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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tamil maruthuva kurippugal mooligai maruthuvam tips

This is Tamil maruthuva kurippugal mooligai maruthuvam tips traditional medicine. Paati maruthuvam is used from ancient period for various health ailments. Many health problems can be treated without any side effects with the help of grandma medicines. Thus these remedies are safe from small babies to the elders.

Here are some health tips for common health problems.
Tamil maruthuvam for cough, cold and fever: Ginger is loaded with medicinal properties. Use of ginger in your regular diet can make you safe from viral fever.
 Consume fresh ginger juice along with honey to treat viral fever effectively. Same like ginger, garlic is also rich in medicinal properties. Soup made with onion and garlic is very useful in the treatment of viral fever and cold.

Get habitual with adding a pinch of black pepper powder in your tea or on your hot soup. Consumption of black pepper powder can be useful in curing infections like cough, cold and fever. It is also helpful in losing weight.

Tamil maruthuvam asthma: Beneficial natural remedy for asthma  is tulsi leaves. Extracts of tulsi leaves with honey and ginger juice can not only reduce the infection and also helpful in cough and cold.

Tamil maruthuvam for cold: If you are suffering from respiratory problems then daily consume the tea made with licorice roots extracts.

Thondai vali maruthuvam throat infection: For itchy throat and other throat infections, the easiest and the best remedy is gargling with warm salt water. You can also add apple cider vinegar and honey in the warm water for gargling.

Chewing a piece of garlic or consuming the juice of garlic can be useful in the treatment of throat pain.

Tamil maruthuvam for allergy: For any type of allergies, turmeric is best suggested remedy. Mix a pinch of turmeric, few drops of fresh lemon juice and honey in the tulsi leaves extracts. Consume the mixture to fight against allergies and infections.

Tamil maruthuvam pal vali:  The painful mouth ulcers and toothpain can be treated with the help of dry ginger paste. To get rid of stomach ulcers consume olive oil daily.

Tamil maruthuvam tips for ear pain: Tulsi leaves extracts are very beneficial in the problem of ear pain. Put few drops of tulsi leaves to get rid of ear pain instantly. Mango leaves extracts are also equally beneficial in problem of ear pain.

Tamil maruthuvam for hair : This is Tamil maruthuvam thalai mudi, If you are suffering for hair fall and hair thinning then apply fresh aloe Vera juice on the scalp. It supports the healthy hair growth also. Along with aloe Vera, amla juice is also equally beneficial for hair growth. Apply coconut milk on the hair to give them extra shine and bounce.

Tamil maruthuvam for diabetes: Diabetes  can be cured by chewing few seeds of methi. Taking 2 leaves of insulin plant reduce the blood cholesterol.

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