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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for skin infections and allergies

This is Tamil maruthuvam for skin infections and allergies. Honey contains anti bacterial properties which can be helpful to solve many types of skin infections and allergies. It can also treat mouth sores and boils too. Apply organic honey on the affected area twice or thrice a day.Very few people know that the curd can cure various types of skin infections effectively.

Tamil medicine for skin diseases
Take 1 tsp of honey and mix cinnamon powder in it, mix well to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on rashes or pimples to get great effect within few hours. You can leave this paste on the skin for overnight and in the morning wash it with cold water.

One of the best tamil medicine for skin problem is lemon juice.Lemon juice is the very good remedy for many types if skin infections. Mix groundnut oil in lemon juice and apply it on pimples to reduce inflammation and reddishness. It can be beneficial for acne and blackheads too. It can also treat skin allergies easily.

Tamil skin care tips always suggest turmeric powder. Paste made with turmeric powder and rose water can reduce the infections quickly. You can also try paste made with turmeric powder and coconut oil to treat pimples, heat boils and rashes.

Take few fresh neem leaves and make a fine paste of it. Apply this medicated paste on skin disease like eczema and ringworm. Repeat the remedy twice a day and continue it for few days to get rid of the problem.

Minor burns can be treated with the help of freshly cut potato. Anti bacterial properties of potato can cure the infection effectively. Turmeric paste can work amazingly to reduce the pain and burning sensation of psoriasis.

Many skin problems like dandruff, pimples and acne, psoriasis, burning sensation, and rashes can be cured by applying fresh aloe Vera juice on the affected area. Itching caused by chicken pox can be irritating. The condition can go worst if we scratch it. The itching can be reduced with the help of neem leaves. Apply leaves paste or juice on the skin to get relief.

Many skin infections can occur during rainy season because of wetness. It can be cured by applying fresh coriander juice on the affected area.  Juice made with fresh mint leaves can work amazingly on skin diseases like rashes, allergies, itching and also for insect bites.