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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weight Loss Diet Tips Tamil Maruthuvam Vaithiyam

How to weight lossTamil Tips

This is weight loss diet tips Tamil maruthuvam vaithiyam. Weight gain is the major problem from young age to old age people. Weight reduction through natural method is always safe with out causing any side effects. In Tamil maruthuvam different methods are available in weight reduction. Weight loss Tamil language tips help you to bring your weight down.


 Body weight loss Tips Tamil Method

1.   Weight loss Tamil recipes

2.   Ramdev baba yogaweight loss Tamil asanas

3.   Weight loss exercises Tamil Method


Weight loss Tamil recipes

Horse gram weight loss Tamil soup recipe: Soak one hand full of kollu (Horse gram) over night, add 3 cups of water, boil it until the water reduces into half. Drink the water by adding salt in empty stomach.  

Weight Loss Fruits in Tamil Maruthuvam

One of the best and easy weight loss in tamil nadu method is fruit diet chart method. Avoid eating junk food, fried food, nuts, oily food. When you are hungry expect meal time, eat only fruits no snacks.    

Green tea weight loss Tamil Cure
Soak the Green tea pack in boiled hot water for 10 minutes, add little sugar.

Weight loss food chart in Tamil Treatment

Green Tea
Boiled salted whole grain + raw vegetables 1 cup
Vegetable soup (cabbage Juice)
Rice + spinach + Boiled vegetables each one cup
Green tea + Mixed chopped fruits ine cup
Ragi or Bajra recipe
Vegetable soup



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