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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Siddha Medicines for Infertility

Siddha Medicines for Infertility

This is the chapter about Siddha medicines for infertility. Infertility is not a disease but a condition where the reproductive system of a man or a woman is affected which can lead to problem in conceiving a baby. There can be many causes of this condition. Infertility mostly occurs for female but now s days it is the problem for men too. Siddha medicines for male infertility is also more effective.  siddha treatment for infertility in Chennai Tamil nadu is very popular to get positive result and permanent cure.

Siddha medicine for female infertility
 Many internal disorders in woman can cause infertility. The medical conditions like thyroid, anemia, cancer, excretory problems, and diabetes are some of the problems which may lead to infertility in woman. The external reasons like age of the woman, obesity or underweight body type, stressful life style, improper diet, consumption of drugs or alcohol, smoking can also lead to infertility in woman.

The problems connected with woman are investigated through Hormonal tests, Ovulatory scanning and HSG, Laparoscopic examinations etc. The treatment varies from patients to patient depending upon various factors like the age of the couple, the test results, health condition of the couple etc.

Conditions and siddha medicine to cure infertility
The treatment of infertility includes medication, surgery etc. The Siddha Therapy refers this condition as Maladu. Therapy deals with the condition as lack of ability to be pregnant.  Following are the main causes which can lead to the condition of infertility:
1.   Irregular menstrual cycle.
2.   Undeveloped follicles
3.   Infectious condition of uterus
4.   Chronic cervicitis
5.   swelling in reproductive organs like uterus, ovary or fallopian tube
6.   cysts or fibroids in uterus.
7.   Salphingitis
The siddha therapy has classified the condition of infertility or Maladu into six different types as:

1.   Kaga Maladu: the condition in where woman is not able to conceive again after having 2 children.
2.   Kathali Maladu: in this condition the woman cannot conceive again after having 1 child.
3.   Kanma Maladu: in this condition woman undergoes the problem of repeated abortions and cannot conceive any child due to that.
4.   Aan Maladu: this condition is described as the sperm count present in the semen is very less and not sufficient for the reproduction.
5.   Pen Maladu: this is a condition of infection to the reproductive organs. The symptoms seen under this condition are passing blood clots during menstruation, yellowish black blood flow, the menstrual flow looks like pus contents.
6.   Niranthara Maladu: the main cause of this condition is excessive fats on the centre part of the body that is on stomach. Obesity can lead to permanent infertility.

The treatments of siddha therapy depend upon the above mentioned conditions. The general treatments provided are:
1.   Internal medication after perfect conclusions
2.   The treatment during menstruation to cure the infections and other problematic conditions.
3.   Removal of tridoshas
4.   External touch therapy and some special types of yoga.
5.   The therapy suggests some special kind of diet to remove doshas in the body.

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