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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tamil Paarambariya Maruthuvam

Tamil Paarambariya Maruthuvam
This is the information on tamil paarambariya maruthuvam. Some of the Home remedies are taken from zee tamil paarambariya maruthuvam episodes to cure various diseases. Siddha medicine natural cure medicines book is available in the market. Today we depend on English medicine each and every problem but it will cause several side effects. These natural remedies are without any side effects and you can save a lot of money by following them.
Kollu or horse gram is suggested in Paarambariya maruthuvam weight loss treatment.
1. The first and the main home remedy for many diseases are drinking lots of water. Water not only prevents the dehydration of the body but also removes harmful toxins from the body effectively.

2. Those who are suffering from ear pain can get relief with the help of ajwain seeds. Mix ajwain seeds in sesame oil along with garlic. Take a boil to the oil and after cooling down use few drops in ear to reduce pain.

3. Crushed ajwain seeds mixed with jaggery powder are useful for treating cold and cough quickly.

4. Aloe vera gel mixed with coconut milk is beneficial for treating dandruff and other scalp infections.

5. Aloe vera works best as skin moisturizer. Rub freshly cut aloe vera plant directly on your face to get smooth and glowing skin.

6. Consumption of aloe vera juice can cure digestive problems and it can treat constipation also.

7. The best home remedy to treat chronic cough and cold is to mix amla powder on honey and consume it twice a day.

8. Amla contains high amount of vitamin C. Consumption of Amla and using amla oil on scalp can improve the hair growth and reduce hair fall quickly.

9. Warm oil massage with oils like coconut oil, amla oil, almond oil can improve the blood circulation in the scalp. This will improve the conditions like hair fall, hair thinning and hair greying. It supports healthy hair growth with bounce and shine.

10. Amla is useful to treat respiratory tract problems like asthma.

11. Potato is a rich source of magnesium and potassium which is essential for controlling blood pressure. Consumption of bananas also provide good amount of potassium.
12. Consume handful of black raisins before going to bed to treat constipation easily.

13. Ginger juice mixed with honey is very beneficial remedy for cough and cold.

14. Raw onion juice or potato juice is useful to treat gastric trouble.

15. Mint leaves paste or juice is useful to treat many types of skin problems like skin infections, irritation, rashes, insect bites and even acne and pimples.

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