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Monday, April 9, 2012

Ayurveda Maruthuvam Tulsi inTamil Medicines

Ayurveda Maruthuvam Tulsi Leaves
Medicinal uses of plants are more. Treating the diseases with plants and plant products are called  Ayurveda Maruthuvam. There is a medicine in Ayurveda Maruthuvam for more than 4000 different types of diseases. In ancient days our ancestors followed the food habit with medicinally important plants.

Types of  Tulsi Plant
krishna tulsi
Sri tulsi
Karun tulasi
Mul tulsi
Nai Thulasi

Tulsi Medicinal uses in Tamil Maruthuvam
Tulsi plant is called Ocimum sanctum. This can be grow in moderate temperature.
Tulsi for diabetes: Soak a bunch of Thulasi leaves in water and drink tulsi water daily to reduce and avoid diabetes.
Tulsi tea for diabetes: dry the leaves if Tulsi and prepare Tulsi tea.
Tulsi for cough: Tulsi leaves juice with pepper can reduce cough
Tulsi for digestion, gastric and stomach problems: Make a habit of eating some tulsi leaves in empty stomach to avoid all stomach problems
Tulsi for cold and throat infection: take the juice from tulsi leaves and add one or two drops of honey to cure cold and throat infection.
Tulsi leaves for skin: add a bunch of tulsi leaves in your bathing water to avoid all types of skin infection.
Tulsi leaves for acne: make a paste of tulsi leaves and add 2 drops of lemon juice. Apply for your face or for the area of acne.
Tulsi for kidney problem: Grind the seeds of Tulsi and have after food to control kidney problems.
Tulsi for swine flu: Tulsi is called holey plant. It has the ability to avoid the infection of swine flu. Eating the leaves of Tulsi plant regularly can reduce the risk of swine flu.
Tulsi for fever: Tulsi can cure any type of viral fever. In Japan they have tried Tulsi to cure brain fever (encephalitis) and got the positive result.
Tulsi for immune resistance: Drinking home made tulsi juice can pimrove your immunity power and more over there is no side effects of Tulsi.

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