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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aanmai kuraivu maruthuvam Solution Marunthugal Treatment

Aanmai kuraivu maruthuvam Solution Marunthugal Treatment
This is the details about aanmai kuraivu maruthuvam Solution Marunthugal Treatment. When a woman is not able to get pregnant lot many tests are done by the specialty doctor to find out the reason. A woman has to face a list of tests and therapies to find out if she has any problem any problem to conceive. Infertility or aanmai kuraivu problem is now becoming common for male too. Only one or two tests can prove the infertility problem in a man. The problem of low sperm count is common now, the reasons for male infertility are heredity, life style, diet etc.
Generally 20 million or more sperm count is referred as healthy and efficient to produce a baby. It the sperm count is much lower than this or there is any other problem then the treatment is required to overcome this problem. Infertility is the main aanmai kuraivu symptoms in tamil symptom is called arikuri.
Following detail is the easy home remedies and aanmai kuraivu medicine, which can be helpful to increase the sperm count naturally. The below information about aanmai kuraivu treatment gives an idea to cure naturally.

To treat the problem, first it is necessary to find the reasons behind the occurrence of it.  EMF’s or Electromagnetic frequencies are supposed to be the major and serious cause of male infertility. The doctors strictly advise not to keep the mobile phone in your pant pocket or do not use the laptop computer by keeping it on your laps. Smoking is another reason to lead towards infertility. Alcohol consumption kills the sperm count and supports the male infertility. Stress is also big reason which can reduce the sperm count.
Avoid consuming soy food as it reduces the sperm count.

One of the best aanmai kuraivu solution in Tamil medicine is                Ashwagandha root. It   is one of the oldest therapies to improve sperm count and boost sex drive also. It also regulates the hormonal balance efficiently. 

Aanmai kuraivu in Tamil Tips and Remedy

1.   American Ginseng root: it is the herb which is used in treatment of all types of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, low sperm count etc.
2.   Horny goat weed or Epimedium: this herb carries Icarin which works effectively to increase sexual desire. It improves the nitric oxide in the body and even treats erection related problems.
3.   Ho Shou Wu root: this Chinese herb is very effective in increasing the sperm count in men. It also cures the low motility of the sperms. This herb works magically to prolong the existence of male fertility.
4.   Goji berry: this dried fruit is a very good protector of sperm from hyperthermia or over heat. It contains antioxidant property which helps efficiently to increases the sperm count and health. These very nutritious fruits control the hormonal levels and thus fight against male infertility.
5.   Maca root: Maca roots are used for healthy sperm count and improvement in sexual desire. It helps to develop the healthy sperm count and increases the motility of them too.
6.   The required nutrients to increase fertility are Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, B12, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Omega-3 fats. Increase the intake of food which is rich in these nutrients.
7.   Saw Palmetto berries: these berries are used as a sex medicine from ancient period. It treats impotency and improves sperms count and health. It also increases sex drive in men.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashwagandha Benefits Tamil Medicine

Ashwagandha Benefits Tamil Medicine
This is ashwagandha benefits tamil Medicine. The plant of Ashwagandha has many health benefits. Ashwagandha benefits in tamil ayurvedic medicine is welknown to cure many diseases. Following are some of the uses of Ashwagandha
Withania somnifera is called ashwagandha herb in tamil name. Meaning of ashwagandha in tamil : Ashwa – Horse, Gandha – smell.   Tamilnadu Agricultural University is supporting the farmers for doing Ashwagandha cultivation in Tamilnadu
The main and widely known benefit of Ashwagandha is it is used in the treatment of male infertility. This natural medicine helps to raise the sperm counts.

Ashwagandha Uses in Tamil Maruthuvam
1.   This amazing plant is an amazing immunity builder. The regular consumption can keep many types of infections and diseases at the bay. The anti-microbial properties of ashwagandha can cure many illnesses like viral fever, cough and cold etc.
2.   Ashwagandha powder in tamil medicine is given for bone and skin related problems. The powder is used to prepare ashwagandha churna in tamil ayurveda.
3.   The extracts of the plant leaves are useful in stimulating thyroid gland and so it is used in curing the patients of hypothyroidism.
4.   Ashwagandha plant is referred as ‘an effective heart tonic’ as it fights against bad cholesterol and supports the production of good cholesterol in the body. Reduction of bad cholesterol also decreases the risk of heart attack or other heart diseases.
5.   The plant extracts and root powder are used in the ayurvedic medicines prepared to treat the patients of insomnia.
6.   Ladies who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycle or pain during menstrual period can be healed by the consumption of capsules or powder made with the plant.
7.   The leaves of Ashwagandha carry the anti-depressant quality which is very helpful in controlling the level of depression, anxiety and stress. It is also known as the natural mood booster. It also proves to be supportive in curing Hypertension.
8.   The ayurvedic eye treatment includes ashwagandha as a best medicinal plant which can trim down the chances of the development of cataract.
9.   The leaves of this magical plant can heal the patients who are suffering from paralysis. ashwagandha lehyam tamil medicine is given for arthritis.
10.        The ayurvedic and herbal treatment of diabetes includes extracts from ashwagandha plant. This plant effectively controls the blood sugar level and stimulates the insulin production in the body.
11.        This medicinal plant carries anti-inflammatory quality which is useful in reducing the pain in Arthritis and rheumatism.
12.        Ashwagandha powder is a very good blood purifier and it also increases the blood production in the body.
13.        Ayurveda adopts ashwagandha to cure the respiratory problems like tuberculosis successfully.
14.        Many types of skin aliments and even wounds, heat boils, rashes are cured by applying the paste of leaves of this plant.
15.        The capsules or powder made with the leaves of ashwagandha plant are beneficial in regulating digestion. It is a widely known remedy to treat constipation. Along with this, it is also useful in reducing the risk of stomach ulcers and protects the liver.
16.        The plant also works as a memory booster and thus recommended for the students who are suffering from weak memory power or people who are suffering from loss of memory problem. It can also sooths the throbbing pain in migraine.
17.        The ashwagandha plant is used in controlling blood pressure naturally.
18.        The wonderful qualities of ashwagandha plant stop the growth of the tumour in the body and thus cut down the risk of cancer.
19.        It is a fantastic health tonic which not only helps in muscles building but also reduces tiredness. It gives remarkable strength and potency to the bones and the muscles.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Siddha Medicines for Infertility

Siddha Medicines for Infertility

This is the chapter about Siddha medicines for infertility. Infertility is not a disease but a condition where the reproductive system of a man or a woman is affected which can lead to problem in conceiving a baby. There can be many causes of this condition. Infertility mostly occurs for female but now s days it is the problem for men too. Siddha medicines for male infertility is also more effective.  siddha treatment for infertility in Chennai Tamil nadu is very popular to get positive result and permanent cure.

Siddha medicine for female infertility
 Many internal disorders in woman can cause infertility. The medical conditions like thyroid, anemia, cancer, excretory problems, and diabetes are some of the problems which may lead to infertility in woman. The external reasons like age of the woman, obesity or underweight body type, stressful life style, improper diet, consumption of drugs or alcohol, smoking can also lead to infertility in woman.

The problems connected with woman are investigated through Hormonal tests, Ovulatory scanning and HSG, Laparoscopic examinations etc. The treatment varies from patients to patient depending upon various factors like the age of the couple, the test results, health condition of the couple etc.

Conditions and siddha medicine to cure infertility
The treatment of infertility includes medication, surgery etc. The Siddha Therapy refers this condition as Maladu. Therapy deals with the condition as lack of ability to be pregnant.  Following are the main causes which can lead to the condition of infertility:
1.   Irregular menstrual cycle.
2.   Undeveloped follicles
3.   Infectious condition of uterus
4.   Chronic cervicitis
5.   swelling in reproductive organs like uterus, ovary or fallopian tube
6.   cysts or fibroids in uterus.
7.   Salphingitis
The siddha therapy has classified the condition of infertility or Maladu into six different types as:

1.   Kaga Maladu: the condition in where woman is not able to conceive again after having 2 children.
2.   Kathali Maladu: in this condition the woman cannot conceive again after having 1 child.
3.   Kanma Maladu: in this condition woman undergoes the problem of repeated abortions and cannot conceive any child due to that.
4.   Aan Maladu: this condition is described as the sperm count present in the semen is very less and not sufficient for the reproduction.
5.   Pen Maladu: this is a condition of infection to the reproductive organs. The symptoms seen under this condition are passing blood clots during menstruation, yellowish black blood flow, the menstrual flow looks like pus contents.
6.   Niranthara Maladu: the main cause of this condition is excessive fats on the centre part of the body that is on stomach. Obesity can lead to permanent infertility.

The treatments of siddha therapy depend upon the above mentioned conditions. The general treatments provided are:
1.   Internal medication after perfect conclusions
2.   The treatment during menstruation to cure the infections and other problematic conditions.
3.   Removal of tridoshas
4.   External touch therapy and some special types of yoga.
5.   The therapy suggests some special kind of diet to remove doshas in the body.

List of Best Siddha Doctors for infertility in Chennai

Friday, April 25, 2014

Siddha Medicine for Pimples Maruthuvam Acne

Siddha Medicine for Pimples
This is the info of Siddha medicine for Pimples maruthuvam  acne treatment. A hormonal change is the main cause for acne and pimples but besides that many other aspects can also be a cause for pimples. Proper and healthy diet and some simple medication can help to get rid of skin problems like acne and pimples. Siddha medicinal therapy vaidyam suggests some changes in food style and simple remedies to overcome this problem. Siddha medicine for acne is very safe and it is very rare to cause side effects.

Siddha Treatment for Pimples Diet to follow
The food like burger, pizza , cookies, candies, soda, pastries is less in nutritional properties and this type of food supports oiliness and inflammation of the skin. Dermatologists suggest the excess consumption of this food. The therapists also suggest reducing the consumption of milk and adding buttermilk and leafy vegetables in the regular diet. Omega -3 fatty acid works as an anti-inflammatory agent but the omega-6 fatty acid present in vegetable oil can cause skin inflammation and related problems.
Following are the food items which are useful in purifying blood supply and reducing inflammation effectively:

1.   Fish diet: fish contains plenty of EPA and DHA which are anti-inflammatory agents. Some kinds of fish are rich with Omega -3 fatty acid which is beneficial in reducing inflammation and preventing acne and pimple.

2.   Green leafy vegetables: green vegetables are rich with fibre.  They also lessen inflammation and help to get healthy skin type.

3.   Whole grains: whole grains contain plenty of anti-oxidants. They also reduce the effect of inflammation of skin which can cause acne and pimple.

4.   Green tea: Drinking green tea regularly is one of the effective siddha vaidyam for pimples. Green tea is the very good remedy to keep the pimples away. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory character of green tea can reduce the skin blemishing effectively.

Best Siddha Maruthuvam for pimples
Following siddha treatment is beneficial in fighting against acne and pimples:
Oil Bath: In siddha therapy oil bath is suggested to be taken twice a week. Special type of medicated oil is used for this therapy. The main use of oil bath is to reduce the dryness of skin and nourishment of skin cells effectively. This treatment not only prevents acne and pimples but also nourishes skin.

Purgation: This is a best siddha treatment for acne. This  therapy is used to remove all the toxins from the body which can cause inflammation and many other skin problems. This therapy is given after every four months. It detoxifies and purifies blood supply.

While suggesting internal medicines, the siddha medicines practitioners focus upon the condition of the patients. The commonly prescribed medicines are
1.   Gandaga Rasayanam
2.   Parangi Rasayanam
3.   Elathi choornam
4.   Parangipattai Choornam
5.   Sangu parpam
6.   Palakarai parpam

Along with the internal medication some external remedies are also suggested in siddha therapy. Following are commonly suggested external medicines:
1.   Nalanku Mav
2.   Kunkili Vannai
3.   Sangu paspam mixed with milk
4.   Kumkumadhi cream

Siddha medicinal therapy suggests washing the face with cold water thrice a day to clean the dust and dirt on the skin.

Siddha Medicine for Baldness

Siddha Medicine for Baldness
This is the information of Siddha Medicine  for Baldness. Just like Ayurveda, siddha medicines or siddha therapy is also one of the oldest therapies in India. Tamilnadu is the state which has largely adopted Siddha medicinal therapy. The medicines used under siddha therapy are mainly based upon herbal plants. The roots and leaves of the plants are used to make these medicines. Many useful and even poisonous plants are used as a remedy for many types of diseases.
Siddha therapy has better solution to treat hair problems. This therapy not only prevents the hair fall but also stimulates rapid hair growth.

Siddha Treatment for Baldness
Indian Liquorice or Athimathuram is finely grinded into powder. To make a paste from this powder the therapists use buffalo milk in it. This paste works magically to regain hair quickly. The paste is evenly spread over the scalp on bald area. The therapists advise patients to take a head bath after 10 to 15 minutes. This therapy should be repeated on regular basis to obtain desired results.
Kuppaimeni or generally called as Acalypha Indica is the herb which is used to deal with the problem of baldness. The roots of this plant are used in the therapy. The roots are thoroughly cleaned and crushed into fine paste. Coconut oil is added and mixed with this paste. Kuppaimeni extract or kuppaimeni juice is added to this mixture. After mixing the mixture properly, it is heat on the medium flame for some time. After getting one boil the mixture is kept aside to cool down. The oil is then filtered and stored in air tight container. This oil can be used several times as a treatment for bald scalp. The gentle massage with this oil on the affected area helps to cure baldness in short period.

Siddha Hair oil for Baldness
Siddha medicines suggest paste of hibiscus leaves for the treatment of baldness. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it get dry for 20-25 minutes. Wash it with cold water. The regular usage can show positive effects.
Mix amla powder in coconut oil and boil the mixture well. After cooling, use this oil as the best treatment for baldness.
Siddha medicinal therapy suggests fresh aloe vera pulp to treat hair fall. Apply this pulp or aloe vera gel on the scalp and wash if off after 40 minutes. The regular usage can help the prevention of the hair fall.
Another herbal therapy used in Siddha therapy is to make a paste of the leaves of the plants like hibiscus, neem and eclipta along with fenugreek seeds and amla powder. Coconut oil is mixed in this paste and then the entire mixture is boiled properly. The regular use of this oil on the scalp is beneficial to stop hair fall and growth of new hair.

Boil coconut oil along with some curry leaves and after cooling down use this oil  on the affected area to get new hair growth. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cholesterol Tamil Medicine Control Tips

Cholesterol Tamil Medicine 
This is the information about cholesterol Tamil medicine control tips to lower your cholesterol level with diet food and exercise. High cholesterol can prove bad for the functioning of heart and thus leads to heart attack. Tamil meaning is excess kozhu which is deposited in the artery and prevent the normal blood flow. Here are some tips for how to reduce cholesterol in Tamil language Medicine without medication.

How to Keep cholesterol control in Tamil Treatment and Diet
You can easily keep normal cholesterol level in tamil treatment. Following are some of the natural remedies for reducing blood cholesterol and keep you free from the fear of heart attack.
The main thing to reduce cholesterol in our blood is to keep control on diet by avoiding packed or tinned food, fried, oily non home prepared food with dalda vanaspati and be regular in exercise. Avoid smoking to be safe from high cholesterol.

Cholesterol Diet in Tamil Treatment
Instead of taking two-three large meals per day, divide your meals into 6 small portions to be safe from cholesterol problem. Here are some cholesterol control tips in Tamil medicine.
·         Mostly avoid eating outside
·         East more fruits and vegetables
·         Use vegetable oil for cooking
·         Eat boiled whole grains like green gram, horse gram etc
·         Eat food with omega 3 fatty acid
·         Avoid ghee, butter and palm oil, vanaspati etc
·         Avoid eating non-veg food and deep fried food

Cholesterol lowering food in Tamil
 Omega 3 fatty acid is rich in flax oil and fish
Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which increase HDL cholesterol.

Reduce Cholesterol Tamil Medicine
  • Turmeric is one of the very beneficial spices, which helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Health experts advise of eating a cup of fresh plain curd daily. Curd helps to decrease the bad cholesterol in blood and also treats to other heart diseases.
  • Olive oil lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol it also controls the formation of blood clotting.
  • Carrots contain pectin which is useful in controlling blood cholesterol.
  • Fibrous fruits also contain high amount of pectin which also controls high cholesterol flowing in the blood.
  • Oats are the very beneficial in reducing the level of high cholesterol.
  • Honey mixed in warm water is the suggested remedy by Ayurveda to lower fats and bad cholesterol in blood and keeps the body fit and energetic.
  • Almonds can control the bad blood cholesterol quickly.
  • Garlic is one of the best remedies to reduce bad cholesterol and induce the formation good cholesterol. Use of fresh garlic in regular diet can prove beneficial.
  • Regularly drink orange juice to maintain good cholesterol and cut off bad cholesterol.
  • Whole grain bread and brown rice is also useful in controlling bad cholesterol.
  • Instead of espresso coffee, skip to filter coffee to less down bad cholesterol.
  • Studies have proved that cinnamon can be very effective in reducing cholesterol level. Use cinnamon powder in your tea or coffee regularly.
  • Honey helps to increase good cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • Walnuts are useful in reducing cholesterol and keep you safe from the fear of heart attack.
  • Soya beans are high in proteins and fibre, which can be helpful in reducing cholesterol and fats in blood.
  • Brinjal contains antioxidant properties which can prove beneficial in increasing good cholesterol level.
  • Green tea is the very good solution to control the high cholesterol level effectively.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they contain high dietary fibre which can help to reduce high cholesterol.
  • Fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, which is very beneficial to maintain good cholesterol level.