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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kudampuli health benefits medicinal uses

Kudampuli health benefits medicinal uses. Garcinia Cambogia is not a very famous fruit. In southern part of India the fruit is known as Kudampuli. kudampuli and kollu are the two major ingredients which are related to weight loss.  The dry form of the fruit is used in Kerala recipes for its taste and aroma. Kudampuli fish curry is very special. The fruit originates from Indonesia and rich with various medicinal properties. Here are some kudampuli benefits for your knowledge. It is advised to take very little kudampuli during pregnancy. No notable side effects caused by using this regularly.

Kudampuli nutrition: Rich in Vitamin C
The yellow green fruit looks like pumpkin and is known with some other names like Malabar tamarind or Gummi Gutta etc. The medicinal properties of the fruit have made it important in the Ayurvedic medicinal therapy. Because of the anti colic properties you can take kudampuli for cholesterol, rheumatism, bilious affectation and even piles treatment. You can get kudampuli in Indian stores or by online easily and the price is also very reasonable.

Kudampuli for weight loss: The major use of this fruit is for weight reduction. The mainly the fruit works on the digestion procedure. Kudampuli drink or juice is available in ayurveda. The consumption of the fruit helps to shed the extra weight within few months. The consumption of Kudampuli water helps you to suppress unwanted hunger. Excessive food intake can cause extra weight gain, which is prevented by this amazing fruit. The consumption of the fruit makes you feel full for a longer period. It also uses the saturated fats in the body and turns it into energy. Apart from this the amazing fruit of Garcinia Cambogia also boosts the metabolism of the body naturally.

Garcinia cambogia for diabetics: The patients of diabetes are also advised to consume the garcinia cambogia fruit. The fruit is remarkably effective in controlling blood sugar level. As the fruit helps to reduce the hunger, the body consumes the fewer amounts of carbohydrates and supports the balance of blood sugar level. Also the fruit is beneficial in preventing the Enzyme citrate lyase in the body to convert the carbohydrates in fats and sugar.

Garcinia cambogia indigestion : Many types of health problems can occur because of poor digestive system. The garcinia cambogia fruit works mainly on the bowel movements. It regulates the movement of bowel and thus cures the problems like indigestion, acidity and gastric. It is proved that the fruit is very beneficial for the avoidance of ulcer formation and growth.

Does garcinia cambogia help arthritis? The patients of Arthritis and Uterine diseases are treated with the decoction of the fruit of garcinia cambogia.


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