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Monday, December 15, 2014

Siddha medicine for weight loss in Tamil obesity Treatment

This is the details on Siddha medicine for weight loss in Tamil.  Obesity is one of the greatest problems in front of everyone on this earth. Day by day the number of obese people is increasing rapidly. The problem of obesity is found in youngsters and children too. The root cause of obesity can be wrong diet and unhealthy life style. The obese condition is the problem where out body stores unwanted fats and leads to many types of side effects. weight loss treatment in siddha medicine therapy gives the perfect solution for the problem of obesity.  There are many siddha home remedies for weight loss suggested by siddhar by using natural kitchen ingredients.  

In Tamil Siddha medicinal therapy, the condition of obesity is called as “Adi Stula Rogam”. There are some specific medicines available in siddha therapy to solve the problem. Siddha therapy believes that obesity is the result of wrong food habits and lack of exercise. Some other causes of obesity can be hereditary factors or hormonal imbalance also. In some cases it can be caused by metabolic disarray also.  One of the best siddha medicine for weight reduction is garlic and flax seeds(ali vidai in Tamil).

In siddha therapy it is believed that our body is made up of 7 Dhatus and Kolluppu is one of them. When the level of Kolluppu increases above certain level, it affects other dhatus negatively and lasts into obesity. Many other health problems are related with the problem of obesity like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, infertility etc.

Siddha therapy first tries to find out the reason behind obesity and then gives solution for the same. Siddha therapist advice to control the food habits first. It is necessary to take out junk food, canned food, oily food, alcohol, cold drinks etc. from your diet when you adopt siddha therapy.

Siddha medicines offer Tribala Choornam for the patients of obesity. Powder of three fruits like Termenellya Chabula, Terminalia Bellirica and Emblica is mixed in same quantity. The powder of Tribulues terastis fruit, cratewa stem cover, zingiber roots is also mixed along. After mixing all ingredients thoroughly store it in air tight container. Obesity patients are advised to consume 2 tsp powder twice a day with lukewarm water or with honey.
Other suggested Siddha remedies for weight loss like Ponkoranti, Kollu, Pazham Puzhi and Avarai roots are helpful to reduce body fats and controls cholesterol level also. 

An ancient siddha medicine suggests Salacia Roots for treatment of diabetes and obesity. The powder of these roots is soaked in water for a night. Morning filter and consume the extracts of the roots on empty stomach. Continue this therapy for 2 months to reduce blood glucose level and obesity both. Siddha therapy also suggests consumption of onion and garlic to boost body metabolism and reduce weight effectively.

Other remedies suggested for weight loss are:
1. Mix Nathai Choori Choornam with hot water and consume daily morning on empty stomach
2. Drink hot water after every meal to prevent fat storage.
3. Consume herbal tea three to four times a day.
4. Consume aloe vera juice to reduce obesity.
5. Add black pepper powder in your daily diet to decrease body fats and reduce weight.

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