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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tamil Ayurvedic Medicines Tips and Herbal Siddha Home Remedies

Tamil Ayurvedic Medicines
This is the information of Tamil Ayurvedic medicines tips and Herbal Siddha Home Remedies. Ayurveda Tamil nadu india treatment is well known. The two important natural medicines other than allopathic medicine are siddha ayurveda tamil medicines. Ayurvedic medicines tamil language books gives the details about Tamil medicine and treatment by using natural and easily available home ingredients. Natural beauty ingredients are also prepared by using the Ayurvedic products. Tamil ayurvedic herbs can be easily grown in the garden but some herbs grow only in the hills station areas these are available in the market. The details of Home remedies ayurveda method is available online in Tamil website for ayurvedic medicine but you should consult your doctor before applying this process. You can get all types od medicinal herbs from Nursery of Ayurvedic medicinal plants in Tamil nadu for reasonable rate, there you can get Tamil names for Ayurvedic herbs too.
Siddha Ayurveda Tamil Nadu Medicines
Tamil Ayurvedic treatment for Headache: Nochi leaves are the best remedy for headache. Take two drops of nochi thailam and apply on your forehead. This will relive the Sevier headache and pain.

Ayurvedic treatment for Cold: One of the best Ayurvedic home remedies Tamil for cold is karun tulasi Juice. Take few drips of juice from Tulasi and add half amount of honey. Have this thrice or four times a day to get rid of cold.

Tamil Ayurvedic Medicine for Gum pain: This is Pal vali maruthuvam.  Prepare the powder of Dry ginger (Sukku). Add a pinch of salt with sukku powder and apply on your gums and teeth. Then take the proper medication by consulting your doctor.

Leg sprain home treatment Tamil maruthuvam: In the beginning stage of leg sprain, heat tamarind and salt. And cover the area with warm salt and tamarind.

Tamil medicine stomach pain: Drink the warm water with sukku, sugar and few drops of fresh ghee. The stomach pain reasons in tamil maruthuvam are indigestion and stomach infections. In case of indigestion drink omam water.

Tamil Ayurvedic beauty tips for pimples: pimples can be cured by applying tulsi juice and aloe vera juice regularly for a week. Application before bed is the best time to get good result.

Tamil medicine for gastric: soak 1tsp of cumin seeds and 5 raisins in a glass of water for  8 hours (do at night) and drink in the early morning in empty stomach.

Constipation ayurvedic Tamil Home remedy: Take a glass of warm water. Add 1/2tsp caster oil and a pinch of sukku. Drink this in the empty stomach for a week. Ear more and more fibre food items. The best fibre food items are whole grins,  fruits and vegetables without removing the outer skin.

Tamil Ayurvedic home remedies nausea: the best treatment for vomiting and nausea is having few drops ginger juice with onion juice. This will give the remedy for vomiting problem. Eat light and easy to digest food.

Tamil Ayurvedic Home remedies for loss of appetite: Take 1/2tsp of ginger juice add equal amount of mint juice and onion juice. Have this after each for five days to induce your appetite naturally.

Ayurvedic Tamil medicine cold children: Neem oil is available in Ayurvedic shops. Take 1tsp of neem oil, warm it and apply on the chest, neck and back of the children. This will minimize the infection and cure cold naturally.

Tamil Ayurvedic medicines wound healing: if the wound is small and is in the beginning stage you can go for Tamil natural Ayurvedic medicines for wound healing. Apply neem juice with turmeric powder on the wound. In case of fire wound apply aloe vera pulp to get natural remedy.


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