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Monday, October 17, 2016

Nenju sali maruthuvam / Cold chest congestion remedy

This is nenju sali maruthuvam home remedies.  Chest congestion is the common respiratory problem that can cause inflammation in chest and breathing problem. The root cause behind the chest congestion is the formation of bacteria and virus on mucus membrane. Viral infection or other health problems like Bronchitis, lungs cancer, Asthma, Tuberculosis, sinusitis, pneumonia can also cause chest congestion. Some simple home remedies can give soothing effect in the problem of cold chest congestion.

The common home remedy for cold chest congestion is salt water gargle. Gargling can remove mucus from the respiratory tract effectively. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric in hot water. Gargle with it twice or thrice a day to get soothing relief.

Nenju sali medicine: The anti inflammatory properties of honey works very effectively on cold chest congestion. Take a piece of onion and dip it in honey. Leave it overnight. Next day consume the onion slices along with the honey 3 to 4 times in a day. Using onion in regular food recipe is also advisable. Heat a Betel leaf in low flame and let the heat to reduce. Then put the warm leaf on the babies chest to get rid of nenju sali for babies.
Lemon as nenju sali marunthu : Lemons are useful to fight against bacterial infection in the respiratory system. Add shredded lemon peel in hot water and leave it for five minutes. Filter the water and consume it or use it for gargling.

nenju sali poga use bay leaf, bay leaf is used in treating many health problems. It is also a useful remedy for chest congestion. Make herbal tea using bay leaves by adding fresh bay leaves in boiling water. Steep for few minutes and sip it warm for relaxing effect.

nenju sali vaithiyam using ginger: Ginger is very effective remedy for many respiratory problems. Add crushed ginger and a pinch of black pepper powder in hot water. Leave for five minutes and then filter the mixture. Add spoonful of honey in the water and consume it twice a day to treat chest congestion. This remedy is useful to remove the mucus from the chest effectively. Chewing ginger slices can also give quick relief from the problem. 

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