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Friday, September 26, 2014

Paati Vaithiyam in Tamil Disease Treatment Cure

This is the information on Paati vaithiyam in tamil disease treatment cure.

Paati vaithiyam for cold and cough: If you are suffering from chronic cough and cold then consume fresh tulsi leaves juice along with honey.
  • Boil few tulsi leaves in water and consume warm water to reduce the attack of cold and cough.
  • Paati vaithiyam for fever: Onion is very beneficial for treating cold and cough and fever. Make a onion juice along with black pepper powder and ginger.
  • paati vaithiyam for blood pressure: Garlic is very beneficial to keep away many types of allergies. It can even control the high blood pressure effectively. This is the best patti remedy.
  • Paati vaithiyam for gas problem: Indigestion and gas problem can be cured easily by consuming mixture of ginger and lemon juice with a pinch of black salt.
  • Paati vaithiyam for throat pain: Gargling with warm salt water can prove very beneficial for the treatment of sore throat and throat irritation.
  • Another best remedy for throat infection is to add 1⁄4 tsp of black pepper and turmeric in milk and boil it. Consume this warm milk to get relief to throat.
  • paati vaithiyam for constipation: If you are suffering from constipation then eating dried black grapes with warm water can prove useful.
  • Constipation can be treated by consuming warm milk with 1 tsp pure ghee mixed in it. You can also get rid of constipation by eating a banana or papaya daily.
  • paati vaithiyam for tooth pain: To prevent tooth decay wash your mouth with homemade mouth wash prepared by boiling neem leaves, turmeric powder and cloves in water. This can also reduce the problem of bad breath effectively.
  • Paati vaithiyam for stomach worms: Children who are suffering from intestinal worms can be cured by the following treatment. Boil jeera, vidanga seeds, neem leaves and saindhav in water. Filter and give the water to your kid to get rid of worms.
  • Paati vaithiyam for stomach pain: Methi seeds are also equally effective to fight against intestinal worms. To get rid of stomach pain, add the powder of ajwain, jeera, saindhav and saunt in warm water and consume it.
  • Paati vaithiyam for mouth smell: To reduce gastric problem and acidity, consume garlic with your regular diet. To prevent bad breath, always keep a cardamom pod in your mouth. Chewing a clove can also keep your breathe fresh.
  • Paati vaithiyam for acidity: Chewing a clove is beneficial in reducing acidity also.
  • Paati vaithiyam for headache: Eucalyptus oil is very useful in treatment of cold and running nose. Add few drops of oil in boiling water and inhale the steam to get relief from headache and running nose.
  • Memory increase: For the fantastic memory power feed your child with almonds. Soak almonds in water overnight and morning remove the outer skin of almonds.
  • paati vaithiyam for back pain: Gentle massage with garlic oil and rice husk can reduce your back pain quickly.

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