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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Hair fall and Hair Care Tips

Tamil medicine for hair fall and Hair Care Tips
This is the tips alagu kurippu for hair beauty naturally. There are many natural Tamil medicines for hair fall control and treatment. Tamil Hair Care Tips are less costly but more effective. Hair fall control tips Tamil medicines are available in out kitchen. You can also grow the medicinal plants to reduce hair fall in Tamil maruthuvam.  

Hair Fall Control Tips Henna Maruthani for hair : The best hair fall solution Tamil tips is the application of Henna (Maruthani) for hair. Take 50gm of henna leaves and boil with 250ml of coconut oil. Filter it and store in a container. Apply this weekly twice or thrice and do the scalp massage before taking hair wash.

Vendhayam for hair (Fenugreek seed) :  This is one of the best Hair fall home remedies Tamil treatment for hair fall. Sweating and excess heat is also a reason for hair fall. Take a  cup of fenugreek seed.  Soak it for over night and grind nicely with curd. Apply this on the hair scalp, leave it for half an hour and take the hair wash.

Onion for hair fall: Onion is one of the best Tamil medicine for hair fall. Onion juice is the best natural remedy for hair fall due to dandruff. Extract the onion juice and apply for the hair scalp. Regular application can reduce the dandruff so the excess hair fall is controlled.

Curry Leaves Kariveppila hair oil for hair fall Control: you can easily prepare Kariveppila hair oil for hair. Dry some curry leaves and boil with coconut of sesame oil for five minutes and apply for your hair regularly to reduce the hair fall.  

Neem leaves for hair fall: Neem is a medicinal plant having excellent medicinal qualities. Grind and make a paste of neem. Apply this for your hair completely before taking hair wash. Alternatively  you can boil one lit of water by adding a bunch of neem leaves and use the water to rinse your hair on each hair wash.

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