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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Honey Medicinal Uses in Siddha Medicine Vaithiyam

Siddha Medicine Honey
Honey is nature’s gift. It is prepared naturally; Honey consists of about 70 different nutrients which is essential for our body. It is the main source of vitamins and minerals. The nutrients present in honey are observed very easily in by our system.
Honey is taken by different types of flowers, which are having high medicinal properties so honey is not only important in nutrition but also for medicine. In olden days honey is used as a medicine in siddha marunthu preparation and still it is used as a medicine for various health related problems.   
In siddha medicine honey is used in pitham theliya, to avoid vomiting sensation, gastric problems, nattu vaithiyam for cold and nattu vaithiyam for cough. In siddha medicine they have classified honey in to seven different types according to the availability.  

Honey Health Benefits
Honey is available in hilly areas having high medicinal power, because hills are the habitat of different varieties of medicinal plants. This is called maial then, and is used to treat many diseases naturally with out any side effects.

Honey for ulcer: Take honey 1tsp with tender coconut water to get rid of ulcer
Honey for stomach virus : take 1to3 tsp of honey mixed with 100ml boiled and cooled water.
Honey for weight loss:  1tsp Honey 5drops of lemon juice mixed in 100 ml warm water, have before going to bed.

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