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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kothamalli Medicinal Uses Coriander properties

Kothamalli medicine Home Remedies
This is the information of Kothamalli medicinal Uses Coriander properties and values. Coriander leaves and seed are used in the treatment of various types of health problems.

Coriander for indigestion: The aroma of coriander leaves is useful in stimulating appetite and regulates the digestive function. This helps to digest the food properly.
The disease causing bacteria present in food can be prevented with the help of coriander leaves. The leaves carries anti - bacterial properties which fight against his infection. Coriander is a magical herb for alcoholic people. It repairs the futile lever due to excess intake of alcohol.

Coriander immune system Enhancer: Coriander leaves contain nutrient properties like magnesium, dietary fibre and potassium in plenty. Consumption of coriander leaves helps to the body resistance body. Coriander leaves helps to purify the blood. Coriander leaves purifies the toxic things from the body. It is the rich source of vitamin K, which is needed for bone mass structure by supporting osteoporotic movement in bones.
Coriander for diabetes: Coriander leaves controls insulin production in body and lowers sugar level. Thus it is used in diabetes treatment to prevent diabetes.

Coriander headache Paste: If you are suffering from headache then paste of coriander leaves can help you surely. Apply the paste of coriander leaves on forehead and get quick relief.
Painful mouth ulcers can be cured by applying coriander paste thoroughly in mouth. Anti- inflammatory properties of coriander leaves lessens the inflammation and heat in the body.

Kothamalli for kidney and urinary problems
Coriander leaves have the powder in curing urinary problems. The refreshing aroma of coriander leaves cures and nausea and vomiting sensation quickly.

Coriander lower cholesterol: The medicinal property of coriander leaves relieve the intestine gases. Coriander leaves purifies blood by reducing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol from it. Thus it is good for heart.

Coriander for acne: Use paste of coriander leaves and sandal paste on pimples, acne or blackheads to get rid of them easily. It works as a great skin cleanser. Fresh kothamalli leaves are useful in healing skin allergies, rashes, itching, swellings etc. Applying coriander paste can give quick relief.

Contagious diseases like small packs can be effectively treated with coriander leaves. Coriander juice along with banana seeds should be consumed for two weeks to get soothing effect.

Coriander seeds for irregular periods: The females who are suffering from irregular periods problem, coriander seeds can help them to regulate menstrual cycle.

Coriander alzheimer's Treatment: It is best treatment for patients of Alzheimer disease. It controls neuronal damage in the brain. Conjunctivitis of other eye infections can be cured by putting coriander juice in both eyes.

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