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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu

Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods 
This is the post about Tamil Medicine for Irregular Periods and Tamil Maruthuvam for Aanmai kuraivu. Irregular Periods is the common problem for ladies. Normal mentural cycle is about 28 to 33 days. Causes of irregular Mathavidai  are taking medications, thyroid problem, stress, tension, depression, hormonal imbalance, nutrition imbalance etc. irregular periods is common for ladies those who delivered a child.

Tamil Medicine for Irregular periods: Eat 5 to 10 dates daily. If you are having irregular periods due to iron deficiency, this works better.
Take some white or sesame seeds, and make powder of pure Jaggery. Mix sesame seeds with jiggery and eat daily 2 spoons after 20 days of your previous period.

Irregular periods tamil Maruthuvam: Eat 1tsp of soaked fenugreek seed and ½ tsp of jeera daily in empty stomach.
The most important thing to do for getting regular mentural cycle is regular exercise and balance good. Yoga exercises (Pranayama) works better for getting regular periods without pain.

Best siddha medicine for irregular periods is herba tea. Herbal tea is prepared by using five medicinal herbs which gives regular mentual cycle.
Eating bitter gourd weekly thrice or four times in the form of curry or juice makes your menstrual cycle regular without any problem.  it is the best Irregular periods treatment in tamil with out using any medicines.

Eating healthy diet, making mind peaceful and sound sleep for 6 to 9 hrs makes your hormone imbalance level normal.

Aanmai kuraivu Maruthuvam: The best medicine suggested for anmai kuraivu is eating one pomegranate fruit daily. This will improve the nervous system.


evecare said...

I will start by saying I am 23 and have been on birth control pills most of my life and thus had regular menstrual cycles. 2 years ago I went off the pill and my cycles were still super regular, so much so that within 6 months or so of quitting and with the tiniest bit of timing, I got pregnant! The fetus had genetic problems and was ended 14 months ago.

angelina said...

i have a doubt i am 25 and myself and my partner has joined for sexualwhile using condoms . but my regular periods hasbeen delay wat i want to do.

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