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Friday, February 10, 2012

Malai Vembu Medicinal Uses Siddha Vaidyam in Tamil

Malai Vembu in Tamilnadu Maruthuvam
Malai vembu is a medicinal plant belongs to neem family. Malai vembu medicinal uses are more in Tamil Siddha Vaidyam. This medicinal plant, grown naturally in hill stations hence the name malai vembe, (Hill neem tree ) is cultivated in many parts of India.  By knowing the great medicinal uses, Malai vembu tree cultivation is popular in Tamilnadu.
Hill Neem Malai Vembu Uses
§  Neem oil is prepared from the seeds of Neem. The seed are dried and the neem oil is extracted.
§  It is used to prepare herbal soaps, herbal shampoo, painkillers, Ayurvedic balms and herbal creams.
§  Neem leaves is used as one of the best medicine for skin allergies, skin microbial infection caused by bacteria, virus and parasites.
§  Neem leaves and neem oil is used as a mosquito repellent oil. The leaves are burned and the smoke coming from the leaves can reduce the mosquito problem.
§  In Tamil Sidha medicine, neem leaves are used as a best medicine for chicken pox infection. Neem is a natural disinfectant too.
§  The neem juice (malai vembu juice) can reduce the sugar level, so it is recommended for diabetic patients.   
§  Neem bark juice, neem roots juice can reduce the excess body heat. It is a best medicine for fever.
§  All parts of Neem tree are very useful. Neem leaves are used to remove dandruff and head lice in humans.
§  You can prepare Neem leaves and neem flower tea. You can also add other medicinal ingredients like dry ginger and coriander to get rid of cold and cough.
§  Grind the fresh and tender neem leaves. Make small pellets, have this at morning and at night to get rid of stomach worms and intestinal worms.
§  Brushing your teeth with tender neem leaf branch can keep your teeth and gum strong. This will remove the bad mouth odor and remove all mouth infections naturally.    


Anonymous said...

Please let us know, How to find out the difference between VEMBU and MALAIVEMBU?

Anandaraj Dharmalingam said...

Hi. Malai vembu is only available all Hill station. tamil nadu & Kerala.normal vembu avail all non hill places