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Sunday, February 26, 2012

uses of Nattu Marundhu in Tamil Medicine

Tamil Paati Vaithiyam Nattu Marunthu
Nattu Marundhu in Tamil Nadu is very famous for its permanent cure and no side effects. There are many nattu marundhu kadai in Chennai to get the below medicinal ingredients. Most of them are available in the kitchen or you can definitely get in Chennai Sree Murugan Nattu marundhu Kadai.
How to prepare Nattu Marundhu in Tamil Medicine

Congestion Herbal Relief: Warm coconut oil and add camphor (Karporam). This will melt in coconut oil. Then apply for your chest and throat.

Headache Herbal medicine: Tahe some basil leaves, sukku, lavangam (cloves) grind nicely and apply on your forehead to get rid of Headache.

Sour throat natural remedy: Take Sukku, milagu, thippili, prepare powder. Add 1tsp of sukku milagu thippili powder and one glass milk and drink before going to bet to get Sour throat remedy.

Hiccups natural solutions: Prepare juice from Amla and add a drop of honey mix together and have this to stop hiccups.

Mouth odour home remedies: Boil a glass of water by adding 1tsp jeera and mint leaves. Do gargling after eating food or snacks.

Lips cracks home remedy: Take the ash of sugarcane, mix with butter and apply for your lips.

Paati vaithiyam for indigestion: Boil a glass of water by adding ginger, jeera, omam, and curry leaves. Filter and drink this is the best paati vaithiyam for indigestion.

Ulcer siddha medicines: Burn turmeric stick, powder it and have with honey. This is the best natural cure for ulcer.

Gastric problem natural cure: Collect some neem flowers dry it and make powder. Have 1tsp powder daily with warm water or mix with honey and make a pellet.

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