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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tamil Siddha Medicine and its usage

Siddha Medicine Benefits 

This is tamil siddha medicine and its usage. Tamil siddha medicine in Tamil treatment is very effective. Siddha medicinal therapy is one of the oldest medicinal therapies in India. This therapy is mainly based on medicinal herbs and the minerals found in nature. Universal salt is a main component of many siddha medicines beneficial for many diseases.  One of the most popular tamil siddha medicine books is Pogar-7000 which suggests medicine for common diseases like cough, cold, piles, diabetes, hair growth and bloof pressure.

 There are nearly 64 varieties of medicines in siddha therapy. These all medicines are the combinations of herbs, minerals, salt and metals found in nature. The main forms of siddha medicines are Bhasma (ash made with metals and minerals) Choorna (powders of one or various components) Kashaya (decoctions or extracts) Lehya (confections), Ghrita (ghee) and Taila (various useful oils) siddha oils  are useful to use externally according to siddha therapy. Many types of skin diseases, body pain and joint pains can be cured with the help of this oil massage. Hot water bath is suggested after particular time span. If the patient is suffering from body pain, then Marma oil, made with combination of herbs is applied on the body at night. The patient is advised to take a bath in the morning to get complete relief and body relaxation.

Siddha medicine for asthma is the most effective method.  Those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems can be treated with some particular useful herbs. Some kinds of siddha medicines are prepared with the powder of gold, silver and other rare metals. In some medicines extracts of pearls and corals are used. Extracts of herbs are the most common ingredients in nearly all medicines.

To lead a healthy life during old age, thanga paspam is suggested for the people. This bhasma is made with gold powder.  If there is any swelling found on any body part, siddha therapy bandage made with cooked flour mixed with turmeric powder.  Siddha therapy suggests castor oil to cure cold. Put few drops of oil in both nostrils to cure condition.

Gingeli oil massage along with turmeric powder followed with warm water is useful for body pain. Nutmeg powder along with plantain fruits is used to treat dysentery. Leaves of drumstick tree are beneficial in treating sore throat and cough. Soak rice in water; filter that water and mix salt, turmeric and a pinch of asafoetida in it. Drink this water as a best health tonic. Siddha therapy suggests stem of banana plant to treat urinary infection or other related problems.

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