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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thumbai Medicinal uses Tamil Herbal Plant Benefits and Disease Treatment

Thumbai Plant Benefits
This is a topic about thumbai medicinal uses and disease treatment.Thumbai medicinal plant
 is a Herbal Plant. This plant is also called in the name of thumbaflower. It grows more in Tamil nadu village sides during the rainy season. People call the flower as thumbai malar and the leaves as thumbai illai. Here are the uses of thumbai plant to treat various diseases naturally.
Thumbai botanical name:  Leucas aspera

Thumbai Medicinal Uses
Cold and viral fever is the common problems during winter season. Natural herbal medicine works better to cure these problems without causing any side effects. Thumbai herb is available in village sides of Tamil Nadu. The plant is green in colour. Thumbai leaves looks like the shape of the knife. The whole thumbai plant is having medicinal properties. Thumbai flower and leaves are having high medicinal value in the preparation of auyervedha and siddha medicine.

Cold Tamil Medicine by using Thumbai medicinal plant: Take the 1tsp of thumbai juice from leaves and add few drops of honey. Have this three times a day.

Cold headache home remedy by using kasi thumbai flower: Add a bunch of thumbai flower in coconut oil and boil for five minutes. Apply the oil regularly for your hair scalp.

Constipation home remedies by using Thumbai: wash a bunch of thumbai leaves, mint leaves, and coriander leaves. Prepare thuvaiyal in the usual Tamil manner. This will cure your constipation problem.

Gastric home made medicine: Have 1tsp of Thumbai leaves juice mixed with 1 glass of cumin seed boiled water to get rid of gastric problem.

Pitham Tamil medicine: Boil a bunch of thumbai poo and leaves in a cup of water and extract the juice. Drink one or two tsp before each meal. This treatment is one of the best Pitham home remedies.

Tonsillitis herbal remedies: Collect a bunch of tender thumbai laves boil with green gram dal. Add salt and chillies mash it nicely and have daily once with rice. This will cure the Tonsillitis problems naturally.

Menses problems Tamil medicine: take a bunch of thumbai leaves, grind nicely and have 1tsp daily with warm cow’s milk.    

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