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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mookirattai keerai benefits Punarnava medicinal herb

This is Mookirattai keerai benefits.  Punarnava herb is mainly used to revitalize liver and to detoxify it. Generally when we get any kind of infection, our liver gets badly affected. To keep our liver healthy and active it is advisable to use punarnave herb from the initial stage only. It not only rejuvenates liver but also maintains our stamina and strength. The uses are more, many diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, anorexia and iron deficiency anemia are connected with liver health, which can be cured with the use of punarnava herb.

For the patients of diabetes, punarnava medicinal herb is extremely beneficial. The leaves extracts of punarnava can reduce the glucose level in blood and it also helps to improve the plasma insulin level efficiently.

Same like liver, punarnava herb is useful for kidney patients. The consumption of the herb can flush out the harmful and excessive body fluids. This amazing herb can also prevent the development of urinary stones. Experts advise to use this medicinal herb for the period of 3 to 4 weeks for better kidney execution.

Punarnava medicinal herb is also used for cancer treatment. It is proved that the herb contains anti cancer properties. The consumption of the herb is proved to be very useful in cancer treatment. The hepatoprotective, cardiokine, anti cancer and anti oxidant properties of the herb are beneficial in cancer treatment.
Cervical cancer is commonly found in women, Boeravinones compounds are extracted from the roots of punarnava herb which is used in the treatment of cervical cancer and breast cancer.

This medicinal herb is considered as a natural blood purifier. It can effectively balance the production of gastric juices in the body. Joint pain, muscle pain and fluid retention in body can be treated with the help of punarnava herb. It can also reduce the swelling and pain effectively.

The  consumption of the herb can reduce tiredness and fatigue quickly. Digestion related problems can also be solved with the help of punarnava medicinal herb. It can also cure intestinal spasm effectively.

The herb is suggested for the patients of asthma too. It is proved that the herb extracts can confiscate the mucus membrane and phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Apply the paste of roots of punarnava on various types of skin infections and skin diseases. Studies have proved that the herb extracts can provide strength to the muscles and nerves. Thus the herb is beneficial for paralysis patients as it can treat the weakness of nerves effectively.

The regular consumption of punarnava herb can be helpful to reduce weight within few months.

To fight against night blindness mix herb extracts in cow milk and consume it before going to bed in the night.

Even though the herb is very beneficial for many health ailments, it is not advisable for the children below 12 years of their age and for the pregnant or lactating women.

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