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Monday, October 17, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam varattu irumal nattu marunthu

This is Tamil maruthuvam irumal nattu marunthu or varattu irumal home remedies in tamil.  Dry cough home remedy tips and medicines. Dry cough is commonly caused because of viral infection of the throat and nose. The general symptoms are itching in throat and continuous coughing. Some simple home remedies can be helpful to overcome the irritation easily.
varattu irumal vaithiyam : Gargling with hot salt water is the best and the easiest remedy for dry cough and sore throat. You can also add a pinch of turmeric for the quick results
Irumal neenga use honey: Honey is the well known remedy for dry cough and other respiratory problems. The analgesic properties of honey not only reduce the irritation but also soothe the throat effectively. the anti oxidant and anti microbial properties of honey helps to cure the problem of sore throat and dry cough.
varattu irumal treatment using turmeric: The Curcumin present in turmeric works as an effective anti- viral and anti-bacterial agent to cure the infection causing dry cough. Mix turmeric powder in the hot water along with a spoonful of honey and sip the mixture many times a day to get relief. You can also add turmeric in warm milk and consume it for better results.
Best patti vaithiyam for dry cough in tamil : Ginger is the main ingredient in many cough and cold medicines and syrups. It can effectively reduce the itchiness and irritation in the throat. Use of ginger is suggested in other respiratory problems too. Add crushed ginger in the water and boil it for few minutes. After cooling to the room temperature, consume it thrice a day for relief. You can also chew ginger slices to reduce irritation quickly.
varattu irumal medicine : From ancient time garlic is used as an effective home remedy for dry cough. The anti bacterial properties of garlic also help to fight against any infection effectively. Add crushed garlic in the water and boil it. After cooling add a spoonful of honey in the mixture and consume it thrice a day for better relief.

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