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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pudina Medicinal properties and uses in Tamil Maruthuvam

Pudina Medicinal Properties 
This is pudina medicinal properties and uses in Tamil Maruthuvam. The leaves are green in colour with pleasant odour. Pudina plant is especially famous for its cooling sensation and freshness. You people might have been tried pudina for face with turmeric, neem with pudina for pimples and acne problem, soup of pudina for cold and cough,  Chutney prepared with pudina for stomach related problems and many more.  Very few people know about the other medicinal uses of this wonderful and easy to grow herb.

Pudina for acidity and oral Health
This is the most prominent use of mint leaves and everyone knows it. Pudina leaves fight against the oral problems like bad breathe and harmful bacterial growth in mouth. Chew some mint leaves and keep bad breathe and oral infections away. Pudina soup is advised to clear acidity problem.

Pudina health benefits Nausea and headache Cure
Mint leaves are most recommended in cure of Nausea. Smell of the fresh mint leaves or mint oil controls nausea. It also lessens the vomit sensation. Mint oil helps to relieve headache and gives cooling sensation.

Pudina for cold and respiratory disorders
The common respiratory problems like blocks nose and sore throat can be treated by inhaling and consuming mint leaves. Doctors advise mint leaves in the treatment of Asthma also.

Pudina for Skin care problems
Many types of skin problems like skin irritation, rashes, infections, insect bites and even acne can be cured with the application of mint leaves. Apply pudina powder mixed with milk to cure allergies.  Alternatively you can use pudina paste and juice for the above mentioned skin problems.

Mint Leaves foe pain due to Injury
Applying mint oil on painful area can give instant cooling effect and reduces the pain level rapidly.

Mint leaves for cancer
Recent studies have proved that the enzymes contain in mint can battle against the cancer cells.

Mint tea and Periods
Mint improves the functioning of body muscles and purifies the blood. Sipping the mint tea or consumption of mint juice can reduce menstrual pain and also lessens the nausea during these days.

Mint leaves health facts
Immunity builder:
Mint leaves carry various nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, D and E. It has little of vitamin B complex. These nutrients are needed for the proper functioning of healthy body. Regular use of mint leaves in diet can improve immunity system and keeps the body safe from many types of infections.

Mint Blood purifier
Mint leaves are excellent blood purifier. It removes out the harmful toxins from the body and stimulates the blood circulation.

Prevents cataracts
Consumption of mint tea twice a day can prevent the formation of cataracts as mint leaves carry antioxidant qualities.

Mint leaves kidney stones Medicine
Calming property of mint leaves is very much beneficial in lowering the pain caused by kidney stones.

Mint head lice Repels itching
The scalp irritation and itching caused by lice can be controlled by applying mint juice on the scalp. It also prevents the growth of the lice.

Mint Stress reliever
The fresh aroma of mint leaves can boost your mood and relief get relief for your body and mind. Mind tea is one of the best mind freshener. You can even add the fresh mint leaves in a bucket of your bath water and feel all day fresh.

Mint Insect repellent

Fresh mint leaves work as excellent insect repellent to control the insects. Spread some fresh mint leaves in the house corners and get rid of cockroaches and even mosquitoes. Tie some fresh mint leaves in cloth and keep it in your cupboard to give a freshness and aroma to clothes and keep away the fear of bugs.

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