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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keelanelli medicinal benefits Tamil maruthuvam

This is Keelanelli medicinal benefits Tamil maruthuvam. The keelanelli herb medicine was used in ancient period for the treatment of various health problems like kidney stones, viral infections, disorders of liver and kidney, infections due to bacteria etc. now in ayurvedic and herbal medicinal therapies Phyllanthus niruri is used for its medicinal benefits. This herbal plant cultivation can be done using its seeds. Here are some of the keelanelli health benefits Phyllanthus niruri.

Keelanelli jaundice: One of the main uses of keelanelli leaves and root or ver is jaundice cure. The root and leaf juice is taken in empty stomach for some days to get cure jaundice completely.

Keelanelli for kidney stones: studies have proved that the Phyllanthus niruri is useful for the treatment of kidney stones. It is considered as the stonebreakers as it helps to prevent and dilute the nephrolithiasis or kidney stones. It is seen that the formation of kidney stone in any stage can be cured with the medication of Phyllanthus niruri herb powder. Ancient and recent medicinal therapies believe on this herb to cure kidney stones completely.

Keelanelli for hair growth: Keelanelli oil mixed with karisalankanni oil prevent hair fall and induces the hair growth.  

Keelanelli for liver: Phyllanthus niruri  is the herb which can prevent the damage of liver effectively. The protein extracted from the plant can cure and bring the liver in the normal condition. The protein extracts of Phyllanthus niruri helps to protect liver tissues and it also helps to stimulate the functioning of the liver which can help it to get cured.

Keelanelli for tumors: Chemotherapy is used for treating the cancer patients. The therapy includes drugs and certain chemicals which can help preventing or delaying the growth of cancer cells in the body. Recently it is proved that Phyllanthus niruri also carries the benefits of chemotherapy. The extracts of the herb helps to reduce tumor growth by reducing its size and the trouble caused by it. It is thus proved that it carries anti tumor activity and it is an effective chemo-preventive agent.

Keelanelli for HIV: Phyllanthus niruri contains the properties which can work as anti-hepatitis B. This magical plant also shows the significant benefits of working as anti – HIV. Phyllanthus niruri is loaded the alkaloid extracts which show positive results in the HIV infected cell. The treatment with the herb shows the remarkable reduction in the infection of cells. This extracts also help to prevent the damage of cells caused by HIV.

Keelanelli and diabetes cure: This medicinal herb shows amazing effects on diabetes also. The aerial extracts of the herb can decrease the blood glucose level in the blood and it also reduces the glucose absorption and glucose storage by the body effectively. Because of these properties this herb is known as anti-diabetic agent.

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