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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Siddha Medicine for Jaundice | Keelanelli Tamil Medicine Benefits

Siddha Medicine for Jaundice
The best Siddha medicine for jaundice is Keelanelli herb. It grows abundantly in almost all areas of Tamil nadu. In ancient days people are not aware of jaundice vaccine and they know the power of this plant to in jaundice treatment. Keelanelli medicine is still used in nattu vaitiyam to get fast and complete cure against this disease.
Keelanelli botanical name: Phyllanthus amrus

Keelanelli Benefits: This is the best Siddha medicine for jaundice. Here I have listed some Keelanelli uses in Tamil siddha vaidyam.
It is used to treat urine problems, intestinal problems, throat infection, stomach infections, eye problems, heat, menstrual problems, anemia, and wound healing and not feeling hungry.
Keelanelli plants are a small herb.  It is having tiny leaves with small bud like below the stem area. The whole part of the plant is used to treat jaundice disease.

Keelanelli therapy for jaundice: Take 2 Keelanelli herb, cardamom rice 4, turmeric powder (with one coin weight – oru kaasu weight). Add one onion then grind nicely by adding milk. Mix this with a glass of milk or butter milk and drink two time morning and night. Having Empty stomach is best to have Keelanelli Tamil medicine.
Grind the leaves of Keelanelli with goat milk (white goat) and drink this with goat milk in empty stomach. This is good for eyes. Eat Keelanelli weekly once to save your liver.  

Keelanelli uses to remove body heat: Keelanelli root, gingelly oil 2tsp, Jeera black and white, and add milk for grinding. Apply this pate for head bath.
Keelanelli plant for skin burning: Keelanelli plant 30gram, pepper 4. Boil this with 3 glasses water and drink when it reduces to 1 glass.  Eat Keelanelli leaves by adding salt to get rid of all skin infections and problems.

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