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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manathakkali medicinal uses Keerai Leaves Health Benefits

Manathakkali Uses
Manathakkali medicinal uses Keerai Leaves health Benefits are well known by Indian ayurveda thus the plant is used to treat various types of diseases. Medicinal plant manathakkali is easily available in the village side and it can be easily grown in the pot. The whole plant is medicinally medicinally important. The uses of manathakkali leaves are well known for all types of stomach infections. 
Manathakkali keerai botanical name: Solanum nigrum.

Manathakkali Keerai Medicinal Uses
The leaves give strength to muscles and improve the vision.
It is the best medicine for headache and skin infections.
One of the best manathakkali uses is to reduce the urinary infections.
Manathakkali keerai is the best medicine for constipation.

Medicinal uses of Manathakkali juice
manathakkali keerai leaves juice is used as a medicine for liver and pancreas infections.
The juice can be taken for piles problem and neerkovai problem.
The juice is the best medicine for all types of skin infections and allergies.
 Manathakkali leaves paste is used to treat joint pain problems.
Manathakkali leaves paste is also used to treat pimples and acne.
Application of the juice for whole body and leaving for 2 to 3 hours can reduce the body pain.
Taking the recipes of manathakkali keerai during pregnancy improves digestion and reduces the vomiting sensation. Manathakkali keerai nutrition values, presence of vitamins and minerals improves the health status during pregnancy time. People at village side use manathakkali keerai for ulcer problem. This can be prepared as a delicious recipe like other keerai varieties.

Availability of Manathakkali Keerai
In India, it is easily available in the market and you can also get from street spinach venders.  
People always search Manathakkali keerai in usa and other foreign countries for its medicinal properties. In USA my friend found this spinach in Triangle Indian market and Vedic garden.
How to Prepare Manathakkali keerai as a Recipe
Manathakkali keerai recipes
1. manathakkali keerai poriyal
2. anathakkali vathal kuzhambu
3.   manathakkali sambar
4.   manathakkali keerai adai
5.   manathakkali keerai chutney
6.   manathakkali keerai kootu
7.   manathakkali keerai
8.   manathakkali keerai masiyal
9.   manathakkali keerai rasam soup
10   manathakkali keerai thuvaiyal or thogayal
11. manathakkali keerai rice sadam
12. manathakkali keerai thanni saaru


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