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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines

This is Tamil maruthuvam tips mentioned in tamil nattu vaithaiyam books. Follow and get the benefits.Tamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines can definitely help you to stay away from cold and cough.

Tamil Medicines for Cold and cough
Siddha maruthuvam in tamil nadu is famous for cold and cough treatment. Boil one litre of water and dry ginger powder (Sukku) and do vaporization. You should inhale the vapors through nose and mouth. Continue this for a week to get complete remedy for cold. 

You use eucalyptus leaves or oil alternatively for Sukku. Cover you body with a blanket to avoid the wastage of the vapor. Follow this Tamil maruthuvam in tamil Style to get rid of cold and cough with out taking allopathic medicines.

Take one class of warm water and add 5 drops of lemon juice and honey. Drink this mixture when you are in empty stomach.

siddha maruthuvam tamil vaithiyam for cold is take one glass of fresh milk add a pinch of pepper powder, turmeric powder and dry ginger powder. Boil in low flame until the milk reduces in to half the amount. Drink this every morning and night before bet.

Boil a cup of water, keep in low flame and add bunch of betel leaves (Tulsi) then add a pinch of pepper powder. Keep it for 10 minutes and drink the water with the ingredients.

Take one spoon of ginger juice, tulsi juice and thota bathaai leaf juice and one teaspoon of Honey. Mix well and have every morning.

As per tamil siddha maruthuvam cabbage juice can cure clod and cough. Boil cabbage leaves by adding salt. Extract the juice and add a pinch of pepper powder. Do this regularly for a week to get rid of cold.

Chest congestion is the main problem in cold. Roast the rice bran without adding oil and put in a cloth, tie it and keep in the chest for congestion relief. It is the best cold medicine maruthuvam in tamil nadu.

NoteTamil Maruthuvam Tips Nattu Vaithiyam Cold Cough Medicines has no side effects and the ingredients are available in your kitchen itself.

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