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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Avarampoo health benefits Tamil medicinal uses

This is avarampoo health benefits Tamil medicinal uses. Herbs and other natural remedies are always proved helpful in the treatment of many diseases. Along with the many others Avaram poo or widely known as Cassia Auriculate (English name / botanical name) is considered as very good remedy for many health ailments. This herb is easily found in many parts of Asia and especially in India. The golden yellow flowers of this plant are used for beauty as well as health treatments, avarampoo recipes in tamil nadu is used to treat various health problems.  The other parts of this plant are also beneficial in treatment of health and beauty problems. Here are the avarampoo medicinal uses in health and beauty aspects.

Avarampoo for diabetes: The flowers of this cassia auriculate plant have cooling and dehydrating effects. So diabetics are advised to use this plant extracts instead of tea and coffee. avarampoo drink is prepared by using dried avarampoo flower and leaves.  avarampoo juice is also effective for diabetic people. The properties of this plant help to reduce the sugar level in the blood effectively.

Avarampoo Drink: These amazing flowers leave amazing effects on bowel movements and works as the very effective, natural laxative; hence avarampoo nattu maruthuvam is so popular in villagers. The plant extract cleanses urinary system. After drying the flowers in the sunlight, you can make a powder of the flowers and store it in airtight container. Add this powder in lukewarm water along with honey to make an herbal tea. This tea is a good source of antioxidant that is good for health.

Avarampoo beauty benefits: The plant and flower extracts are used beauty treatments also. People use avarampoo flower for face.  if you wish to get fair complexion then mix the flower powder with Bengal gram and green gram flour. Add little water or rose water to make a paste. Use this paste while taking bath. The regular usage will give you fairer complexion easily. Flower powder is also available in the market.

Avarampoo  for hair: avarampoo powder (podi) and aloe vera  gel  is mixed with fenugreek seed powder and applied on the scalp to treat dandruff.

Other medicinal benefits of Avarampoo: The flowers of this plant avoid the dehydration of the body. During summer season these flowers help to keep our body cool and prevent dehydration due to excess heat.

The drink made with palm sugar, cardamom seeds and dry avaram poo powder along with milk or water is very beneficial for diabetic people (diabetics can use honey instead of palm sugar). It can reduce extreme thirst and urinary problems also.

Apart from all these things, avaram flower and leaves are also beneficial for the treatments of eye infections, inflammation in joints and muscles, constipation, jaundice and liver disorders.

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