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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tamil Home Medicines and Remedies Natural Disease Cure at Home

Tamil Home Medicines
Tamil medicines are available in ayurveda and siddha with out any side effects in the treatment of various diseases. I have given some Tamil Home Medicines and Tamil Home remedies treatment in the cure of different types of diseases.

Infant cough home remedies
 Nowadays infant cough is common problem due to pollution and climate. The common symptoms of infant cold and cough are loss of appetite, severe cough, chest congestion and running nose. This may be because of poor resistance and malformed immune system. This condition can be avoided by feeding enough mothers milk. Use warm water for kid’s bath and drinking. Avoid cold weather and going out in the cold environment.

The best Tamil medicine for cough is boiling three or four adhatoda leaves in 100ml of water and let it to boil for five to ten minutes. Cool the water and when it is warm give 5 to 10ml for every one hour. The best infant cough siddha medicin Thalisathi Choornam or  Talisadi Choorna. Give this with honey as per the  advice of your siddha doctor. This medicine is effective to reduce the respiratory tract infection, cold and congestion.

 Tamil Medicine for Diarrhea
 Tamil Medicines are very safe and no side effect because it is prepared from pure Tamil mooligai. The main causes of Stomach pain are infection, food poisoning, allergy, inflammation of intestine. The infants and children are commonly affected by this disease. The children feel extreme thirst during this time due to the loss of body fluids. In ancient days people give vasambu for babies to get rid of diarrhea. Take vasambu and put in direct fire and add a drops of honey in coal mix it and give twice a day. The best diarrhea siddha medicine is thiyer sundi churanam. Give tender coconut ware to kids and children. Add a pinch salt and 1tsp sugar in 100 ml of water and drink a sip on every 10 – 15 minutes.    

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