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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Diabetes Best Siddha Treatment

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Diabetes
Nowadays Diabetes is becoming a common disease.  We should check our blood sugar level periodically after 35 years.  Diabetes is classified into three types.
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes and
Gestational Diabetes
Exercise is the best medicine for diabetes. Books about Tamil medicine for diabetes says that, ten minutes walk after each meal can reduce your blood sugar level.  There are many Tamil medicinal plants and Tamil mooligaigal are having power to reduce the blood sugar level. If you are having diabetics practice to walk daily 30 – 45 minutes in the morning or evening.

Tamil medicine for Diabetes
Take a 1sp of fenugreek powder in the morning and night.
Practice to do some special yoga for diabetes

Drink bitter gourd  Pagarkai juice regularly for seven days

One of the best murungai keerai benefits is to reduce sugar level.

Drink green tea regularly. This will induce the secretion of insulin.

Eat a single leaf of an insulin plant daily to reduce your sugar level.



jrksiddha said...

Hi, Caring for ur health Siddha Research (:

Meena said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

My mother is 48 - said to be having FIBROID in uterus. Suggested to remove her uterus. She is still under menopause. Suffering a lot due to this. We do not want to get the uterus removed. Could u pls suggest any siddha remedy for it to cure automatically.

Meena said...

Hai Friend,
Fibroid treatment is available in Ayerveda and Siddha. You can Shrink Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery. The treatment differs as per the size and stage of the fibroid.
It is best to consult specialist in ayerveda a and siddha to regarding this.

Home Remedy
Eat flax seed powder which is rich in phytoestrogens. Eat Vitamin K rich food, Maintain your thyroid level normal, prefer green tea, drink more water,

Anonymous said...

I have type 2.i was trying to increase my weight then i got that.now i was reduced 20kg.i am underweight taking bitterguard juice now i dont want to reduce my weight further.my face and breast are so skinny bonny kindly suggest something useful.controlling my sugar by dieting and exercise not in medication.i am 35 female.

Jacob Harris said...

Hi there,
I am type 2 diabetic myself 32 and have successfully reduced my sugar levels from when I was diagnosed, within a year. I did tests on myself and learnt a lot of new things about my body and diabetes which helped me in controlling diabetes. Ignorance is a the cause for all our suffering. Now I am trying to help others to control their diabetes without medication. There is no fees or any other hidden agenda. Believe me and write to me on jh.rayvon@gmail.com and I promise that will be your first step in controlling diabetes successfully.

Anonymous said...

hi I am 28 yrs old i have diabetic for last 3 yrs it is showing always under 160 after food i discussed with special doctors some doctors said this is not diabetic due to stress it was occurred but another doctors said this diabetic symptoms. If i tool medicine even very low point that time also my sugar level went down. Any tell wat extact thing goingon.

Meena said...

There is a chance to get diabetics by heredity, find out that your grand parents, parents, or other blood relation have diabetic already. if the result is positive there is a chance for getting diabetic (160 little above border) I suggest you take more fiber food like oats and whole grains. Do yoga and simple stomach to activate your insulin level.

Anonymous said...

Hello Meena,
Thanks for your update. My father and mother having diabetic.
Everyday morning i taking methi and oats as a brkfast and night time only chappati. due to my work physical activity is very less (IT sector) is other any possible to permanent recovery from this and also let me know what type of Diabetic this.


the original diabetes medicine unknown plant at every place i controlled my dad sugar from 450mg to 250mg within 20 days of time i used learn every siddha medicines iam fan of gurus agastyar,bhogar and patanjali


iam havcing dibetes medicine the original diabetes medicine unknown plant at every place i controlled my dad sugar from 450mg to 250mg within 20 days of time i used learn every siddha medicines iam fan of gurus agastyar,bhogar and patanjali

Anonymous said...

What is the name of thst plant?

Sathish bk said...

Hi everybody......

there is a very wonderfull medicine for diabetes created in the form of coffee......(FSSAI certified)

As you all know, charaka maharshi great guru of ayurveda in the period of 900 BC - 700BC .
Founded EKANAYAKAM (SALACIA RETICULATA) for MADHUMEHA (DIABETES) was used extensively for centuries..

This olden medicine has now been upgrated and manufactured in the form of coffee.....
I asure you all that , yoy will get good result in sugar level with in 20 days with out any diet, extra medicine and exercise....
for further assistance contact
Sathish (9008834359)

meetha said...

hi, my mum has been diagonised having diabetics 10 years ago and under medication. constant intake of metformin ( any medication as well) will worsen kidney function. as for this, i decided to switch to our ancient herbal remedys. she is now taking bitter groud powder trice a day along with metformin. but her sugar level hiked more then before. i worried if this persist, will lead to bad consequences. consulting with neuropathis, they said there is no way to cure diabetic completely. all we can do is to reduce the implications. at the end, dialysis is for sure. but i cant accept this fact.she is 42 right now and active. is there any way that her diabetic cured completely? without taking the modern medication? im ok with herbal medication . any thing that will never put her into dialysis stage in future. please reply as soon as possible. im extremely confused.