera daily in empty stomach.
The most important thing to do for getting regular mentural cycle is regular exercise and balance good. Yoga exercises (Pranayama) works better for getting regular periods without pain.

Best siddha medicine for irregular periods is herba tea. Herbal tea is prepared by using five medicinal herbs which gives regular mentual cycle.
Eating bitter gourd weekly thrice or four times in the form of curry or juice makes your menstrual cycle regular without any problem.  it is the best Irregular periods treatment in tamil with out using any medicines.

Eating healthy diet, making mind peaceful and sound sleep for 6 to 9 hrs makes your hormone imbalance level normal.

Aanmai kuraivu Maruthuvam: The best medicine suggested for anmai kuraivu is eating one pomegranate fruit daily. This will improve the nervous system.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems 
This is the information of Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review details. Siddha medicine is an ancient treatment followed still by many people. Siddha Tamil treatment works better for hair related problems like hair fall, hair loss, white hair, gray hair and hair regrowth.

 In recent years siddha hair loss treatment is becoming popular in India and also foreign countries like USA. The availability of commercial siddha herbal hair oil in usa give relief for all hair problems of the people those who are settled there for the purpose of Job.   

siddha medicine for white hair Herbal Oil preparation:
Ingredients: sesame oil 250ml,
Hibiscus leaves 10
Hibiscus flower – 5
Amla – 3
Henna leaves paste or powder – 100gm
Dry the above given ingredients except oil and make powder. Add the ingredient powder with the sesame oil and boil for 10 minutes in low flame.  Apply this siddha herbal hair oil for your hair regularly (daily before bed time and leave at least 12 hrs.). Regular application for about one month can change the colour of your white hair and delays the further appearance of white hair.  

Hair Oil Cost and Review
Commercial siddha hair oil price starts from hundred rupees for 100ml.  Siddha hair oil cost varies from vast range depending upon the company and its quality.  
Siddha herbal hair oil Bangalore Shops:

V.R.Herbal Hair Oils
7th Main, 7th Cross, Near Om Shakthi Temple,
Garvebhavi Palya, Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560068 Ph: 7353595947

Kukkuburra Enterprise
No. 1087,23rd Cross, Layout,
Dr. Shvaram Karanth Nagar, Jakkur,
Bangalore - 560065
Ph -  9953358105

Note: Siddha hair oil review is available online. Read the reviews of different products and buy the best one for your hundred percent positive result.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Hair Growth Hair loss Vaithiyam Maruthuvam for Regrowth

 Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth
This is the information of Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth Hair loss vaithiyam maruthuvam for regrowth. Hair fall, hair loss and white hair are the most common problems for young people.  One of the best siddha maruthuvam for hair growth is the application of siddha hair oil regularly for about six month.

Siddha Vaithiyam for Hair Growth: Take ten to twelve lotus leaves, heat it in low fire and extract the juice.  Take half liter of gingelly oil add the lotus leaves extract and let to boil in medium flame. After two to three minutes of boiling the extract mixes with the oil and floats as a layer at the top.  

Siddha medicine for hair regrowth: Take 100ml of aloe vera juice (use commercially available one freshly prepared at home) 3tsp of fenugreek seed powder. Mix the fenugreek feed powder with aloevera juice.Now take half lit of coconut oil boil for two to three minutes by adding fenugreek powder+ aloe vera. Apply this regularly for fast hair re growth.  

Siddha healthy hair Remedy: If you are very busy and no time for home preparation, don’t worry, purely prepared hair oils siddha medicine for hair growth is available in the market find the best one with Siddha doctors advice.
Siddha Hair wash Powder: Siddha Hair wash Powder works better for hair loss problem. Take 100gm of soap nut(shikakai), 10g of hibiscus leaves and 100gm fenugreek seeds. Dry these ingredients in direct sunlight and dry fry for a minute then make powder. Apply this for your hair wash weekly twice. This is one of the easily prepared and very effective methods for Siddha medicine hair loss problem.

Siddha treatment for hair growth: Take 50gm of dry Curry leaves powder (home preparation) add with one lit of coconut oil. Let it to boil for five minute, cool it and use this as hair oil regularly. Do scalp massage at week ends.  Scalp massage with warm curry leaves oil is the best siddha treatment for hair growth.

Siddha medicine hair loss Treatment: Hair loss can not be treated only with external application.Things to do to avoid hair loss are
1.   Healthy diet with more vitamins, minerals and iron.
2.   Hair should be maintained cleanly without dandruff and head lice
3.   Application of natural products for hair oil and hair wash.   

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment
Headache Tamil meaning: Thalaivali. This is the post about Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment. Now Headache is becoming the most common problem for all age frup people.
The most common types of headache are migraine headache, cluster headache and sinus-headache. The headache treatments are available in siddha mooligai maruthivam for this problem and it is very natural with out any side effects.

Tamil medicine for Headache: Dry some lemon peel, powder it and apply on the forehead area.do massage by using warm coconut oil. One of the best headache treatment in tamil maruthuvam is preparing the paste of 4 or 5 cloves and apply on your forehead area. Migraine is called otrai thalaivali headache in Tamil. It is a very painful problem.
Siddha Medicine for Headache: The best siddha medicine for sinus-headache is having ginger tea regularly.  

Ginger tea preparation: Take a cup of milk or water, prepare one tsp of ginger paste. Add tea powder and ginger paste in the boiling milk. Let it to boil for 2-3minutes and filter it.

Siddha medicine for migraine: Thulsi tea gives better relief for  migraine headache. Thulsi tea preparation is same like that of ginger tea. Add 10 – 12 Tulsi leaves instead of ginger.  One sides headache is called Cluster headache in Tamil treatment. It is characterized by the regular timing appearance. Medicines are available in Tamil siddha medicine for Cluster headache.

Causes of Migraine   headache: Changes in type of food and timings, eating fast food cause headache so eat healthy and balanced food with more fruits and vegetables.

Absence of sufficient sleep can also cause head in the morning times so be punctual in your sleeping time. Regular exercise improves the brain secretion this will improve the functioning of your brain. Avoid smoking and drinks, avoid tension, stress and depression. Taking self medication also causes headache.    

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid Siddha Vaithiyam Treatment

Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid 
This post is the information about Tamil Maruthuvam Medicine for Thyroid Siddha Vaithiyam Treatment. Thyroid disease is now becoming common for all age people. There are two types of thyroid diseases one is hypothyroidism and the other is hyperthyroidism. Name of the disease thyroid in Tamil language is also called thyroid because it is the name of an endocrine gland which is located in the neck region.

Thyroid symptoms in Tamil language people
Most common the symptoms are same for all types of people. The most common symptom is body weight change. Increased or decreased body weight.   Thyroid Symptoms In Women Tamil is increased body weight. The hormone produced by thyroid gland is thyroxin. The abnormal secretion of this hormone causes some changes in out body.     
Thyroid diet in Tamil : give preference to vitamin rich diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in minerals and iodine. Stop eating fast food and saturated food items.

Thyroid tips in Tamil :The very useful Tip for thyroid people is regular exercise which can improve your oxygen intake and removes toxins.
Thyroid treatment in Tamil: Take a glass containing 150ml of water. Soak 2tsp of coriander seeds and 1tsp cumin seeds for about 10hrs. Then boil it till it become half of the initial amount and drink in the empty stomach.  Many Siddha maruthuvam thyroid medicine include this ingredients.

Siddha treatment thyroid: Different types of Siddha treatments are available. Hormone replacement (levothyroxine) is one of the method followed in vaithiyam.  
paati vaithiyam for thyroid: Eat powdered flax seed which is rich in omega 3 fatty acid to improve the normal function of the thyroid gland. Eat iodine rich fish, egg, meat and radish.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patti Vaithiyam for Asthma Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam

Patti Vaithiyam for Asthma Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam
This is natural Patti vaithiyam for Asthma. Asthma people suffer very much to get permanent cure. Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam weather it is  paati vaithiyam or Nattu vaithiyam gives permanent relief with out any side effects. The best Paati vaithiyam for asthma is vaporizations. Before knowing the treatment let see the causes of Asthma, symptoms and treatment.    

Asthma causes
Asthma is disease characterized by difficulty in breathing. The main causes of asthma are pollution in air, may be hereditary, climate change, and tension.  
Asthma symptoms
The symptoms of asthma are difficulty in breathing, short breath, tight in the chest region, wheezing and night cough.
 Asthma treatment
Asthma treatment is given in two forms one is long term asthma treatment and another short time relief in the form of inhalers.   

Nattu vaithiyam for asthma: eucalyptus leaves for asthma treatment is very natural. Take a bunch of eucalyptus leaves, put in boiling water, and let it to boil for a minute by closing the lit.  now open the lid and take steam by closing yourself with the vessel in a cotton carpet. In the same way you can use neem leaves also.   
Asthma treatment in Tamil Maruthuvam: Honey and cinnamon are used in Asthma treatment in Tamil Maruthuvam. Take one spoon of honey, then powder some cinnamon. Take2 pinches of cinnamon mix with honey. Have this excellent patti vaithiyam for asthma medicine twice a day morning and at bed time to get permanent relief from asthma. 
Have tulsi leaves extract mixed in honey (2 tsp tulsi extract with 1/2tsp honey) this is the best Asthma siddha medicine. There is no side effect and this will improve your immunity powder too.

Pepper for asthma: Pepper spray works better for some people but some are allergic to that. It is not advised to use Pepper spray.   
Cumin seeds for asthma: prepare cumin powder, add 1tsp of honey. Have this twice a day to get cure from asthma.
Ginger and honey for asthma: Take two cloves of ginger, 2 pepper, ½ tsp honey grind and have twice a day.
Tulsi leaves for asthma: Eat some tulsi laves often daily until you get the relief  
neem oil for asthma: Neem oil works better for asthma. Take neem oil steam before going to bed.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Knee pain mootu vali Arthritis Home Remedy Treatment

Tamil Medicine for Knee pain mootu vali
This is the information of Tamil medicine for knee pain mootu vali. Nowadays knee pain or arthritis is the common problem for the old and young age people. Old age people are mostly affected by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These two knee pain diseases are very common in older age people that is after 60 years. The most common parts which are affected by these diseases are hand, leg, fingers, wrist and leg joints. There are many siddha and ayurveda hospitals curing excellently Rheumatoid arthritis in Tamil nadu.

Tamil Medicine for Knee Pain
Take one medium sized potato, chop into small pieces, and soak over night in 150ml of cold water. Drink the water by removing the pieces in empty stomach. Instead of this you can extract juice from fresh potatoes and drink 10 to 20ml daily. Take 1tablespoon black sesame seeds, and soak in 150 ml of water overnight. Drink the water after filtering it in the next morning with empty stomach.
Take 2tsp of lemon juice add 1tsp of honey mix it well. Have this in empty stomach daily two times or boil 5 tsp of green gram dal with 4 clover of garlic and this two times day.
Take coconut oil or mustard oil, heat it when it becomes slightly warm add one camper, let it to dissolve. Then apply this oil on affected knee and do massage gently. You will get immediate relief. This is the best home remedy for arthritis.       

Food to Eat and Avoid for Arthritis
Avoid eating bananas, eat more vegetables both raw and also by taking in the form of juice.

Avoid spicier, salty food items. Refresh your mind with simple exercises try to avoid stress, tension and depression.   

Papaya Medicine for Blood pressure and Nutrients Present

Papaya Medicinal usesPapaya is not just a fruit, it is a medicine too. This page gives the information of Papaya medicine for blood pressure and Nutrients Present. you can take papaya juice or fruit pulp daily.  Experience the benefits and share your views in comment section.

Papaya for weight loss: Papaya is very special among the fruits in taste and nutrients. It is having many medicinal properties and it can be easily digested too. The fruit is available throughout the year. The calories present 100gm papaya is very less. It is just 39 calories.  People those who have to reduce their weight can add this fruit in their breakfast by reducing 3/4 of their tiffin.  Papaya is completely fat free and having multivitamins and minerals in large quantity.
Papaya uses in Tamil always stats that it is rich in vitamin C which is more when compare to orange and lemon. Vitamin C helps in improving the immune system of the body. Papaya medicine is prepared in Tamil medicine.   Papaya is the source of the vitamin A and beta-carotene and many aminoacids so you can get excellent vision and silky smooth skin. Vitamin B complex gives energy and refreshment for the body.

Papaya for high blood pressure and cholesterol
Papay good for blood pressure control.  In ayurvedic treatment they use Papaya for lowering blood pressure. 100gm of papaya contains 257ml potassium. Potassium in papaya controls high blood pressure. Papaya is best for cholesterol.
Papaya seed is used as a medicine for skin diseases.