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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Siddha Medicine Tamil Mooligai Treatment for Diseases

Siddha Medicine Tamil Mooligai Treatment for Diseases

  • siddha medicine tamil is very popular and it one of the best Tamil medicine with out any side effects. We can improve our heath and cure diseases through our feeding habit. I have given some siddha maruthivan tips to cure many diseases.
  • siddha treatment for diabetes: the radio of blood sugar has increased a lot. Diabetes affects teenage people to adults.  Diet is very important for diabetic problem. We should eat lack or less carbohydrate food like ragi and wheat.
  • Avarampoo Diabetes Cure: avarampoo  cure diabetic problem. Prepare avarampoo sambar like usual sambar preparation and eat daily. This will reduce the blood sugar level and even body weight.
  • Siddha medicine for Arthritis:  the best siddh arthritis medicine is Mudakathan keerai. Prepare mudakathan keerai rasam, or mudakathan keerai dosai or mudakathan keerai soup. Daily practice can cure arthritis pronlem.
  • Siddha Medicine for Nerve weakness and Improve Memory Power: Vallarai keerai is the best siddha medicine for nerve weakness. Prepare vallarai keerai dosai or paruppu and eat this regularly.
  • Siddha Medicine for Cold and Cough: the best siddha medicine for cold and cough is thuthuvalai Keerai.  This mooligai improves the respiratory system and cure cold and cough.
  • siddha medicine for stomach problems: Pirandai thuvaiyal is the best siddha medicine for stomach pain. Improves digestion and gives calcium which improves the bones.
  • Siddha Medicine for Wheezing and Asthma: Musu musukai leaves cures asthma problem. You can prepare musu musukai dosai or aadi and eat daily.
  • Neem for diabetes treatment: prepare neem leaves rasam or neem flower rasam to cure blood sugar and kills the stomach worms.
  • Siddha Medicine for Weight Loss: Eat Kollu chutney or drink kollu boiled water (horse gram) for 3 months. This will reduce more than 10kg weight.
  • Siddha medicine for Cholesterol: Eat  more whole grains, the antioxidants present in this will convert the bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. Prepare the powder of cinnamon and eat 1 spoon to reduce your cholesterol naturally. Do daily one hour exercise.      


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