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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tamil Medicine for High Blood Pressure Control

Tamil Medicine for High Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is now becoming common for old age people. Young age people are also getting high blood pressure or hypertension. This article gives the details of some common Tamil medicine for blood pressure cure. People take English medicine life ling for blood pressure treatment and the side effects are common but while taking Tamil blood pressure home medicines the side effects are nil and it is very effective.

Causes of High Blood Pressure
Physically inactive is the main cause of blood pressure, eating more salted and fried food, stress and tension, heredity, and obesity.   
High blood pressure Tamil Medicine
Garlic: Garlic is an excellent natural medicine for High blood pressure. Drink plenty of water, do not eat garlic stomach in empty stomach. Eat freshly peeled 2 cloves of garlic after food or with food. Eat this for a week daily morning and at night dinner. Blood pressure will gradually decrease with in a week. Low blood pressure Tamil medicine says that people having hypotension (low blood pressure) should avoid garlic in their food.

Banana: Potassium rich food reduces your blood pressure. Potassium is rich in all fruits and dry fruits. Banana is the rich source of potassium. Reduce your food salt half than normal and eat two bananas in morning and two at night.    
Antioxidants: Eat more vegetables and boiled whole grains which are called the sources of antioxidants.
FlaxSeed for Blood Pressure: Flaxseed is called Azhi Vidhai in TamilFlaxseed is called Azhi Vidhai in Tamil. It is the best medicine for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is very hard and can not eat raw. Grind the flax seeds in coffee seed grinder and make powder. Have 2 tsp of FlaxSeed daily to reduce your blood pressure naturally.
Control blood pressure Tamil Medicine Cinnamon: You can easily control blood pressure by having cinnamon. Prepare cinnamon powder and have 1 tsp with honey. Gradually increase or decrease the amount by checking your blood pressure daily.

Tamil Medicine Acidity Home Remedy

Tamil Medicine acidity
Tamil medicine acity: Amilathanamai
There are many forms of Tamil medicine for acidity which are in allothathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and siddha medicines.  Acidity cure with out side effects are called the medicine. Digestive enzymes are secreted in the stomach to digest the food but in some cases the digestive juice moves in reverse direction to the food pipe which causes irritation.    Acidity can be cured with medication and proper food habit.

Home remedies Acidity Tamil 
The main causes of acidity are bad food habits, depression, tension and stress. The fruits like papaya and pine apple are rich in papain and bromelain proteolytic enzymes which helps in digestion. Cabbage juice is good for acidity problem. Cabbage consists of amino acids which promote the digestion process. Cumin seeds, asafetida, omam and mint laves remove the stomach gas and improves digestion and these are the best medicine for acidity.  Drink plenty of water. Eat your food at correct time interval, food untimings and fasting also worsen the condition of acidity.

Food to Avoid for Acidity Cure
People having acidity problem should avoid the masala and rich spicy food.
Acidity people should not eat citrus fruits like lemon and  orange.
Avoid eating more fat rich food which are difficult to digest.
Completely avoid drinking coffee and Tea alternatively drink green tea.
Avoid eating spicy food, and pickles.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Constipation Tamil Medicine Treatment and Home Remedies

Constipation Tamil Medicine 
This post helps the people those who search for Constipation Tamil medicine Treatment and home remedies. This method is also called natural cure and no side effects reported to follow this method. Constipation Tamil Meaning is difficulty in excreting the body solid waste products.

Symptoms of Constipation in Adult
Loss of appetite
Hardy less lubricated stool
Headache and Stomach pain
Swelling in the abdomen
Difficulty during excretion
Irregular bowl movement
Vomiting and loss of appetite are the common symptoms constipation in infants and children. One of the best constipation home remedies is food alteration. Drink two to three litres of water even you are not feeling thirsty. Do some exercises regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables which is rich in fibres.  Eat a cup of boiled whole grains which is rich in fibres.

Constipation in infants: Take good quality raisins, soak  in warm water for about five to six hours and give the water for infants.  This home remedy can work to get rid of constipation in children.

Remedies constipation Tamil Medicine: Take Kadukkai skin 5gm and boil it in 150ml of water. Let it to reduce 50ml and drink three times a day. Mix 2tsp of castor oil in warm milk and drink before going to bed. Nilavagai Choornam and Sonamukhi Choorna are the best siddha constipation Tamil treatment. This can be taken 5 to 10gm in warm water before going to bed.  

Gastric Problem Solution in Tamil Medicine

Gastric Problem
Natural Gastric problem solution Tamil medicines are very beneficial without causing any side effects. The name for Gastric problem in Tamil is vayu thollai.
Gastric problem is mainly due to poor food habit and it is heredity for some people. The main symptoms of gastric problem are heart burn, pain near to heart bone and feeling of pain while drinking some liquids. Gastric problem may be the side effects of medications too.
If you are having Gastric problem, get rid of smoking, drinking.  Practice eating at right time. Should not be depressed, be active and avoid anger. Completely avoid oil deep fried food and potatoes.    
Eat lots of boiled green leaves, fruits and vegetables. Have warm less salted and less spicy food. Engulf or eat a clove of garlic after food. Have a brisk walk half an hour after eating. Athimadhuram benefits are excellent in gastritis. Take this athimadhuram 1gm powder in the morning, afternoon and at night after food.

Siddha Tamil medicine Gastric Cure
Gastric problem in Tamil Maruthuvam is drinking Jeera and fenugreek (Vendhayam) seeds boiled water. Gastric problem solution Tamil siddha treatment says that having Sangu Parpam or Sanka Bhasma 400ml in half glass of water three times a day gives excellent result. Drinking 2gm Kavikal choornam mixed in water also cure your gastric problem. One of the best tamil medicine for gastric problems is triphala churna. Have this with warm water twice a day  to get permanent cure from  Gastric problem.