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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dengue Fever Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda Cure

Dengue Fever Siddha Medicine
This is the information of dengue fever siddha medicine and ayurveda cure.  Dengue fever is a life threatening disease. This disease is spreading very fast in almost all parts of india. The main cause of spreading dengue fever is the mosquitoes. They transmit the disease from a affected person to a healthy person by sucking the blood. Many people are suffered from dengue fever in tamilnadu 2012.the report shows that many dengue victims are affected in dengue fever in tamilnadu 2012 october and november.  Now tamilnadu government is giving free siddha treatment for dengue in tamilnadu govern mend hospitals for affected people.
In siddha medicine the treatment for dengue is given by the preparation of dengue medicine with nine medicinally important siddha ingredients.  The effective medicines for dengue fever siddha treatment are papaya leaf juice  leaf juice of neem tree for dengue (malai vembu).

Papaya leaf juice for dengue cure:
you can prepare papaya leaf juice for dengue fever. Take a bunch of papaya leaves and grind in a mixture grinder by removing the stem part. Extract the juice and drink 10ml four times a day.
Neem for dengue fever: neem leaves are medicinally important and it is used in dengue fever cure ayurveda medicine and also in siddha treatment. Neem kashayam is prepared by using malai vembu which is available more in ooty and kodaikanal hill stations. Collect a bunch of malai vembu and extract the juice by grinding the leaves and filtering in a clean white cloth. Drink 10ml of neem juice four times a day, which kills the dengue virus.

How to use nilavembu for dengue fever treatment: Nilavembu kashayam can be easily prepared at home. Collect the leaves of nilavembu, sukku, pepper,  parpadagam, sandal,vilamichuver, korai kizhangu, and vetiver . Add little of this in boiling water and boil for five to ten minutes. This is called   nilavembu kashayam. The neem leaves are also used in treatment dengue fever ayurveda medicine.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Hair fall and Hair Care Tips

Tamil medicine for hair fall and Hair Care Tips
This is the tips alagu kurippu for hair beauty naturally. There are many natural Tamil medicines for hair fall control and treatment. Tamil Hair Care Tips are less costly but more effective. Hair fall control tips Tamil medicines are available in out kitchen. You can also grow the medicinal plants to reduce hair fall in Tamil maruthuvam.  

Hair Fall Control Tips Henna Maruthani for hair : The best hair fall solution Tamil tips is the application of Henna (Maruthani) for hair. Take 50gm of henna leaves and boil with 250ml of coconut oil. Filter it and store in a container. Apply this weekly twice or thrice and do the scalp massage before taking hair wash.

Vendhayam for hair (Fenugreek seed) :  This is one of the best Hair fall home remedies Tamil treatment for hair fall. Sweating and excess heat is also a reason for hair fall. Take a  cup of fenugreek seed.  Soak it for over night and grind nicely with curd. Apply this on the hair scalp, leave it for half an hour and take the hair wash.

Onion for hair fall: Onion is one of the best Tamil medicine for hair fall. Onion juice is the best natural remedy for hair fall due to dandruff. Extract the onion juice and apply for the hair scalp. Regular application can reduce the dandruff so the excess hair fall is controlled.

Curry Leaves Kariveppila hair oil for hair fall Control: you can easily prepare Kariveppila hair oil for hair. Dry some curry leaves and boil with coconut of sesame oil for five minutes and apply for your hair regularly to reduce the hair fall.  

Neem leaves for hair fall: Neem is a medicinal plant having excellent medicinal qualities. Grind and make a paste of neem. Apply this for your hair completely before taking hair wash. Alternatively  you can boil one lit of water by adding a bunch of neem leaves and use the water to rinse your hair on each hair wash.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tamil medicine for Asthma Siddha Vaithiyam Remedies in Mooligai Treatment

Tamil medicine for Asthma
This is about Tamil medicine for asthma and Siddha Vaithiyam Remedies in Mooligai Treatment. Asthma treatment Tamil nadu is followed by using natural kitchen ingredients.  Siddha medicine for asthma is also very effective. The allopathic medicine for asthma is having many side effects so people prefer Siddha treatment for asthma. They give great remedies without causing any side effects.

Tulsi Basil Remedy for Asthma: The basil plant is called Tulsi in Tamil. It has great medicinal properties to cure various types of diseases. Tulsi asthma cure is very popular in siddha treatment. Using tulsi leaves for asthma can cure this bronchial disease without any side effects.
How to Use Tulsi for asthma: Take a bunch of Tulsi leaves. Grind and extract the juice. Add a pinch of pepper powder and half tsp honey. Mix well and have twice a day.

Paati Vaithiyam Asthma
People are not aware about the medicinal properties and use of tulsi in asthma cure. People in cities usually ask the question very doubtfully is tulsi good for asthma? Yes is removes the bronchial congestion and respiratory tract infections.

Preparation of Tulsi tea Asthma home remedy
Taking Tulsi tea regularly in an empty stomach is good for asthma.     
Bunch of( 25)  Tulsi Leaves
Green tea – ½ tsp
Water 1.5   cup
Lemon Juice ½ tsp
Honey or Sugar – 1tsp
How to make tulsi tea from fresh leaves
Take the water put the washed basil leaves
Let to boil for five minutes in medium flame
Now add the green tea and let it to boil again for 1 or 2 minutes
Filter it and add the sugar and lemon juice.
Drink warm in every morning.

Turmeric for Asthma Cure
Turmeric asthma coughing home remedy is best and it is easy to make and follow. Turmeric asthma treatment is still followed in Tamilnadu from ancient days. Grind solid turmeric with a bunch of curry leaves and make small balls and swallow it regularly for two months to get cure from asthma. This recipe is popularly called Turmeric  and curry leaves asthma home remedy.

Siddha Remedies for Asthma
Honey and ginger for asthma
Using honey, basil and ginger for asthma treatment is the great remedy in children and adults. Take one tsp juice from betel leaf, and ginger. Then add 1tsp of honey, mix it well have twice a day.  Betel leaf asthma treatment is good for infant asthma. Warm the betel leaf and put on the chest of the infant to melt the chest congestion.   

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Piles and Constipation

Tamil Medicine for Piles 
Here are some Tamil narutal remedy for Tamil Medicine for Piles and Constipation.  

Papaya Benefits  for Piles
Papaya for piles: Fruits are more related with piles treatment. People usually ask that is Papaya good for piles? Yes usually fruits the best diet for piles patients. Papaya improves the digestion process, cut the papaya fruit into small pieces (1 cup) and add one or two tsp of honey and have twice a day.
Papaya seeds for piles: In Tamil Siddha medicine Papaya seeds are used in the preparation natural piles medicine.

Agathi keerai poriyal in piles treatment: Take a cup of Agathi keerai poriyal every day to avoid constipation problem.

Vallarai Keerai uses in Piles Treatment:  Dry the leaves of  Vallarai Keerai and make a fine powder. Take 1 tsp of Vallarai Keerai powder mix with a cup of milk and little panam kalkandu. Drink this kashayam  weekly once. Alternatively you can use mudakathan keerai kashayam like the same preparation of Vallarai Keerai recipe.

kuppaimeni keerai powder in Piles treatment: plug some fresh kuppaimeni keerai plant from the root and make a fine dried plant powder. Take a tsp of  kuppaimeni powder and add few drops of ghee and make a small ball. Take this for about 48 days to get cure from piles.

Arugampul in Piles Tamil Treatment: Grind the whole plant of Arugampul (Bermuda grass). Add with a glass of warm milk and drink every day morning. This is considered as one of the ancient piles tamil medicine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tamil Siddha Maruthuvam for Hair Growth Medicinal Herbs

Tamil Siddha Maruthuvam for Hair Growth
Hair fall is the common problems for men and women. Here are some Tamil medicines siddha maruthuvam for hair growth medicinal herbs. The tips given below can reduce hair fall, new hair growth in bald head, white hair treatment in Tamil maruthuvam, black hair tips Tamil siddha, and how to get shiny hair naturally? etc. Siddha medicine for hair growth Tamil is most effective and natural without causing any side effects.

Siddha Treatment for Hair Growth
Dandruff is the main reason for hair fall so keep your hair clean. Have your hair wash twice a week. Take 50gm if curry leaves, dry it and make powder. Mix with coconut oil or sesame oil and apply for your hair and scalp. Add carrot paste and few drops of lemon juice in coconut oil. Regular application can induce the hair growth. Regarding diet eat iron rich food like spinach and Dates.
New Hair Growth in Bald Head
One of the best siddha tips hair growth natural treatment is keelanelli oil.
Take keelanelli plant root part and cut into small pieces and boil with coconut oil. Apply this regularly to get new hair.

White Hair treatment  and Siddha Herbs Hair Growth
Add nellikai gooseberry with your daily diet. Dry Hibiscus flower and henna leaves, make powder and add with coconut oil and apply for your hair daily. The white hair turns into brown and then black.  

 How to get Shiny Hair Naturally
Take athimadhuram 20gm and boil wih 10ml of water. Then add 10ml of milk and apply for your hair half an hour before hair wash.