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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tamil Mooligai Agarathi Vaithiyam

Tamil Mooligaigal

Tamil mooligai are called herbal plants having high medicinal values. The parts like stem, leaves, fruits, seeds and root are used in the preparation of Tamil Mooligai Maruthuvam.  We can use this medicine for long time without any side effects.  Tamil mooligai agarathi is very proud to remember the use of these medicinal plants and its uses.



Tamil Mooligai List
  1.  Vilvam Leaves: Used to improve digestion power
  2.  omam seeds: Best medicine for gastric and indigestion
  3.  Siriyanangai Leaves: Used to treat Jaundice and fever.
  4. Adhatoda leaves: Memory inducer and medicine for respiratory problems.
  5.  Jeeragam water: Best medicine for indigestion.
  6.  Poondu: Prevent cancer and reduce blood Cholesterol.
  7.  Kuppaimeni leaves: Medicine for ulcer and pain remover
  8.  karpooravalli leaves: Best medicine for cold and cough
  9.  Milagu: Improves digestion and medicine for cough.
  10.  Inji: Reduce throat infection and clean the respiratory tract.
  11.   seenthil kodi guduchi: Used as medicine for allergy and skin infections.
  12.   Karisalankanni leaves: Best medicine for loss of appetite and improves complexion.
  13.  NellikaiPavakkai: improves digestion, medicine for diabetes mellitus (high sugar).
  14.  Vendhayam: Used as medicine for kidney stone
  15.  Manjal: used as an antibiotic in tamil medicine
  16.  Vembu leaves: Medicine for worms and cure skin infections.
  17. Sotru katrazhai: Best medicine for all stomach infections.
  18. Vilampazham: Prevents breast cancer.
  19.  Naval pazham: vitamin C rich fruit is used to cure scurvy disease.
  20. Nellikai: Improves stamina and cure acidity.

The above tamil mooligai agarathi herbal plants are used in Tamil mooligai vaithiyam for curing many diseases.  

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