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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Siddha medicine for infertility in male and female

This is Tamil Siddha medicine for infertility in male and female treatment and cure. This condition is called malatu thanmai in tamil language.

Siddha Medicines for infertility:
Siddha medicinal therapy is an ancient remedy to treat various kinds of common and rare diseases. The siddha medicinal therapy is without any side effects and thus safe for everyone. Infertility in male or female is a physical condition in which the reproductive system of man or woman gives trouble for the process of conceiving baby. Many physical as well as mental conditions can be reason behind the problem of infertility.
There are many physical causes which can lead to infertility in men as well as women such as thyroid, cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease or diabetes. Women can have internal problems like extreme overweight or underweight body, stressful and uncertain life style, unhealthy and insufficient diet, Drugs or alcohol habits, smoking etc. Some other problems which can be found out with certain tests are Hormonal imbalance, Ovulatory scanning and HSG, laparoscopic tests etc.
Siddha therapy reaches to the root of the problem and tries to find the correct solution on that. The treatment of siddhas also depends upon many factors like the age of the couple, the health of both and the test results. Siddha practitioners call the problem of infertility as ‘Maladu’. The term Maladu deals with the problem of inability of getting pregnant.

Siddha medicine to cure infertility
According to siddha therapy following can be the reasons for infertility or Maladu problem:
Irregularity in menstrual periods
Infection of uterus
Cysts or fibroid development in uterus
Immature follicles
Chronic Cervicitis or
Distension in organs like uterus, ovaries or fallopian which are major reproductive organs.
When the reason behind infertility is revealed, siddha therapists classify the condition into different types again:
Kaka Maludu,  Kathalai Maludu, Kanmma Maludu,  Aanmai Maludu,  Penmai Maludu, Niranthara Maludu.

Siddha infertility treatment
Generally siddha therapy suggests the treatments depending upon the cause of the condition. They provide:
1. Medicines to remover internal problems
2. Treatment for the infectious organs to remove the problem
3. Removal of tridoshas from the body.
4. Special types of yoga
5. Special type of diet to remove doshas and keep the body fit and healthy.

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