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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dengue Fever Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda Cure

Dengue Fever Siddha Medicine
This is the information of dengue fever siddha medicine and ayurveda cure.  Dengue fever is a life threatening disease. This disease is spreading very fast in almost all parts of india. The main cause of spreading dengue fever is the mosquitoes. They transmit the disease from a affected person to a healthy person by sucking the blood. Many people are suffered from dengue fever in tamilnadu 2012.the report shows that many dengue victims are affected in dengue fever in tamilnadu 2012 october and november.  Now tamilnadu government is giving free siddha treatment for dengue in tamilnadu govern mend hospitals for affected people.
In siddha medicine the treatment for dengue is given by the preparation of dengue medicine with nine medicinally important siddha ingredients.  The effective medicines for dengue fever siddha treatment are papaya leaf juice  leaf juice of neem tree for dengue (malai vembu).

Papaya leaf juice for dengue cure:
you can prepare papaya leaf juice for dengue fever. Take a bunch of papaya leaves and grind in a mixture grinder by removing the stem part. Extract the juice and drink 10ml four times a day.
Neem for dengue fever: neem leaves are medicinally important and it is used in dengue fever cure ayurveda medicine and also in siddha treatment. Neem kashayam is prepared by using malai vembu which is available more in ooty and kodaikanal hill stations. Collect a bunch of malai vembu and extract the juice by grinding the leaves and filtering in a clean white cloth. Drink 10ml of neem juice four times a day, which kills the dengue virus.

How to use nilavembu for dengue fever treatment: Nilavembu kashayam can be easily prepared at home. Collect the leaves of nilavembu, sukku, pepper,  parpadagam, sandal,vilamichuver, korai kizhangu, and vetiver . Add little of this in boiling water and boil for five to ten minutes. This is called   nilavembu kashayam. The neem leaves are also used in treatment dengue fever ayurveda medicine.

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I am trying this kasayam now for the past two days and if there is any positive results I will let every one know.