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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vasambu Tamil Ayurveda and Siddha Treatments for Health Benefits

What is vasambu: Vasanbu is medicinal plant called mooligai which is uses in the preparation of Tamil medicines called Tamil maruthuvam.
Benefits of vasambu: The Vasambu uses are more in Tamil siddha and ayurvedha treatment. Vasambu plant grows more in Himalayan regions. The parts like stem and root of the plant are having more medicinal properties. It is popularly called Pillai marunthu (infant medicine)  and Vasambu in Tamil language.
Vasambu botanical name: Acorus calamus
Vasambu in English: sweet Flag
Vasambu is cultivated in some parts if Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The dry vasambu stem and root parts are available in nattu marundhu kadai.
The precaution about using this medicine: Long term use can cause nausea and vomiting.   

Vasambu Health Benefits: the taste of vasambu is little spicy. It is used as a medicine for stomach problems, indigestion.  The best natural medicine worms is Vasambu. It is believed that asthma can be cured by vasambu medicine.
vasambu for infants : People in villages usually use vasambu for babies but still the question is there, is vasambu good for babies? It is believed that vasambu can reduce infant vomiting.
Vasambu for Hair Removal: Natural turmeric and vasambu for hair removal creams are prepared by powdering the ingredient. It is completely natural and no side effects.

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